Google doodle of Amrish Puri: Wish happy birthday to the most talented actor of Indian cinema

Amrish Puri was a legendary actor in Bollywood who known for his outstanding performances as negative role especially ‘Mogambo’. The way he said the dialogue ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’ is still live in the hearts of his fans.

He was born on 22 June 1932 in Lahore, Pakistan and said goodbye to the audience on January 12, 2005.

Amrish Puri came to Mumbai to become an actor, but the audience accepted him in a negative role. He pleased his audience in every movie. He worked around 400 movies. He did several roles in movies, but there were few roles that still alive in the audience with his dialogues such as ‘Jaa Simran Jaa jee Leh Apni Zindagi’ and few more.

All his famous roles still aware in the audience and nobody can beat him till the date. He is no more with us, but he is alive in his fans with his dialogues delivery and his super hit movies such as Mr. India, Nagina, Karan-Arjuna, Iron, Coal, Nayaka and more delight to watch till the date.

This legendary actor is unbeatable. His brilliant acting and roles were so powerful that people love him and miss on the screen.

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Donald Trump Suggests A Big Stupid Iranian Officer Behind Attack On US Drone

The US president Donald Trump has suggested the shooting of a US drone could have been supported out by Stupid and Loose Iranian officer, who has no authorization from Tehran. He emphasized that aircraft was unmanned.

On Wednesday, after the meeting with his top national security officials of Night Downing Global Hawk Spy, Donald declared it was the mistake by somebody in shooting that drone down.

He reinforced the admiration’s red line that it would respond by the military if this mistake happens again to harm Americans. We didn’t have any person in drone, and that is really a big, big difference in the situation.

On Thursday, the New York Times said Trump has given permission to attack Iranians targets including radar and missile batteries. Paper said, the operation was in early stages and planes were on the air before, but it was called off.

Current, Iran’s foreign minister and the US military offered competing graphics showing where the drone’s brought down.

The map revealed the drone was brought down in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz. And, Javed Zarif said Iran had recovered the parts of the drone as it has taken from the water, United Arab Emirates.… Read the rest


India & Afghanistan Match 22 June: Who’s Winning Chances Are More?

The world cup 2019 already on fire. India scored a 4th place on the points of the table with 7 points. The next face-off of India with Afghanistan surely excite you.

The chances of winning India is much higher than in Afghanistan. According to a percentage, India’s chances are 92% whereas Afghanistan has only 7%.

India is unbeatable in this tournament 2019. Afghanistan has lost almost all matches against India. The winning rate is higher. As you know, the past match of India against Pakistan on Sunday. The team India shows they are unbeatable this year too.

India enjoyed a two-day off before hitting the training ground in Southampton on Wednesday. The few days are left to next world cup match, the team opted to stay relax and warm-up in a unique fashion.

World cup BCCI team have shared India’s team practicing session on Instagram. The captain Virat Kohli and his support team are all set to win the next match. Recently, Rishabh panth joined his squad at the place of Shikhar Dhawan. He was injured for a few days with a broken thumb.

We wish good luck to team India for bright and glory win of world cup 2019.… Read the rest

Epitomizes Summer Season

Google Epitomizes Summer Season with An Endearing Earth Doodle

Do you realize today Google Doodle symbolizes Summer solstice while 21 June celebrated as international yoga day? Why?

Well, you know summer days are becoming hotter day by day in northern India. According to reports, there will be heat till 23rd September.

However, this period marks the longest days and shorter nights. The date varies between different states of the north due to culture, climate, and atmospheric conditions. The only reason it represents the longest day for northern India because this day the tilt of the earth axis is motivated towards the sun. This creates a huge elevation in the sun during the day of 20 June to 22 June.

These days encourage people to enjoy warm weather and go outside of the house. The summer solstice celebrates in the United Kingdom. The millions of people travel and enjoy the mysterious sunrise and sunset to connect with nature.

Google has shown ground to nature. In the doodle, you’ll see small earth which covered with two eyes, red face and on top tree and bed that mainly found on the beach.

Apart from this, today Google doodle is dedicated to the summer solstice and it looks really tempting.


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21 June international yoga day: Learn its importance in our lives

To lead a healthy life stay tuned with physical workout is really important. Yoga is one the proved way to get happiness and relaxation in body and mind both.

When it comes to feeling cheerfulness, yoga is the coolest form to enjoy asanas and better your posture not just for good looking personality, but also for staying healthy and fit for life.

Olden times of yoga

Over the past few decades, yog kriya knowledge gave by famous Saptarishi. This knowledge spread worldwide today and people are enjoying it. The Saptarishi called August, who composed this yog culture around human beings in different continents of India. Between 800AD Sun is considered the best period, in the development of yoga.

Importance of yoga

To get rid of numerous diseases, stress and getting relaxation from your daily responsibilities performing yoga asanas becoming the part of an individual’s life. 21st June is an international yoga day declared by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

People are involving in yoga day by day in the sake of getting relief from pains, liver problems, and mental peace. Keep in mind one thing, yoga can be difficult. You need to work on correct posture and asanas to enjoy … Read the rest

Lionel Messi Penalty Helps Argentina

Copa America: Lionel Messi Penalty Helps Argentina To Grasp A Point Against Paraguay

As two times world champion Lionel Messi struggled hard fought 1-1 draw in Copa America against Paraguay at the Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto in Belo Horizonate on Thursday.

Messi got great attention in a match for 57th-minute spot kick at Belo Horizonate to cancel out the first-0half opener from Paraguay Richard Sanchez.

Argentina also had the best goalkeeper Franco Armani to thank for the second half of the match against Paraguay from taking a 2-1 lead in the match.

Group B has already qualified for the quarter-finals with six points from two matches and Paraguay sits in second place after two games.

Whereas Qatar sits third having point against Paraguay. Argentina can still reach in eight with win over Qatar in the final game.

Argentina started the match with good attacks but failed to create pressure on the opposition. They failed too many chances to win over them. On the other hand, Paraguay took an approach in the start but for 37th minutes.

Paraguay got lead in the start but they were too overconfident going up top by scoring 1-0 in half. Well, after the break game is totally the opposite. Argentina struggled for scores and they got it in … Read the rest