Kashmir Live: A Decision Could Be Taken At Union Cabinet Meeting Tomorrow

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is set to introduce the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill, 2019 in Rajya Sabha on Monday. The Home Minister is currently holding an urgent meeting with NSA AjitDoval and Home Secretary Rajiv Guaba in his office in parliament.

What is J&K Bill 2019?

The Union Government wats to implement 10% weaker section quota in Jammu and Kashmir. The bill is aimed at finalizing modalities of implementing the bill.

Security situation in Kashmir

The fear of repealing of Article 35A is prevalent in the northern state with major political parties seeking clarification from the Union Government that no decision would be taken in haste. J&K Governor Satyapal Malik has assured the political parties and the residents again and again that nothing would be done secretly.

Governor’s stand on the Kashmir situation

The governor met a delegation of PDP and NC and assured the leaders of safety of the residents and maintaining the special status of the norther state. But at the same time, he said that the people should wait until parliament meets on Monday as the Union Government is only authorized to make any statement on 35A. But he assured that no secret decision is taken on Kashmir and nothing would happen without the consent of parliament.

Government advisory in Kashmir

Tourists and travelers are advised to leave the state ASAP. The government has made arrangements for taking the tourists out to safety. IAF planes are pressed into service to help Air India in providing quick and safe exit to visitors. The national carrier has reduced the ticket prices to and from Srinagar to Rs. 9,500 till Independence … Read the rest

Happy Friendship day: Ask your friend to help you with your weight loss!

We all know, losing weight is exceptionally problematic. Your friends always force you to lose some pounds, and maybe you did efforts in the past but failed.

Why don’t you start your weight loss journey with your best friend? It can be really exciting, motivational, and successful. Your buddy love pushes you to lose weight and this will prove as the best for sure.

Tips to lose weight:

  1. Fix your workout time

No matter what’s your workout type is. Yoga, exercise, Zumba, and whatever. Fix the time with your buddy and follow the same workout constantly for 3 months. You’ll enjoy the noticeable changes in couples of days.

  1. Motivate each other

If you’re a group of fatty boys/girls inspiring each other can be worthy. If you eat too much junk please stop this and motivate your group to stop this. Fight for stubborn fat together and enjoy the good looks in the upcoming months.

  1. Create a diet plan

For losing weight faster intermediate fasting and diet plans can be wonderful to achieve a goal. Track each other diet plan and schedule everything to get the good results.

On this friendship day, start a healthy journey with your friends. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!! For more information please visit our latest trending News

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Global Warming Melts 11 Billion Tonnes Of Ice In A Single Day In Greenland

Thursday proved to be the hottest day for Greenland that experienced the biggest melt of the summer losing 11 billion tonnes of surface ice to the ocean. It is equivalent to around 4.4 million Olympic swimming pools.

An overview of Greenland’s ice melt

Hot summer melts ice but in Greenland it starts around the end of May. But this year, it started early at the start of May and is continuously melting since then. Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist with Danish Meteorological Institute, attributes the high melting to all time high temperature.

Mottram told CNN that Greenland lost 197 billion tonnes of ice this July alone. The loss is equivalent to approximately 80 million Olympic swimming pools. But the expected average of ice-melt this time of the year is 60-70 billion tonnes, maintained Mottram.

Reason for ice melt

The heat wave prevailing in Europe has reached the Arctic and could trigger ice melts that could be one of the biggest since 1950, according to meteorological scientists. They are waiting for reliable records to confirm the ice-melt. Meanwhile, an unconfirmed source claimed a temperature of 2.7C at 3,000 meters above sea level on Thursday when the biggest ice-melt occurred.

Record temperatures

The preliminary data for July 1-29 revealed that the average temperature this year was possibly higher than the July 2016 that recorded the highest temperature. The data is released by Copernicus Climate Change Programme, which analyses temperature data from around the planet. It would release the final data on Monday.

Mottram added that the weather in Greenland would continue getting hotter in coming days and it could be longer lasting till August end. The ice … Read the rest

Ravish Kumar got Ramon Magsaysay Award: Rahul Gandhi said it’s a matter of pride for us!

Ravish Kumar winning on Ramon Magsaysay award, many leaders and political parties greeted him on Friday. The congress X leader Rahul Gandhi said it is a proud moment for us. He showed the mirror realism of government politician who is in power without scared.

The NDTV senior executive editor said Ravish Kumar is one of the best in five individuals who declared as Asia’s premier prize and honourable and greatest spirit person which turn over leadership in Asia.

Ravish showed the great reality of government without fear those are in power and using it unconditionally. It is a matter of superiority for journalism and we wish him heartiest Congratulations!!

Gandhi said on his tweet, I know many leaders are waiting for this great honour, stand up like him and fight with India and Its insinuation Onslaught.

Delhi CM Kejriwal had won Magsaysay award in 2006 for emergent leadership. Priyanka Gandhi, Mehbooba Mufti and more were wishing Ravish.

Priyanka in her wish said, he is the true journalist who spurs to speak the truth and keep the criticisms spark active.

Kejriwal Said, Congratulation to Ravish and I welcome him in the Club of Magsaysay. I hope his true reports and the brave heart stays with him. Well Done!!

Flashback on Ravish Kumar

Kumar was born in Jitwarpur (Bihar). He joined Delhi Television In 1996 and worded as a Field reporter. The NDTV news channel gave him his show, “Prime Time.” This Show talks about real-life glitches of normal people.

