Bottle Cap Challenge: Akshay Kumar Did It In Slow Motion Mein

Place a bottle with a loose cork cap on a table and they try opening the bottle by roundhouse kick. But there is a condition. The cord should untwist and flip away without making the bottle unstable. It should remain firm at its place while the cork is untwisted with a kick.

Bottle Cap Challenge has caught the attention of Bollywood with action star and martial-art player Akshay Kumar signing up for it. He tweeted: I couldn’t resist it.

Next in the line is Gully Boy’s MC Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi.

South star Arjun Sarja is also interesting in accepting this challenge.

It all started on 25 June 2019 with Taekwondo instructor and fighter FarabiDavletchin trying the challenge on social media. Soon it spread like wildfire with mixed martial-artist Max Holloway and other celebrities tried it out.

Do you want to take this challenge?

Record the video of yours kicking the cap in Slow Motion Mein so that it is clear how you did it. Once you are done, you can upload your video on social media for the viewers.

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Cricket World Cup 2019: It clearly seems Pakistan can’t store their place in Semi-finals

In Yesterday match, England stores its place in semi-finals after the year of 1992 via defeating New Zealand in Chester-lee-street.

England becomes the 3rd team, which take place in semi-finals of the world-cup 2019.

On the talk of Pakistan, it clearly impossible for them to book their place in semi-finals. Mathematically they are still qualified for the semi-finals if they beat Bangladesh on Friday on 5th July in London by a huge margin.

The first hurdle for Pakistan, they have to win the toss and bat first. If Pakistan scores 450 they need to dismiss Bangladesh for max 129 (a margin of at least 321 runs)

Or if they score 400 i.e. a margin of 316 runs.

It is just a perspective. The biggest margin of victory of ODI Cricket in 299 runs. Pakistan is now currently on 9 points from 8 matches with 4 wins, 3 losses, and one washout.

Pakistan lost three of their first five matches before registering three consecutive wins over South Africa, Afghanistan, and New Zealand.

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Facebook, YouTube act on Sensational Health Therapies after a report

Undoubtedly, Facebook and YouTube are one of the strongest social media applications used over one million users worldwide. Therefore, Facebook and YouTube decided to take action on all misleading information published by fake peoples on health treatments.

After the media report, the news has confirmed Facebook said, it made changes to page ranking procedure to reduce posts on sensation health claims in an attempt to sell products. YouTube also said it was taking similar action.

The report published on The Wall Street Journal by its own investigation the pervasiveness on Facebook and YouTube of false claims such as baking soda for cancer and more.

Cancer is a serious disease that never treated at home. It requires the attention of the doctor and complete treatment.

But, there few creeps are on social media misleading the people about cancer and playing with their health.

The Action on sensational health therapies was exceptional announced by Facebook.

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World Cup 2019: England will win world cup trophy this year with their best cricket said, Liam Plunkett

The cricket world cup of 2019 reached semi-finals. Every team doing their best to store their place in semi-finals. The fast bowler Liam Plunkett claims and believes the England team will win the match this time.

England had earlier writhed successive defeats against Sri Lanka and Australia, leaving the pre-tournaments of the last four.

Plunkett said, now we are in form and can defeat anyone in the ground.

Well, England has never won the World cup trophy of 50-overs. They lost a match in 1979, 1987 and 1992.

Plunkett is known as a fast bowler and he took two wickets in the opening match against South Africa, but the luck was not there and they defeated by 14 runs.

He said the good thing about us we don’t go into our shell. As Eoin Morgan said, its time to rock-on and do the opposite when you get beaten.

We have played with a good Indian team and win by 31 runs.

Now, the next match of England with Kiwi and that’s really going to be a difficult game. There is some good talent in their team.

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Donald Trump Suggests a Big Stupid Iranian Officer Behind Attack on US Drone

The US president Donald Trump has suggested the shooting of a US drone could have been supported out by Stupid and Loose Iranian officer, who has no authorization from Tehran. He emphasized that aircraft was unmanned.

On Wednesday, after the meeting with his top national security officials of Night Downing Global Hawk Spy, Donald declared it was the mistake by somebody in shooting that drone down.

He reinforced the admiration’s red line that it would respond by the military if this mistake happens again to harm Americans. We didn’t have any person in drone, and that is really a big, big difference in the situation.

On Thursday, the New York Times said Trump has given permission to attack Iranians targets including radar and missile batteries. Paper said, the operation was in early stages and planes were on the air before, but it was called off.

The ISR Flight path and grid plots for the RQ-4A shot down by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. “This was an unprovoked attack on a U.S. surveillance asset that had not violated Iranian airspace at any time …” – Lt Gen Joseph Guastella, @USAFCENT pic.twitter.com/uczI5HF68b— U.S. Central Command (@CENTCOM) 20 June 2019

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ICC World Cup 2019: Bangladesh knock the doors of semi-finals As like India

As you know, the temperature of ICC world Cup 2019 mounting day by day. The teams are doing double hard work to achieve success. India is one of the best cricket team in the league so far.

Losing the first match with England on Sunday creates a little burden on the team, now need just one point to enter in semi-finals. Now Talk about Bangladesh, the same time, the same pitch they need one point to make their place ensure in semi-finals. It would only happen if they win Tuesday match as yes Next match with Pakistan.

India Team So far unbeaten until England Match, but there is hope India will win next match and ensure its place. The convincing show with Vijay Shankar helped Indian Team to rejuvenate their power and passion to become unbeatable again in the tournament.

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