How Black Friday Became A Shopping Season?

Black Friday is around the corner. It is the day people wait for all the year. They wait to buy gifts. Also, it is start of the shopping season for Christmas. Retailers like Walmart are busy minting currency with big offers on high-end gadgets and the buyers are enjoying early discount on popular products.

What is Black Friday?

It is the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day in America. It usually comes on the fourth Friday of November and has been celebrated as beginning of Christmas shopping season since 1952. It is a big day for both the shoppers and the retailers. Although it isn’t an official holiday, California and some other states observe a holiday on Black Friday.

How is Black Friday celebrated?

Retailers offer highly promoted sales on Black Friday. They open early and keep opened till midnight and sometimes past midnight. Some stores start their sale on Thanksgiving Day to take advantage of the shopping spree. Retailers line their products for sale and offer lucrative discounts to attract buyers.

Black Friday 2019

In 2019, Black Friday would fall on 29th November but the sale has started on the Thanksgiving Day with big retailers including Walmart offering lucrative discounts … Read the rest


Buy Apple Watch 3 At $199 In Walmart’s Black Friday Sale

Walmart offers the Apple Watch 3at $199 in its Black Friday 2019 sale. This Smartwatch packs amazing lifestyle features for health-conscious folks and considering its current price, it is the best deal.

Apple Watch 3 lifestyle features

This Smartwatch can track activities like popular workouts and note calories burnt. Also, it can monitor heartbeat and alert the user, if it senses irregular heartbeats. It is a must have device for all health-conscious folks.

Also, it has waterproofing and this gadget comes with GPS technology and can work for up to 18 hours without requiring recharging. The basic features of this Smartwatch include receiving notifications, send messages and make calls.

Connectivity features

Apple Watch 3 comes with LTE connectivity that allows user to get connectivity to broadband and iPhone even when the phone isn’t nearabout. Walmart is offering this useful watch at an unbelievable price. This series 3 Smartwatch is now available with a discount of $180.


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German Court Upholds Right To Be Forgotten Of A Murder Convict

A German court asserts people’s “right to be forgotten”in online searches while deciding a case related to a 1982 murder case. The man convicted for the murders was given life imprisonment but later released in 2002. But his name is still linked to that case.

What was the 1982 murder case?

The incident happened in Germany where a crew member of yacht Apollonia shot two people and injured third on board the yacht. Convicted for murder, he was sent to life imprisonment but released in 2002. But his name still appears in the search results of that 1982 incident and he has been fighting to distance his name and his family from that charge.

Where did his name appear?

A German news magazine Der Spiegel published three reports about the incident in 1999. These reports carry full name of the person convicted for the murders. But he came to know about the search results carrying his name in 2009. Surprised, he requested the court to remove his name from the Internet because it was prohibiting his personality development. But a federal court turned down his request in 2012.

What is right to be forgotten?

Google has fought a long battle … Read the rest


Imran Khan Believes That Trees Produce Oxygen At Night

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said something that is very serious but ended up making a joke of himself. Whether it was a tongue-slip or lack of knowledge, he made people laugh throughout the night.

Why did Imran Khan say?

“Trees produce oxygen at night,” said Pakistan PM Imran Khan while highlighting the drawbacks of removing earth’s green cover. He said that trees clean air but soon after he made a blunder that went viral. Going with the flow, he said trees produced oxygen at night.

How was Imran Khan caught red-handed?

Pakistan journalist Naila Inayat shared a 15-seconds video of Imran Khan with the caption “Trees produce oxygen at night: Einstein Khan shows the minister addressing an audience.”

Twitterati were first to react and some of them even demanded Nobel Prize for Imran Khan. People made mockery of the knowledge of Imran Khan. One Twitterati uploaded a page from school book of 7th standard showing that trees don’t produce oxygen at night.

Recently Sheikh Rashid from Pakistan made headlines by explaining an explosion. He said the breakfast exploded and set fire to the gas stove and the cylinder suffered.

Full text of Imran Khan

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Udbhav Thackeray Sends Son To Invite Sonia Gandhi But Calls Up To Invite Modi

Thackerays have prepared a long list of invitees for the swearing-in ceremony of the first Thackeray on the eve of 28th November at Shivaji Park in Dadar in central Mumbai.

First Thackeray to become chief minister

Udbhav Thackeray, son of Bal Thackeray and chief of Shiv Sena, is all set to become chief minister of Maharashtra after end of high-octane political drama of swearing-in and then resignation of Devendra Fadnavis. Udbhav Thackeray would become the 18th Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

List of invitees

Aditya Thackeray flew to New Delhi to invite Congress President Sonia Gandhi for the swearing-in ceremony. Former PM Manmohan Singh is also invited to the ceremony. Another VIP in the list of Thackeray invitees is Rahul Gandhi.

Udbhav Thackeray himself called up PM Narendra Modi to seek his blessings and invite him to be present at his swearing-in ceremony. It is going to be a historic event as Thackerays have 40,000 special invitees and 700 farmers.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee are on the list of invitees. Also, ex-UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and DMK chief are also invited to the ceremony. But only Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath … Read the rest

Devendra Fadnavis Goes BS Yeduyurappa

Devendra Fadnavis Goes BS Yeduyurappa Way In Maharashtra Politics

The drama that unfolded in Maharashtra reminds of 2018 Karnataka incident when BS Yediyurappa became chief minister for 56 hours. The fractured mandate of 2018 Karnataka election prevented BJP to form a majority government and its misadventure resulted in public humiliation.

Karnataka government formation in 2018

BJP secured only 105 seats from the 224 legislative assembly seats in Karnataka in 2018 elections. The other seats went to Congress 80 and JD(S) 37. With no party in the position to stake claim to power, BJP moved ahead. The majority mark in Karnataka is 113.

Governor VajubhaiVala invited Yediyurapp to form the government despite the other parties – Congress and JD(S) – claiming to have the majority to form the government. The aggrieved parties went to Supreme Court for help and the SC woke up at midnight to end the high-octane political drama of Karnataka. It ordered Yediyurappa to prove its majority in 24 hours and the former opted to resign instead of facing humiliation. But Yediyurappa again became the chief minister because the Congress JD(S) coalition could last only for 14 months.

2006 Memory

In 2006, HD Kumaraswamy defied his father and JD(S) chief HD Deve Gowda to strike an alliance … Read the rest