Turkey Blew The Lid From Pakistan’s Nuclear Proliferation Strategy

Pakistan’s nuclear strategy is once again under the scanner after Turkey, the new ally of Pakistan, displayed its interest in acquiring nuclear arms. The issue resurfaced after 15 years of Pak nuclear smuggler AQ Khan admitting to smuggling of nuclear arms and having illicit exports.

What did Turkey say about nuclear armament?

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a strong appeal to go nuclear at a party convention. He said that the West had nuclear arms but they wanted Turkey to remain non-nuclear. He further said that this unbalance wasn’t acceptable to Turkey. This has triggered a restudy and relook of Nuclear Black Markets of AQ Khan’s network.

What is Nuclear Black Markets?

It is a study by the London think-tank International Institute for Strategic Studies. The institute published its report with the name “Nuclear Black Markets” and it believes Turkey to the be the fourth client of AQ Khan. The other three clients are Libya, Iran and North Korea.

The study revealed that Turkey firms helped Khan in obtaining nuclear material from Europe, producing centrifuge parts and shipping finished products to buyers. The report says that Turkey possesses a considerable number of centrifuges of unknown origin. AQ Khan is said to be the man behind those centrifuges.

When was the last time Pakistan was faced nuclear proliferation charges?

It was in 2004-2005 when Pakistan was charged of nuclear proliferation but he got away with the charges with the help of Bush administration who needed Pakistan’s help in its war on terror in Afghanistan.

Source: https://bit.ly/32HUvuU

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Trump Would Celebrate Diwali Three Days Ahead In The White House

US President Donald Trump will celebrate Diwali in White House three days ahead of the festival. He would mark the beginning of Diwali festival in America by lighting a ceremonial “diya” on Thursday. No other details of the celebrations were shared by the White House spokesman.

Who started the tradition of celebrating Diwali in White House?

Barack Obama started the tradition of celebrating Diwali by lighting a ceremonial lamp in the US. It was in 2009 when Obama then the US President first lit a lamp to celebrate Diwali in his office. Trump is the second US president to celebrate the festival of lights in White House.

It is Trump’s third Diwali celebration in White House

Trump celebrated his first Diwali in 2017 in his Oval Office in the presence of a select group of Indian-American community leaders. He hailed the contribution of Indian community in the development of America after lighting the ceremonial lamp.

In 2018, Trump invited then Indian Ambassador to the US, Navtej Singh Sarna for Diwali celebrations. It is third time that Trump will celebrate Diwali by lighting a ceremonial lamp in White House. But it isn’t known whether he would invite members of Indian-American community.

Both in 2017 and 2018, Trump referred to his good friendship with Indian PM Narendra Modi while lighting the ceremonial lamp. It is to be seen how he addresses the Indian community in the US.

Meanwhile, Diwali celebrations in the US have already begun. The Indian-American community has started preparations for celebrating the festival of light.

Source: https://bit.ly/2pIOq2G

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Dhanteras 2019 Is Two-Day Shopping Festival

This Dhanteras is going to be very special due to lagnadi, chanra, mangal, sadasanchar and ashtlakshmi faldaayi shubhsanyong. Also, it is going to be two-day shopping festival according to leading astrologer SudhanandJha. He further said that this Dhanteras the sun is making the great suryakritaubhyacharisanyog. Worship goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswatiand Kuber in sthirlagna to get sukh-samridhi.

Start puja in sthirlagna

Dhanteras would mark the beginning of five-day festival of light. 25th October is to worship father of Ayurveda, Dhanwantari Rishi. According to Varanasi and Mithila panchang, Dhanteraspuja should start on sthirlagna and you can keep worshipping according to your convenience.

Shubh Lagna for Dhanteraspuja

VrishaLagna: 6:50 PM to 8:42 PM

Sinha Lagna: 1:13 AM to 3:29 AM

Tula Lagna: 5:44 AM to 8 AM

VrishchikLagna: 8 AM to 10:15 AM

KumbhLagna: 2:10 PM to 3:40 PM

Pradoshkaleen Puja

It is auspicious to worship goddess Lakshmi, Ganesha etc. in Pradoshkaleentime that is just after sunset. Those who are unaware about their lagnascan start puja past half-an-hour of sunset.

Astrologer Sughanand Jha said that Deepawali and Kali puja is on 27th October. He further said that the auspicious time for Kali puja is 10:30 PM. Pran Pratishta would be on 11:40 PM after which you can start the puja.

Highlights of Dhanteras

• Falling on Chandra, mangal, ashtlakshmi faldaayi subhsanyog

• Shubh Muhuraton 25th October from 4:42 PM to 26th October 2:29 PM

• Full night puja muhuraton Dhanteras and shopping on two-days

• Govardhan puja would be on 28th October

Source: https://bit.ly/2P8BrlD

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10 Pak Soldiers And An Equal Number Of Terrorists Killed in PoK

Indian Army took a massive strike on Pakistan forward posts in the Tangdhar sector along the LOC that has turned red-hot post August 5 when the Modi government repealed Article 370 and abrogated Article 35A.

