NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Breaks Longest Female Stay Record

Christina Koch became the first woman astronaut to spend close to 11 months aboard the International Space Station. She was there in space with Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and Alexander Skvortsov of the Russian space agency.

NASA’s astronaut Christina Koch

Koch was seated and smiling while touching down at 0912 GMT. She dropped on the Kazakh steppe after spending 328 days in space. The world saw her as she was extracted from the Soyuz descent module in the video footage of Roscosmos space agency.

The 41-year old Michigan-born engineer was blasted off on March 14 last year. She returned safely to earth on February 7, 2020. The US President Donald Trump congratulated Koch on Twitter.

Trump hailed Koch

Donald Trump congratulated Koch on breaking the female record of longest stay in the space. He also said that she was inspiring the young women and making the US proud.

Koch broke record

The earlier record of 289 days was made by NASA veteran Peggy Whitson in 2016-17. But Koch broke that record on December 28. Today, she is only female astronaut to stay in space for more than 300 days. She also made history of the first-ever all-woman … Read the rest


Why Are Chinese Netizens Calling Li Wenliang A Martyr?

With over 560 dead and more than 28,000 infected, novel coronavirus infection is really a pandemic. But one of the dead persons include a doctor who was the among the first to warn the public about the outbreak and its severity.

Li Wenliang

An ophthalmologist by profession, Li was working in Wuhan Central Hospital in Hubei province that was the epicentre of the outbreak. He observed symptoms of the deadly SAARS virus in the early patients visiting the hospital. And the 34-year old doctor lost no time in understanding that there was another outbreak of virus. He sent alert messages his friends on December 30 but was later summoned for “rumour-mongering” along with other whistle-blowers.

China mourns death of Li Wenliang

The hospital where Li worked made a statement after his death. The statement read that the doctor got infection while treating other patients. And that he breathed his last on February 7. The hospital tried its best to save a valuable life but he couldn’t be saved.

People reacted to Li’s death

Li was summoned along with others for “rumour-mongering” and later he was made to sign a statement where he admitted making false comments that disturbed the social … Read the rest


Happy Rose Day 2020: Understand the significance of Rose Day

7th February is the first day of Valentine’s week but it is more popular as Rose Day. It is the day when you can gift a rose or a bouquet of rose flowers to your love interest. This day is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement across the globe.

Rose Day celebrations

Rose is more than a flower. It is a messenger of love, affection, care and friendship. People across the globe wait for this day all the year and gift roses to their love interests, friends and all nears and dears. To make things more acceptable, you can buy greeting cards with roses.

There was a time when the Rose Day was limited to couples only but today friends also celebrate this day with much zeal and fervour. They plan shopping, dining, moving and outing. Today, you can do many things like sharing WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pictures with social media.


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Senate Acquits The US President Donald Trump Of All Impeachment Charges

US President Donald Trump came out of impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He easily defeated the effort to expel him from office with the staunch Republican support.

Impeachment of Donald Trump

Donald Trump was charged with illegally seeking help from Ukraine to bolster his 2020-re-election efforts. And there were strong evidences against Trump. But Republicans stayed loyal to him and defeated the impeachment by 52 to 48 on the first and 53 to 47 on the second. The Democrats were short of two-thirds supermajority required for conviction.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts pronounced that with two-thirds present senators not found Donald Trump guilty, the Senate adjudges the President of the United States not guilty as charged.

Republican Mitt Romney voted Donald Trump as guilty in the first count but voted not guilty on the second count. But he was found to be a staunch critic of Trump and he risked White House wrath only due to his hatred for Trump.

Donald Trump celebrated the victory

Trump called the impeachment process a hoax and a witch hunt. He said that as a president, he enjoyed the right to pressurize Ukraine. Also, he maintained that … Read the rest


Valentine’s Day Week: Know What To Gift On Which Day

The Valentine’s Week begins on 7th February with Rose Day celebrations but people wait for this week all the year. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February but the celebrations continue for entire week starting February 7. It is called Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Week – Dates and things to do

This week is all about friendship, love and gifts. It is an occasion and an opportunity to make friends, express your love and enjoy the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. If you are confused about dates and gifts then this Valentine’s calendar would help.

It begins with Rose Day on 7th February; On 8th February, it would be Propose Day; On February 9, you celebrate Chocolate Day and on 10th February comes the Teddy Day.

Rose Day, 7 February:Begin the celebrations with gifting beautiful roses to each other. You can buy rose flowers for your friends.

Propose Day, 8 February: Your rose would carry the message of love and make it easier for you to express your love before that special person.

Chocolate Day, 9 February: With the rose gift accepted and love expressed, its time to have some sweets.

Teddy Day, 10 February: Now you are in love. You … Read the rest


Big Boss 13: John Cena Has Something To Share About The Grand Finale

Renowned WWE wrestler-turned-actor John Cena surprised the social media by sharing a picture of Big Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz on Wednesday. But the picture didn’t have any caption and nor did John Cena give any explanation for sharing the picture.

John Cena shared a picture

Social media enthusiasts started dropping their comments on seeing the image of Asim Riaz on the Instagram handle of John Cena. They were crazy about the picture and were asking for the reason for sharing that picture. Some people even anticipated that Cena’s handle could had been hacked. Asim’s fans filled Twitter with their comments for Asim and said that even Cena hadn’t joined the Asim Army.

But it wasn’t the first time that the wrestler shared an image. He had already shared pictures of Sushant Singh Rajput and Ranveer Singh on his Instagram account and didn’t give any context or caption to those images. His Instagram bio also reads “Welcome to my Instagram. These images will be posted without explanation. Enjoy.”

Big Boss 13

The event is nearing grand finale with cut-throat competition between … Read the rest