Hong Kong Crisis:China Blames Western Countries

Unable to resolve the Hong Kong crisis, China starts fortification of the former British Colony now under its direct rule. Chinese forces are marching towards Hong Kong after the standing police force of the colony failed to control the agitation against the new extradition bill

What is Extradition Bill?

The new bill will empower the government to send people in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial. But the Hong Kong residents are protesting against the bill and they demand be scrapped.

When did the protest start?

Protesting started three-months back when the bill was first introduced but the peaceful protestation became violent when the government displayed no sign of backtracking on the bill.

The Hong Kong police detained 44 persons for rioting but hundreds of protestors laid a siege outside the police station demanding unconditional release of the protestors. Police tried all methods including one of its officers brandishing his gun towards the protestors to disrupt the siege but to no avail.

What is the result of protests?

The near-daily protests brought the city life to a standstill with huge financial losses to businesses. Also, the social life of the city has disrupted. The … Read the rest


Narendra Modi proved his hard work for Indian Muslim women’s: The Triple Talaq bill passed!

Finally, after the great hard work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he earned a flagship for Indian Muslim women’s. The Triple-Talaq bill is passed on Tuesday.

The opposition party dominated this bill awfully by Mehbooba Mufti in Rajya Sabha by anelongated list of absconders, nonparticipation, and protests. Her two lawmakers and party leader repetitive they would not side with the BJP.

Mufti said earlier she was not with the BJP. Narendra Modi is entering our house with his power and legislation.

She tweeted, I didn’t apprehend the requirement of Triple-Talaq bill specifically when the Supreme Court had previously professed it is illegal. Should this be a priority?

In her tweet, she didn’t mention about her two lawmakers abstention in the upper house.

Her rival Omar Abdullah was the one who calls her out.

Omar in his tweet replied to Mufti, Mufti Ji, you have to check your lawmakers how they voted on this bill before tweeting. If you can’t help the government then fail to understand why it needs to pass.

Ms Mufti’s lawmaker disbelief moves

Mufti’s government had ruled Jammu and Kashmir in association with The BJP last year. Both these government came together … Read the rest


Google Doodle Reminds Indians Of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi, India’s First Doctor And Woman Legislator

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi, a multifaceted personality involving in every sphere of life – healthcare, social, lawmaker and a rebel. Today is her 133rd birth anniversary and Google is celebrating her life with a Doodle.

Meet Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi

Born in 1886 in Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddi was first in doing many things in India. Following are her achievements.

• First Indian girl student in the Department of Surgery at Madras College

• First woman doctor in India in 1912

• First woman house surgeon in the Government Maternity Hospital, Madras

• First woman member and vice president of the Madras Legislative Council

Social issues

• Fought for social inequality and gender inequality

• Co-founded Women’s Indian Association in 1918

• Increased the minimum age for marriages for girls as a lawmaker

• Passing of Immoral Traffic Control Act and Devadasi system abolishment Bill

Freedom struggle

• Resigned from Council in support of Salt Satyagraha
• Established Avvai Home to shelter and educate girls in 1930


• Opened the Cancer Institute in Chennai in 1954

• Awarded with Padma Bhushan in 1956

Google Doodle

The Google Doodle portrays … Read the rest


4 August Friendship Day: Things You Should Keep In Mind While Doing Friendship Online

Friendship day is mostly celebrated all over the world. Having friends in life is equals to no stress and pain. They are always ready to share everything with you, doesn’t matter who are you?

In recent times, social media becomes the new destination to find new friends by via sending friends request. Once the request accepted by another person chatting starts and people go crazy for that particular person whom we never met in our life.

Can we trust social media friendship? Personally, I do not. We even do not know how long this will go. Your one fight can destroy everything.

According to experts, people are becoming crazy now to find new connections online rather in the live audience. They are trusting blindly on online friends and sharing their private information which sometimes turns into bad for them.

Making friends is a good thing, but not no social media. Millions of fake users are just for making time-pass and fun.

Always do what is good for you. Do not make friends for show-off. This is your life and to lead it safe you must take every type carefully.

How to celebrate friendship day this year?

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First Phase Of Saudi Prince’s $500 Billion Megacity Would Complete In 2021

The 33-year old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman has reasons to further his dream project “Neom” that is developing a sleeping fishy village into a world-class resort town of the Saudi Arabia 2.0.

What is Neom Bay?

Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman wants to develop the fishing village of Khurayba into a resort town with state-of-the-art facilities. Neo stands for new and “m” is the first letter of mustaqbal. It was in 2017 that the prince announced development of Neom but the development work has seen little success than delays since its inception.

According to the price, Neom would have state-of-the-art resorts and smart technologies run by robots, an industrial zone and several airports to connect the development with the rest of Saudi Arabia and the world.

Where is Khurayba?

Located in northwest Saudi Arabia, the village features untouched shorelines with waves rippling in the deep blue sea water. Surrounded by majestic mountains, the desert area is dotted with a number of sites of historic value to Saudi Arabia. This village has seen little development but bow it is in the center of $500 billion development announced by the crowned prince.

How would development work affect locals?Read the rest


Yediyurappa Ahead Trust vote Today with 10 points and 100% success

Last week, the 14-month long-standing coalition government of the Congress and HD Kumaraswamy futile to collect the trust vote.

In Karnataka, the anew designed BJP government will face trust vote today in the state assembly.

On Sunday, Yediyurappa said to reporters he was assured about the house majority. I will prove my power and majority 100%.

Highlights of the trust vote

• The 14 officials diminish the majority mark in the assembly contained by the BJP

• All officers have been ineligible until the end of this term. The ineligible lawmakers have no impact on today’s trust vote

• The eligible officials said they will challenge speaker’s verdict in the Supreme Court

• The figure required will be 104, including 224 members vote and excluding speaker.

• The coalition government could plight 99 votes whereas BJD 105

• After disqualifying 3 lawmakers, BJP moved swiftly venturing claim to form a government.

• BJP Yediyurappa took responsibility as the chief minister for the fourth time.

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