ISRO Successfully Sends CARTOSAT-3 With 13 Commercial Satellites From US In The Space

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched the advanced earth observation and mapping satellite CARTOSAT-3 along with 13 other commercial nano-satellites from the US at 9:28 AM on Wednesday.


This satellite is the ninth in series of ISRO and this 1,625 kg satellite is expected to fulfil the demand for llarge scale urban planning, rural resource and infrastructure development, coastal land use and land cover. It is also expected to help in military purposes.

13 commercial satellites

These satellites are sent according to the commercial arrangement with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), Department of Space. It is a set of 13 nano-satellites including FLOCK-4P that are 12 in numbers. Their mission objective is observation of the earth. One satellite named MESHBED is sent with the objective to be used as a communication testbed.

What did ISRO say about this launch?

The premier space research organization said that this launch would be 74th launch mission from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. ISRO specified that the mission life of CARTOSAT-3 will be for five-years.

It is to be noted that the launch of CARTOSAT-3 with 13 commercial satellites would be the first big launch after Chandrayaan-2 … Read the rest


SC Again Fumes Over Pollution In Delhi

The Supreme Court fumed over the worsening air quality index of Delhi and the fact that 45% of city’s garbage remains unattended. The SC declared that the city was no longer liveable and became worst than the narark (hell).

A fuming bench of SC said that people were dying of various ailments like cancer caused due to pollution. It compared Delhi with a gas chamber and said that it is better the government killed people with explosives instead leaving them to die a slow death due to pollution.

What did SC rule on Delhi pollution?

The SC bench noted that Delhi was reeling under pressure but the governments were sitting idle. The took note of the fact that the capital was suffering due to inactivity of centre and state governments. It directed both the governments to set aside their differences and sit down to find an amicable solution to the problem of solution.

What did SC say about smog towers?

The SC said that the smog towers were the only solution available to control pollution and directed the Delhi government to quickly find places where these towers can be erected and make plans for making the towers.

What did SC

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The First Look Of The Much-Awaited 2020 Hero Honda City Is Surprising

The fifth-generation Honda City stunned the world with its sportier look at its world premier in Thailand. The much-awaited luxury sedan is expected to be launched in India in 2020.

Highlights of the new Honda City

• Chrome front grille, projector headlights with LED DRLs and LED taillights
• 8-inch advanced touch display audio with Apple CarPlay and Siri Voice Control
• Powered by 3-cylinder, 12-valve, 1.0-litre VTEC turbo engine


The biggest highlight of the new sedan is its front fascia developed on the lines of the 2019 Honda Civic. The new chrome grille, LED lighting and 15-inch alloy wheels give make it look bolder than its predecessor.


It is spacious and accommodative from inside. The interior is designed with two-tone (ivory/black) leather seats complimented by Piano Black console and chrome inside door handles. The wheel is made multi-functioning; there is MID with illumination and it comes with automatic air-conditioning system.


The 2020 Hero Honda is secured with a G-force control body structure; it packs six airbags; has anti-lock braking with electronic brake distribution, vehicle stability assist, hill start assist and multi-angle rear-view camera.

Power and mileage

The 3-cylinder 12-valve and 1.0-litre … Read the rest


Repercussion Of Maharashtra And Haryana Elections Results In 2020-22 Rajya Sabha Re-Elections For BJP And Congress

Poorer than expected performance in Haryana and Maharashtra could disturb the Rajya Sabha strength of NDA especially after the losses in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan in 2018. But the silver lining in the dark sky is that the loss for BJP+ShivSena combine would be marginal.

Total number of Rajya Sabha seats in Maharashtra and Haryana

Together these seats send 24 MPs (Maharashtra 19 + Haryana 5)to Rajya Sabha.

From Haryana, the Indian National Congress has only MP but the Bhartiya Janata Party has 3 MPs. Subash Chandra of Zee group is the only independent Rajya Sabha MP from Haryana. It is to be noted that he is backed by BJP.

In Maharashtra, the Congress and Nationality Congress Party combine have 7 Rajya Sabha MPs, while the National Democratic Alliance has 11 MPs.

Upcoming Rajya Sabha elections

Haryana would elect its Rajya Sabha MPs in 2020 and 2022. Two MPs would be elected in each election. Maharashtra will elect 7 Rajya Sabha MPs in 2020 and another six in 2022. The remaining seats in both the states would go to poll in 2024.

BJP prospects in coming Rajya Sabha elections

Out of the 13 Rajya … Read the rest


What is Fit India Grading System For Schools?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday rolled out Fit India School grading system for schools across the country. Divided into three categories, the grading system ranks schools according to their contribution in fitness program.

What is Fit India School grading system?

It is a fitness system developed to check participation of educational institutions in popularizing fitness among students, teachers and other staff members. Also, the schools would have to invest in developing infrastructure for supporting fitness programs.

Grades of Fit India School

• The Fit India Schools

• Fit India School (3 Stars)

• Fit India School (5 Stars)

The level of ranking would be determined from the efforts, schools make for inculcating fitness in students and teachers. Also, the availability of fitness equipment would be a factor in grading.

How could schools participate in the fitness grading system?

Schools need to visit Fit India portal to declare themselves fit. They would be given ratings according to the set procedure. The portal would give Fit India three star and five-star rating to schools. The participating schools would be allowed to use Fit India flag and logo.

What did PM Modi say during launch of Fit

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Supreme Court Reserves Its Order OnThe Petition Challenging Government Formation In Maharashtra For Tuesday

The BJP got a breather from the Supreme Court over its government formation in Maharashtra. The SC today reserved its order on a petition challenging the Maharashtra government formation. The SC has earlier asked the BJP to show the letters from the Maharashtra governor to form government and support of all NCP MLAs.

What was the Supreme Court ruling on Maharashtra government formation?

The BJP submitted the letter from Maharashtra governor and the letter of support from NCP to the Supreme Court. The letter shows that the BJP has the support of 54 NCP MLAs and it calls it AjitPawar’s Nationalist Congress Party. But the rival gang of Shiv Sena also claims support of 154 MLAs and demands immediate test of strength on the floor of the house.

The SC, after hearing the petition and checking the letters, reserved its decision on a quick show of strength till Tuesday. The SC on Sunday had asked Devendra Fadnavis to show letters from the Maharashtra governor and from AjitPawar to prove his strength.

Highlights of Maharashtra case in SC

• The Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress challenged the way Maharashtra government was formed. The development took place hours after the three parties … Read the rest