US Congratulates Genera Bipin Rawat For Becoming The First CDS Of India

General Bipin Rawat is made the first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) by the government of India. He’s currently serving as army general and will retire on December 31. He’ll take the new responsibility on the following day and report directly to the Prime Minister.

Chief of Defense Staff

It is the first time in India that a CDS is appointed but need of a chief for all defense forces was felt from the time of Kargil war in 1999. PM Modi has promised creating of CDS in his Independence Day speech.

The chief of three forces would report to the CDS and the latter would head the Department of Military Affairs. His salary would be equivalent to the emoluments of a service chief. The CDS post would help in improving coordination among the three services – the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

Role and requirements of CDS

A committee headed by National Security Advisor AjitDoval would determine the role and responsibilities of the Chief of Defense Staff. But his primary role would be to bring the three forces on same page. The CDS can serve the country till 65 years of age. General Bipin Rawat would serve … Read the rest


No Fireworks On New Year’s Eve In Germany

Germany has decided to do away with private fireworks on the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fireworks was a staple in Germany’s New Year celebrations but the government has decided to discourage private fireworks for reasons varying from safety to pollution.

New Year fireworks in Germany

The country celebrates New Year as “Silvester” and fireworks are considered a staple of this celebration but this year, Germans have decided to scale down the level of fireworks to their historic buildings and environment safe. But there will be official firework for Silvester.

Berlin and a dozen of other German cities and communities have put a partial ban on private fireworks. For successful implementation of the ban, three zones in the capital city have been designated fireworks free on New year’s Eve.

But official and private firework displays in most places will continue as normal and it includes the spectacular show at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate. The German sky would fill with light and sound of millions of tiny explosions. But the Germans have a taken a decision regarding New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Reasons for discontinuing fireworks

Berlin’s ban on firework display during New Year celebrations is primarily focused on public safety. Aachen, a … Read the rest


India Would Become $5 Trillion Economy In 2026

India would become the fourth-largest economy in 2026 according to a recent report by the UK-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). Also, India would achieve its economic target of achieving a GDP of $5 trillion the same year.

Highlights of the CEBR report

India has already become the world’s fifth-largest economy by overtaking the UK and France
India would surpass Germany to reach the fourth-position in 2026
India would battle with Japan and Germany for the third-position over the next decade

World Economic League Table 2020 report

The report is an annual calculation by CEBR in association with Global Construction Perspectives. The report is based on the 2019 data provided by IMF World Economic Outlook.

The report highlights that India would achieve its growth target but two years later than the government’s target. The Modi government intends to make India a $5 trillion economy by 2024. But it also brings into focus the economic-crisis India is facing on its home turf. India witnessed a growth decline of 4.5% in September quarter of 2019-20. The troubling thing is that it was a six-year low.

Economic crisis in India

India is facing an economic slowdown … Read the rest


December 2019 Is The Second Coldest Month Since 1901

Enveloped in dense fog, it is the fourth time between 1901 and 2018 that Delhi witnessed a cold December. This month, the average temperature of the national capital remained either equal to or less than 20 degrees Celsius.

Cold wave in Delhi

The national capital shivers in the cold wave that it witnessed in 1919, 1929, 1961 and 1997. These were the four occasions when Delhi braved coldest December. In 2019, the weather office sounded a red alert regarding the fog. The commuters were seen driving with their emergency and hazard lights on. Also, the traffic moved at a snail’s pace.

Traffic disruption due to fog

Road traffic is the worst hit due to low visibility that remained below 50 meters. 16 flights are diverted to safe places and as many trains are running late due to rough weather conditions. The weather office has predicted light rains with hailstorm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Coldest December in Delhi

With the average minimum temperature remaining around 19.15 degree Celsius, the 2019 December could be the coldest month of the year since 1997 when the average minimum temperature was 17.3 degree Celsius. Also, it is the second coldest month since 1901.

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Priyanka Gandhi Accuses UP Police Of Manhandling Her

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that she was manhandled by UP police personnel while she was on her way to meet retire IPS officer SR Darapuri. She took a scooter ride and then walked on foot to reach the residence of the retired IPS officer.

Priyanka Gandhi accused UP Police of manhandling

She was on her way to meet a retired IPS officer who was earlier arrested for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. But a police party stopper her cavalcade midway. According to Priyanka Gandhi, one of the policewomen held her by her neck while another pushed her to ground. She was then pulled up by her neck. And this incident happened before the party workers.

After her cavalcade was stopped from proceeding, Priyanka Gandhi decided to complete the rest of the journey on a scooter driven by a party worker. But she was stopped again. Finally, she decided to go on foot to meet the retired IPS officer who was also a cancer patient.

Police denying charges

Archana Singh was the policewoman in question. She said that she was doing her duty and that the charges levelled against her were untrue. She further said that the Priyanka Gandhi’s … Read the rest


The Reds Raced Ahead Burnley In The Battle Of Turf Moor

Manchester United returned against Burnley in a tight competition by 2-0 and returned home with all three-points. Played at Turf Moor, the Reds gave their best performance with Anthony Martial giving an exciting finish and Marcus Rashford’s injury time goal.

Matic Returns

The midfielder Nemanja Matic got an opportunity to play his first Premier League start since September. Turf Moor was his first litmus test and the midfielder did fairly well against the Clarets that were known for physical battle.

Wonderful Williams

Brandon Williams was out of the squad for quite some time but the full-back gave his best performance especially in the first half when he created difficulties for the opposition full-back Phil Bardsley. The former Red gave fantastic display of football at Turf Moor.

Martial’s Record At Burnley

Anthony Martial has already played three matches at Turf Moor. Also, he was an unused substitute in 2018. But on Saturday, he extended his record of scoring and winning in all his earlier clashes. The Burnley match was the striker’s well-placed finish.

Bowing Out On A High

The encounter was the final match of Reds in 2019. Also, it was the first full calendar … Read the rest