Housefull 4: Nadiadwala Sacrificed Many At The Altar Of Me Too To Complete This Movie

The fourth installment of Housefull franchise, Housefull 4 is the story of reincarnation dating back to 600 years in 1419. The only exciting thing about the movie is the success of the previous three installments. Nadiadwala asked Farhad Samji to direct the movie. He removed Sajid Khan due to Me Too allegations.  


The movie starts in 1419 in Sitamgarh where an evil conspiracy separates three couples only to reunite 600 years later in 2019. The reincarnation takes place thousands of miles away in London. The couples meet again but in a different situation and again they become victim of the same conspiracy. Destiny brings them to Sitamgarh where they realize their fault and unite forever. 

Highlights of the movie:

  • Sajid Nadiadwala claims Housefull 4 to be the highest budgeted comedy movie in India
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui making a special appearance as a daring exorcist
  • Akshay Kumar in salt and pepper hairstyle looks like George Clooney 
  • An ensemble cast of Akshay Kumar, Chunky Pandey, Rana Daggubati, Ranjeet, Boman Irani and Paresh Rawal

Housefull 4 First Look & Poster

The poster has the couples of 2019 posing for a photo shoot with a picture of original couples of 1419 in … Read the rest


Election Results 2019: BJP Emerges Loser In Both The States

Contrary to the exit polls results, BJP seems to be at a great loss. It has lost more than it gained. Also, the opposition isn’t winning in flying colors. During election campaigns, BJP projected its prospects as bigger than ever before but it isn’t uncommon for political parties to inflate their prospects in election rallies.

Claims BJP made in election campaigns

The party claimed to cross 225 seats in Maharashtra with its long-term ally Shiv Sena but the party is far behind its projected seats. In Haryana, it claimed to bag 75 out of the 90 assembly seats without any alliance but the results seem to be just the opposite. BJP is struggling to make a government in Haryana on its own. It has to take help of smaller parties to stake a claim for government formation.

Reasons for losing seats in Haryana Assembly Elections

  1. Voters believe on local issues and caste affiliations still play a crucial role in deciding preference of political candidates.
  2. BJP has to pay heed to local economy that is in shambles. The masses are worried about their future.
  3. Businessmen, middle-class and agricultural community sees dark future in present conditions. They need change but the opposition
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Lori Harvey Facing Police Action For Hit-And-Run Case

Lori Harvey, stepdaughter of comedian and television host Steve Harvey, was arrested for her involvement in a single vehicle car accident in Beverly Hills. A leading model, Lori Harvey was caught under a hit-and-run case.

What was the accident?

BHPD Sgt. James Keenaghan revealed the details of the accident while speaking to CNN. He said that the model allegedly hit a parked vehicle around 9 PM on Sunday. He further maintained that the model swiftly left the crime scene to evade arrest. The police found Lori Harvey running after the crime and chased her car. Eventually she was stopped and arrested by the BHPD Sgt.

Where was the incident happened?

Not much details about the incident are available. The police only informed about the crime and arrest of the model. Details like where exactly it happened and the make and model of the car damaged aren’t available. The model is currently in police custody.


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WeWork Is Now An Associate Of SoftBank Who Bought 80% Stake In The Startup?

SoftBank Group Corp. will take control of WeWork to assist the office-space startup in its day-to-day operations. The Japanese tech conglomerate will own 80% of the WeWorkthat has been suffering cash-crunch for a long time.

Highlights of the deal

• SoftBank to put $5 billion in new financing
• WeWork shareholders to get up to $3 billion
• SoftBank will also accelerate its commitment to fund $1.5 billion
• SoftBank COO Marcelo Claure will be the next executive chairman of board of directors for WeWork

What was the story of WeWork failure?

One of the most valued startup in the US, WeWork witnessed a fall from the grace when its attempt to enter the stock market was floundered last year. SoftBank came to its rescue even after drowning $10 billion into the company.

Why did SoftBank invest in WeWork?

The bank is a firm believer that a massive transformation in work culture is going on. Despite being a startup, WeWork was at the forefront in this transformation. The bank decided to double down on WeWork and for this reason it invested a huge sum in the startup company. The deal brings the cash strived WeWork back to life and working. … Read the rest


Turkey Blew The Lid From Pakistan’s Nuclear Proliferation Strategy

Pakistan’s nuclear strategy is once again under the scanner after Turkey, the new ally of Pakistan, displayed its interest in acquiring nuclear arms. The issue resurfaced after 15 years of Pak nuclear smuggler AQ Khan admitting to smuggling of nuclear arms and having illicit exports.

What did Turkey say about nuclear armament?

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a strong appeal to go nuclear at a party convention. He said that the West had nuclear arms but they wanted Turkey to remain non-nuclear. He further said that this unbalance wasn’t acceptable to Turkey. This has triggered a restudy and relook of Nuclear Black Markets of AQ Khan’s network.

What is Nuclear Black Markets?

It is a study by the London think-tank International Institute for Strategic Studies. The institute published its report with the name “Nuclear Black Markets” and it believes Turkey to the be the fourth client of AQ Khan. The other three clients are Libya, Iran and North Korea.

The study revealed that Turkey firms helped Khan in obtaining nuclear material from Europe, producing centrifuge parts and shipping finished products to buyers. The report says that Turkey possesses a considerable number of centrifuges of unknown origin. AQ Khan is … Read the rest


Trump Would Celebrate Diwali Three Days Ahead In The White House

US President Donald Trump will celebrate Diwali in White House three days ahead of the festival. He would mark the beginning of Diwali festival in America by lighting a ceremonial “diya” on Thursday. No other details of the celebrations were shared by the White House spokesman.

Who started the tradition of celebrating Diwali in White House?

Barack Obama started the tradition of celebrating Diwali by lighting a ceremonial lamp in the US. It was in 2009 when Obama then the US President first lit a lamp to celebrate Diwali in his office. Trump is the second US president to celebrate the festival of lights in White House.

It is Trump’s third Diwali celebration in White House

Trump celebrated his first Diwali in 2017 in his Oval Office in the presence of a select group of Indian-American community leaders. He hailed the contribution of Indian community in the development of America after lighting the ceremonial lamp.

In 2018, Trump invited then Indian Ambassador to the US, Navtej Singh Sarna for Diwali celebrations. It is third time that Trump will celebrate Diwali by lighting a ceremonial lamp in White House. But it isn’t known whether he would invite members of Indian-American community. … Read the rest