He is a simple, smart, brilliant journalist known for his true voice. For more information please visit our latest trending News

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Boris Johnson Moves On After Losing UK By-Election To Pro-EU Liberal Democrats

Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a blow to his Brexit campaign in a fresh election for the parliamentary set of Brecon and Radnorhsire. Britain’s pro-European Union Liberal Democrats won the election with 13,826 votes.

Brecon Election

Brecon seat was earlier held by Conservative lawmaker Chris Davies but he was ousted for being convicted for falsifying expenses. He was also a candidate in the fresh election and came second with 12,401 votes. Liberal Democrat candidate Jane Dodds won the election.

The Brexit Party could garner only 3,331 votes and came third in the election and the main opposition Labor Party came fourth with 1,680 votes.

Conservatives in parliament

The loss of one vote reduced Johnson’s working majority marginally but considering the actual strength of the Conservatives in the parliament, it can be said that this loss could be considerable for Johnson government.

PM Boris Johnson has a wafer-thin majority in parliament and he’s relying heavily on a small Norther Irish party for majority. Conservatives have problem with rebels that could reduce the Johnson’s government to minority.


The election is seen as a referendum on Brexit. The recent winning increased the strength of Liberal Democrat to 13 and their leader Jo Swinson lost no time in making a statement that Boris Johnson had no mandate to crash Britain out of the EU.

Democrats have one more MP to vote against Brexit in parliament and they would see what they could do to stop the exit, the Democrat Leader further maintained. But Boris Johnson seemed unmoved with the defeat.

Boris Johnson is firm on its decision to Brexit on October 31 without an exit agreement if needed. … Read the rest

Indian economy slipped down in the world now on number 7

The breaking news of today, the tag of the 5th economy of the world of India fell by 2 numbers due to the last year 2018 lethargy. Indian economy suffered a lot of changes resultant the crown is snatched by other countries.

According to the World Bank report, the growth of Britain and France is much greater than of India, hence they switched India with 5th and 6th position, and India got 7the rank.

World Bank Reports on Statistics

Indian’s economy grew by 3.01% in 2018 which is lower than of 2017 by 12%. Britain economy grew by 6.81% and France by 7.33%. As per the reports of the World Bank, Britain economy enjoys $2.82 trillion in 2018 and France $2.78 while India reaches only $2.73 trillion.

In the year of 2017, France was on 7th position and Britain on 6th this year data recorded absolutely opposite.

It’s crucial to talk here, the Modi government has been told the Indian Economy rise by $5 trillion in the next couple of years.

For more information please visit our latest trending News

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Anand Kumar: Tale Of A Living Legend

Anand Kumar better known for his Super 30 programme was born on 1 January 1973 in Patna, Bihar. His love towards mathematics was visible in his zeal for learning since childhood and that culminated in the formation of a study group for underprivileged “Super 30”.

Early life

Born into a lower middle family, Anand Kumar could attend only a Hindi medium government school and get average education. His father being a clerk in the postal department wasn’t able to send his genius child to a private school for better education but nothing stopped Anand Kumar from attaining the best education.


Anand Kumar’s work on number theory was featured in the Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Gazette during graduation. He even secured admission to Cambridge University and received grants from benevolent donors but couldn’t attend the foreign university due to his father’s death and the resulting financial constraints.

His love for mathematics kept him going to places in search for education. He tutored students to earn extra bucks and sell papada with his mother to help her in meeting the finances. For education, he travelled to Varanasi that is 6-hours journey from Patna to find foreign journals not available in Patna university.

Teaching career

In 1992, Anand Kumar started his tuition centre from a rented room. He named his institute the Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM). Soon he became popular and start getting a large number of students in his coaching centre.

Super 30

In 2002, Anand Kumar came up with the idea of teaching 30 underprivileged students for IIT-JEE. He prepared a test paper to select students and started giving tuition to selected students. … Read the rest

Prime Minister Modi will appear in Man VS Wild with Bear Grylls on Discovery

Everyone knows how much PM Modi received love from all over the world. Not just an as powerful leader of BJP, but as a True Human being. No one Other Indian leader was seen on Wild VS Man TV show, but Modi will be seen on 12the august as a new avatar. He will be seen in Uttrakhand forests along with Bears Grylls, a host of this popular show.

According to reports, the discovery channel revealed this special show will be seen on 12the August and shot in Jim Corbett National park in India. This will be a gliding trip for us.

Bears Grylls Shared two clips on his twitter with PM

Bears Grylls shared a short clip on his twitter account, where he and PM Modi has seen riding a trifling yacht in a river.

This must wait for the show will be telecast in 180 countries with different languages on Discovery channels.

Grylls also shared a second short clip in which Modi welcomed Bears in India with holding up of weapons, bamboo sticks, and other things which are taken from the forest. In the clip he is saying, ‘I will keep these with me for you’ and Grylls replied, “You’re the most amazing man in India and my job is to keep you alive in the journey.”

PM Modi Talk on Bear Grylls

The motive behind telecast this show is aware of the individual with forest life, animal protection, and environmental changes.

PM said, for me, this show is the great platform to showcase Indian forests environment, heritage, and animal conditions. It was a great experience in spending time in Jim Corbett with … Read the rest