Don’t Visit The Taj Mahal On February 24

On 24 February, the Taj Mahal will remain closed for the public 12 noon for US President Donald Trump’s visit to the historic monument. Specific security arrangements are also made for Trump’s visit next week.

Taj Mahal closure

Vasant Kumar Swarnkar, Superintendent Agra Division, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) said that on February 24, the Taj Mahal would be closed for public from 12 noon for security reasons. US President Donald Trump is visiting India and he could visit the Taj Mahal on the same day.

Preparations for Trump’s visit in Agra

Massive security operation is carried out in Agra for Trump’s visit to Taj. The US President Donald Trump and the first lady of the US are visiting India on the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And they have plan to visit the Taj.

Superintendent of Police (City) Botre Rohan Pramod said that every mansion whether it is a home, shop, restaurant of hotel near the Taj Mahal area and on the main route had been identified. He informed that the verification process was about to finish. He said that some teams had also been put for getting the verification done.

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Barcelona’s Contract With Braithwaite Raises Eyebrows In The Football World

FC Barcelona’s signing of Martin Braithwaite is the most unlikely event of the European football season. On Thursday, Barcelona signed the 20-year old Danish forward from La Liga rivals Leganes.

FC Barcelona signing Braithwaite

Barcelona triggered a $19.4 million release clause in the Leganes contract of Braithwaite to sign the player. But it also put $324 million release clause on his Barcelona contract. The release clause is used to discourage rival teams from approaching players. But the clause inserted by Barcelona is the highest by any Spanish club.

Special emergency dispensation for Barcelona

Spanish football bosses gave special emergency dispensation to Barcelona for finding a replacement of forward Ousmane Dembele when he took six-moths leave due to a hamstring injury. The emergency window was provided for January.

But Leganes are opposing this transfer because the club loses one of the most important players. According to Leganes director general Martin Ortega, they were in a situation of serious damage.

Martin Braithwaite new contract

The player has signed four-year deal with FC Barcelona. He will play until 2024. But it isn’t the first time that Braithwaite signed a deal. He had been previously associated with Esbjerg in his Denmark, French club Toulouse … Read the rest


Shiva Devotees Would Do Jalabhishek Of Lord Shiva On Mahashivratri

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the Shiva devotees will perform jalabhishek at Shivalayas on Friday. The devotees had been decorating Shiva temples till late evening on Thursday. Also, the police and administration were busy making extensive security arrangements for the devotees.

Mahashivratri celebrations

• A batch of devotees from various districts of Gazipur will leave for Ganges to fill the holy water. They will go on foot and bring water for jalabhishek of Lord Shiva in Shiva temples on Mahashivratri.

• Special arrangements for Mahashivratri have been made at Shitala Mata Dham, Mathia Tola Shivala, Shiva temple at Bheeti, Shiva temple at Katuapura, Shiva temple at Azamgarh Mor, Shiv temple at District Hospital, Brahmasthan, Roadways Shiv temple, including Sindhi Baba Ki Kuti.

• Bhajan kirtan of Lord Shiva started on Thursday itself at various Shiva temples including Madhuban’sShivpurPanti, Kopaganj andLarodonwar.

• The temples are beautifully decorated with electric lights and religious programs organized for devotees.

• At major Shiva temples, the decoration of Lord Shiva would be done with flowers and the consecration would be with milk and holy water from Ganga.

• The Shiva temples would reverberate with chanting of Shiv mantras har-har-Mahadev throughout the day.

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Finally, US Scientists Find Breakthrough In Coronavirus Treatment

US scientists have created the first 3D atomic scale map of the part of the novel coronavirus. And this breakthrough came after the death count from the virus jumper past 2,000, while the number of infected persons in China is said to be 74,185.

Breakthrough in coronavirus

The COVID-19 virus attaches to and infects human cells. But a team of scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) developed a stabilized sample of a key part called the spike protein of the virus after studying its genetic code made public by the Chinese researchers.

Spike protein

UT Austin scientist Jason McLellan, who led the research, said that it was the antigen that can activate the response system in the human body. It would make antibodies against this virus. In the event of virus attack or infection. He added that the breakthrough was the result many years of studies on coronavirus family including SARS and MERS. He gave the credit of keeping the spike protein stable to the past research.

Coronavirus vaccine

The team will the share the map of the molecular structure of coronavirus to collaborators around the world so that they can … Read the rest


Recite This Prayer On Mahashivratri To Please The Lod Shiva

Mahashivratriis a Maha-Parv and it comes every year in the month of February. This year, it is coming on Friday 21st February. On this day, devotees offer special prayer to the Lord Shiva, who is the Lord of the Universe.

Mahashivratri puja

On this day, devotees keep fast and offer puja to the Lord Shiva that is very special. Performed in four different stages, the special puja is called Shodashopchar and it involves worshipping the Shiva Lingam in any Shivalaya or Shiva temple. People can even sit Shiva Lingam at their homes and worship the deity Mahashivratri.

After paying obeisance to the Lord Shiva, you should recite this special prayer with total devotion. The Lord Shiva listens to his devotees who recite this prayer regularly. It is said that reciting this prayer fulfills all wishes related to wealthy, prosperity, name, fame and good fortune.

Source: https://bit.ly/39QQzLw

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Manchester City Wins Its First Match Amid Anti-UEFA Slogans

Putting their UEFA woes behind, Manchester City registered first win with a 2-0 score on West Ham on Wednesday night. The Manchester City has recently been excluded from the Champions League for two years from 2020-21 to 22 for not following financial fair play regulations.

Manchester City after UEFA ban

On the 29th minute of the game, Rodri made the first goal and put Manchester City ahead in the game. Soon Kevin De Bruyne added the second goal and sealed the win for the home team. But the fans had the UEFA ban in mind.

It was the first of match of Manchester City after receiving UEFA notice for getting banned from Champions League for two years. They even sung anti-UEFA chants during the match. The over-enthusiastic fans even unfurled a “UEFA Cartel” banner in the stadium. But Pep Guardiola had different views on the UEFA ruling.

Pep Guardiola’s opinion on City’s ban

He’s present manager of Manchester City hence his opinion on ban matters most. While he looked happy at the first win and also, he congratulated his boys for doing well. But at the same time, he asked his boys to focus on the game. He refused to … Read the rest