Forbes India Celebrity 100 For 2019: Virat Kohli Is The Highest Paid Celebrity Followed By Akshay And Salman

Captain of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli is the number one celebrity in the Forbes India’s list of Celebrity 100 for the year 2019. His earning is capped at Rs. 252.72 crore.

Celebrities in the Forbes India Celebrity 2019 list

Akshay Kumar is highest earning star in Bollywood. His earning grew 58.51% from the previous year. He earns Rs. 293.25 crore. Salman Khan, the dabang of Bollywood follows Akshay Kumar in earning. Salman earns Rs. 229.25 crore.

More from the list

The megastar Amitabh Bachchan earns only Rs. 239.25 crore hence on the 4th spot in the list. Following Amitabh is former Indian captain MS Dhoni. His earning is Rs. 135.93 crore.

Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan has made a comeback to the list but he’s on 5th spot. His earning is Rs. 124.38 crore. Ranveer Singh, who has been doing well in Bollywood, is after Shah Rukh Khan in the list. He earns Rs. 118.2 crore.

Female stars in the list

There are only two female stars in the top-10 position but their earnings are much lower than their male counterparts. Alia Bhatt on 8th spot earns Rs. 59.21 crore and Deepika Padukone … Read the rest


Imran Khan Speaks On Citizenship Amendment Bill And Receives A Fitting Reply Fitting Reply

India categorically rejects Imran Khan’s opinion on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and said that his thoughts were inspired by anti-India mindset. India also advised Imran Khan to work for his country.

Pakistan President Imran Khan in Geneva

Imran Khan said that India’s CAB was creating a major refugee problem in South Asia. But India replied that his thinking shows prejudice and hatred towards India. Also, that Imran Khan should be more worried about his country.

India’s Permanent Representative to UN, Rajiv K Chander further said that India strictly condemn the baseless comment of Imran Khan. Pakistan presented itself as a self-proclaimed champion of human right but little did it know that the minority population had shrunk from 23% in 1947 to 3% today maintained Rajiv K Chander. The draconian blasphemy laws and blatant use of forced conversions reduced the size of minorities in Pakistan.

Imran Khan should take care of his country

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US President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Would Make No Difference To Him

According to former secretary of state, George W Bush called Donald Trump’s inaugural address “some weird shit”. It is apparent that all isn’t well with Trump.

Donald Trump faces accusations

The Democrats have been accusing Trump for using and abusing the United States like his personal punchbag. And they finally decide to return the punch to Trump. The Democrats started impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. Impeaching President Trump this time is like seeing a bully gets a bloody nose. It will certainly satisfy the critics of Donald Trump.

Impeachment proceedings

Democrats accuse Trump of stress-testing the American democracy since his election as president. He was accused of mad-kind conduct but the Democrats had to bear his conduct until they got majority in the House. And that moment came in the mid-term elections of 2018 when the Democrats got the majority. They said that Trump left them with no option other than to pull the trigger after he pressured Ukraine for political favors.

Republicans shielding Donald Trump

Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate have made a human shield to protect Trump from the impeachment proceedings and they are likely to walk him out of the constitutional crisis but … Read the rest


Infosys To Pay $800,000 Over Worker Misclassification, Tax Fraud Charges

Infosys is charged with misclassification of employees between 2006 and 2017 and it is asked to pay California $800,000 as a settlement amount for its wrongdoings but the top IT major of India has denied the allegations but agreed to pay the said amount.

Charges against Infosys

It was found that Infosys had approximately 500 employees working on Infosys-sponsored B-1 visas instead of H-1B visas. The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra claimed that India’s top IT major did so to avoid California payroll taxes like unemployment insurance, disability insurance and employment training taxes.

Infosys settlement

The attorney general said that the settlement proved that evading California law didn’t pay to Infosys. He alleged that the company brought employees on wrong visas to save taxes. Also, the workers were underpaid by the company. The settlement brings the company to justice. When asked about the wrongdoings, Infosys denied any wrongdoings.

Earlier incident

It isn’t the first time that Infosys is made to pay for settlement. State of New York also charged the company with submitting wrong documents to federal authorities and made to pay $1 million towards settlement charges.

Whistleblower in California incident

Jack “Jay” Palmer, a … Read the rest


Delhi: Seelampur Tense But Under Control; Former Congress MLA Accused In JMI Violence

Peaceful procession against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill turned violent in Seelampur area in Delhi on Tuesday. According to reports, there were around 1,000 protestors in the procession when it took a violent turn by burning a school bus and a police station. Two police booths are also damaged.

Seelampur incident

Joint Commissioner of Delhi Alok Kumar said that people protesting peacefully at the Seelampur t-point suddenly started stoning. Also, they clashed with the police party present to manage the procession. And police had to use mild lathicharge and fire tear gas shells to disperse the violent crowd.

The incident resulted in injury to 21 people out of which 12 belong to Delhi Police and 3 to Rapid Action Force. The police have detained 5 people for the incident. The Joint Commission said that the situation was brought under control by appealing to the violent crowd from masjids and madarsas. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has also appealed to maintain peace in the city.

FIR against former Congress MLA

Delhi police have registered a FIR against the former Congress MLA, Asif Khan in connection with the Jamia Millia Islamia incident. In another development, Saket court sent the 14 people arrested by police in … Read the rest


India Is A Democratic Country And CAB Is Its Domestic Matter Said French Envoy Emanuel Lenain

French envoy Emmanuel Lenain talked at length on Pakistan and India. While he criticized and warned Pakistan for not fulfilling Financial Action Task Force(FATF) conditions, he hailed India as a democratic country with means to resolve its internal issues.

Pakistan on the grey list of FATF

Pakistan is already on the grey list of the Paris-based international terror financing watchdog and it faces the risk of getting on the Black List if it fails to comply with the remaining 22 points in a list of 27.

Answering the question whether Pakistan fulfilled its commitment to FATF, Lenain said that nobody could say that Pak did fulfill its commitment. He further said that there was a need to put pressure on Pakistan.

France on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in India

The envoy distanced himself from the domestic matters of India. He said that the India was a democracy with a Supreme Court to settle domestic issues. When asked about tourist advisory to avoid visiting northeaster states, he said that it was a regular advisory released for tourists to keep them safe.

France on relation with India

Lenain said that French firms had the technology that could … Read the rest