Which are the terror launch pads destroyed by India?

The Indian Army identified four areas with makeshift launch pads for pushing terrorists inside the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir. These are Jura, Athmuqam, Kundalsahi and Sandok. These launch pads were connected to main terrorist training camps in Manshera, Kotli and Muzaffarabad that are quite a distance from the LOC. Also, the co-located Pak Army posts and gun positions were destroyed during the assault.

What arms and ammunitions were used in the assault?

India used heavy-caliber mortars and anti-tank guided missiles in addition to deploying 155mm Bofors Howitzers along the LOC. India had definite information about active camps and launch pads in the Neelum Valley of PoK. The Indian Army decided to destroy the launch pads instead of waiting for the terrorists to infiltrate.

What were the casualties on both sides?

According to initial reports shared by Indian Army, the attack killed 10 Pak soldiers and a similar number of terrorists waiting to infiltrate in Indian territory. India also lost two soldiers – havildar Padam Bahadur Shrestha and rifleman Kumar Shrestha of the Gorkha Rifles. A civilian Mohd Sadiq, 55, of Ghundhishat village was also killed in the Pak firing. But Pak claims more civilian casualties by Indian attack. Pak claimed killing 9 Indian soldiers and alleged India of killing five civilians.

Source: https://bit.ly/2W48HvN

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Maharashtra Election 2019: Check Your Name In The Maharashtra Election Commission Voter List

Maharashtra is going to poll on 21st October. This time, elections would he held in single phase and the result would be declared after three days on 24th October.

Which are the main parties in Maharashtra Election 2019?

There are four main contestants in the Maharashtra assembly elections. These parties are:

• Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

• Shiv Sena

• Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)

• Congress

Highlights of Maharashtra Election 2019:

• Election will be held for 288 constituencies

• There are 3,237 contestants in the fray

• Polling will be held in 96,661 centers

• Total 8.9 crore electorate will vote

• There are 4.6 crore male voters

• Number of female voters is 4.2 crore

• There are 2,634 other voters

Voter list keeps record of every electorate. You can also find other details related to your district and polling booth in the voter list.

Check your name and other details on the voter list

  1. Visit website of Chief Election Officer of Maharashtra https://ceo.maharashtra.gov.in/
  2. Click on “Find Name In Voter List”
  3. Name on voter list can be searched in two ways – with name and voter ID card
  4. Find “Name Wise” tab and click on the corresponding box that will dropdown menus with two options – district and constituency
  5. Click on any one of the option and like district/constituency name and enter first name, last name and middle name. Also, answer a simply math question. It will different for every user
  6. Click on search button to see your name and fill form number 6, if your name isn’t in the list
  7. Find “ID Wise” name by clicking on the corresponding box and choosing
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Railway Passengers Will Be Compensated For Delayed Arrival

Tejas Express would compensate its passengers for late arrival. Indian Railways has taken a decision regarding the compensation. It would be given when the train reaches the destination behind schedule. But there would be no compensation of the train makes up for the delay despite starting behind schedule.

What is the compensation amount for Tejas Express?

Each passenger would get Rs. 250 for over two hours delay. The passengers would get a link for compensation on their mobiles and they can claim compensation by clicking on the given link, said the Chief Regional Manager (CRM), IRCTC, Lucknow, Ashwini Shrivastava. Also, the IRCTC would provide extra tea, lunch and refreshment to the passengers during the delay time. The refreshment packets made for delayed time have “Sorry For Delay” stickers.

What is the inspiration behind Tejas Express compensation?

On Friday night, Tejas Express got delayed in both directions. But the delay wasn’t because of late departure but due to the derailment of Krishak Express in Lucknow junction yard. The train from Lucknow had 450 passengers and that from New Delhi had 500. They could claim compensated for the delay.

IRCTC giving compensation for the first time

It is for the first time in the 150-year of history that Indian Railways is giving compensation for delay. IRCTC is the biggest public sector company of the country. After the IRCTC announced compensation for delayed arrival, people have started talking about compensation for flight delays. It is to be noted that airline companiesreport late arrival more than railways.

Source: https://bit.ly/2BoD0nA

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The All Blacks Is The Most Successful And Well-Mannered Rugby Team Of The World

The All Blacks of New Zealand are the most popular players of the Rugby World Cup tournament in Japan. They are good players but more than being that they are well-mannered guests that know how to say thanks to their hosts.

How Kiwis won over the hearts of Japan?

Audiences in Japan and rugby fans all over the world are appreciating the respectful displays of Kiwis. Also, the fans are talking about the impressive baggage handling skills of All Blacks. Also, the New Zealand Says 39 campaign received big applause for Kiwis. Japanese people responded very positively to the respectful manners of the All Blacks. They performed haka to impress Kiwis gathered at training sessions to meet All Blacks stars.

Why Kiwis bowed before Japanese?

It is learnt that the All Blacks took training in Japanese culture much before their arrival for the Rugby World Cup in Japan. And they displayed their knowledge of Japanese culture and willingness to respect the hosts in their first pool match against South Africa on September 21. The All Blacks lined up and bowed to the crowd. This gesture made them popular in Japan.

The All Blacks again displayed their knowledge of Japanese culture by bowing before the crowd after winning their quarterfinal match against Ireland by 46 – 14 on Sunday night. They said thanks by bowing before the crowd and proved that it had become the culture of the Kiwis to say thanks to their hosts.

Also, the Kiwis rugby team shared a video of their efforts on social media with a caption “Arigato Tokyo”.

Source: https://bit.ly/2BuDc4x

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PM Modi Promises To Stop Water From Flowing To Pakistan In His Poll Promise In Haryana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a swipe at Pakistan over the issue of water while addressing a rally in Hisar. He said that he always accomplishes what he decides to do. Pakistan has warned India that any attempt to water flow would be considered an act of aggression.

What did Narendra Modi say?

PM Modi started his speech with water issue in Haryana. He assured the farmers that the Haryana water won’t flow towards Pakistan. He also took a dig at Pakistan over his earlier statement about stopping water flowing to neighbouring country. He said that his reference to water upsets people in Islamabad.

What are Modi’s plans for next five years?

PM Modi said that his government had plans to invest Rs. 3.5 lakh crore in next five years to make infrastructure to provide water for drinking and irrigation purposes. He said that his emphasis was on to improve water condition under his Jal Jeevan Mission. He said that his government wanted to remove farmer’s reliability on monsoon for irrigation. He addressed two rallies in Gohana and Sonipat and later in Hisar in Haryana.

How did PM Modi slam opposition parties?

Modi targeted opposition parties saying that they are busy fighting among themselves. He also said that opposition parties were unable to provide stable government in Haryana. He said that BJP government in Haryana took bold steps to improve the overall condition of people. He patted Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar for the good work done by the BJP government in Haryana.

Source: https://bit.ly/2oVgIqP

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Left Arm Spinner Shahbaz Nadeem Called Up To India’s Test Squad For Test Match Against South Africa

Shahbaz Nadeem would made his test debut in the final test against South Africa in Ranchi. He was handed his debut on Saturday. He was called to join India’s Test squad on the eve of third and final test match with South Africa.

Who is Shahbaz Nadeem?

He’s a 30-year old left arm spinner and a consistent performer in the domestic cricket as well as India A tours. But he has been on the periphery of a call-up for the for the past few seasons despite being a performer.

Shahbaz Nadeem plays domestic cricket for Jharkhand and the good thing is that he’ll make his test debut in JSCA Stadium that is his home ground. His name was doing rounds for selection in Indian team since 2015-16 Ranji Trophy season.

Achievements of Shahbaz Nadeem

  • He picked up 51 wickets in 2015-16 Ranji Trophy
  • He was part of the India A team for West Indies tour
  • He topped the list of wicket-takers during West Indies tour
  • He took 15 scalps including 10 in the first game

In addition to the above-mentioned achievements Shahbaz Nadeem took 8-wickets in the two-four day matches for India A team against South Africa A prior to the West Indies series.

BCCI tweeted for Shahbaz Nadeem

BCCI welcomed the left-arm spinner in the Indian team with a tweet. Also, the Indian cricket organization congratulated Shahbaz Nadeem to make a successful debut in test cricket. He has been a top performer throughout his career and he has big dreams to play for India.

Source: https://bit.ly/2VXP9ZT

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Turkey Suspended Assault On Syria In A Forced Deal With The US

Turkey will suspend its Syria offensive for five days but the assault would end only after the Kurdish-led forces withdraw from a safe zone along the border. US Vice President Mike Pence reached an agreement with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a marathon debate between the leaders.

What was the deal between US and Turkey?

The Kurdish forces will have to vacate an area 32 kilometers (20 miles) deep making a safe zone long sought by Turkey. Here it is necessary to mention that Ankara brands the Kurdish fighters as terrorists. US President Trump is behind this deal as he forced Ankara to accept the deal or face sanctions. It is widely known that President Trump threatened to destroy the economy of Turkey who’s an important NATO ally.

Highlights of the US and Turkey deal

  • 120-hour pause by Ankara
  • Pullout of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
  • Withdrawal of sanctions by the US

What are the repercussions of the deal in the US?

President Trump is facing strict criticism for this deal. James Jeffrey, the US pointman on Syria, called it a “carrot and stick” policy. He said that the US used sanctions to force Ankara to accept the deal. The safe zone is the carrot in the deal. The deal is said to be a betrayal for Kurdish fighters that helped the US fight against Islamic State group in recent years.

What the world has to say about Syrian assault?

Turkey faced criticism and condemnation for its assault on Syria that displaced more than 300,00 civilians. Many European countries even imposed arms imbroglio on Turkey.

Source: https://bit.ly/2oRowtH

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