Sikhs Are Bound To Support Anti-CAA Agitation Said Jathedar Of Akal Takht

The top Sikh Body, Akal Takht, extended its support for anti-CAA protests across the country. It said that the Sikh Body was with the Muslims protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act for weeks.

Akal Takht extends its support for Muslims

Delhi Minority Commission chief Zafarul Islam Khan led a delegation of Muslims to meet the chief priest of Akal Takht in Amritsar whereGiani Harpreet Singh, the chief priest, assured Muslims of support from the Sikh community. The chief of Akat Takht is also called “jathedar”.

He said that Sikhs were bound by their principles to support the oppressed. They had received a similar request from another group of the Muslim community. There was a sentiment of fear and insecurity among the minorities and Sikhs are bound to stand for victims.

The chief priest also asked the Muslims to approach Hindu leaders to seek support against the controversial Citizenship law. He said that he had appreciated their efforts and suggested them to seek support from Hindus as well. He added that he believed that all would come to a common stage to discuss communal harmony and peace in the country.

Zafarul Islam Khan on support from Akal Takht

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Manchester City Fined 30 Million Euros For Non Compliance Of Fair Play Rules

Manchester City won’t play Champions League for the next two years. The reigning Premier League champion has been barred from the said championship by UEFA. An independent financial control body of UEFA announced the decision regarding ban on Manchester City on Friday.

Reasons for ban on Manchester City

One of the richest soccer clubs, Manchester City was found a culprit of “serious breaches” of European soccer’s financial regulations. It was found the club had been guilty of multiple violations related to club licensing and the financial fair play rules.

It is to be noted that UEFA tried to put a tab over the gap between rich and poor clubs by putting fair play rules. Also, it wants to control the growing debt crisis of soccer clubs.

Penalty for Manchester City

UEFA has penalty for clubs that don’t follow its fair play regulations. And it has found Manchester City 30 million euros ($32.5 million) for failing to meet the regulations and not cooperating with the investigators. And this punishment could have far reaching consequences for the balance sheet of Manchester City.

The worth of Champions League is worth about $100 million for a club but missing the championship could have devastating … Read the rest


St Valentine’s Day: Story Of Love From Platonic To Modern

Valentine’s Day is back and as usual, it is celebrated as festival of love, romance, friendship, fascination, admiration and passion. Today, it has become the trendiest youth event in the modern world but its origin and traditions date back to time immemorial.

India connection of Valentine’s Day

In India, the system of Ghotul is still been practiced in some parts of southern states. Also, Lord Krishna’s playful romance with Radhika and gopikas stands tells more about romantic life. It tells that romantic life was fairly welcome in the ancient time.

Critical significance

Human being needs nutrition and procreation for survival. Nutrition is needed for self-existence and procreation for continuity of species. And human being crossed physical boundaries in search of nutrition and procreation.

An anonymous scribble reads “A woman in love asked her boyfriend who do you love most and he replied you”. She again asked “Who am I to you and he replied you are my other half”.

Missing half

In the Puranas, Lord Shiva is presented as ‘Arthanareeswara’ that is a fusion of male and female. This figure represents power of creation, maintenance and destruction and the power is vested in female half of Shiva. It is called … Read the rest


Xiaomi Launches Mi 10 Flagship Phones In China

Xiaomi will launch its latest 5G phones of flagship Mi 10 series in China. The new phones – Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro – sport 6.67-inch 2340 x 1080 OLED displays and feature Snapdragon 865 processors, dual-mode 5G, Wi-Fi 6, up to 12GB of RAM and wireless charging. Also, they boast of quad-camera configurations with a trendy 108-megapixel main shooter that can record 8K video.

Mi 10 Pro specification

It comes with 512GB storage, 50W fast wired charging and a slightly bigger display. On the contrary, the Mi 10 provides 256 GB storage and has only 30W charging capacity. But Pro packs a smaller batter (4,500mAh) in comparison to Mi 10 battery (4,780mAh).


Mi 10 Pro features 108 MP sensor with an optically stabilized eight-element lens but Mi 10 has only seven lenses. The Pro packs a 12 MP lens for portraits; an 8 MP telephoto lens with 10x hybrid zoom; a 20 MP ultra-wide lens and 117-degree FOV.

Mi 10 comes with a 13 MP ultra-wide sensor, a 123-degree FOV and a pair of 2 MP cameras for macro shots and depth sensing. And top of the package is primary 108 MP sensor.


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Prized Money Of Big Boss 13 Made Rs. 1 Crore To Attract Celebs

Big Boss 13 will soon come to an end but still there are seven contestants in the house. They are Asim Riaz, Siddharth Shukla, Rashmi Desai, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma, Shahnaz Gill and Aarti Singh.

Big Boss 13 finale

It started on September 13, 2019 and its grand finale would be on the coming Saturday. But the fans are more curious to know about the winning amount. The finale is only two days away and fans want to know who and how much the winner would get.

Prize money of Big Boss 13

Spot Boy published a news about the prized money of winner of Big Boss 13 and the news said that the amount had been increased to Rs. 1 crore. Earlier, it used to be Rs. 50 lakh only but this time the money is doubled to make the game more interesting and entertaining.

The news about doubling the winning amount was also aired at the start of the show. Tele Chakkar reported that Big Boss makers were seriously contemplating doubling the winning amount because they were facing problems in hiring big celebrities for the show. The prize money offered was too little to attract celebs.

Big Boss

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IPL 2020: Royal Challengers Bangalore To Get A New Name And Logo

Virat Kohli-led Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is going to change its name ahead of Indian Premier League 2020 season. Their social media activity gave a hint regarding change of name before start of IPL 2020. An important announcement regarding change of name could be made on February 16.

RCB social media activity

On Tuesday, RCB removed pictures from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Also, it changed the name to Royal Challengers. The Hindustan Times reported that RCB could come up with a new name and logo and an announcement regarding the same could be made on February 16.

Reason for change of name

According to reports, a faction of RCB fans wants to change Bangalore as it is the old name of Silicon Valley. After some discussions, the RCB agreed to change Bangalore to Bengaluru before the start of IPL 2020.


By far, RCB has been the most favoured team in IPL due to a star-studded line-up that includes Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers but it has yet to receive its first IPL trophy. Its performance has been super but it failed to meet expectations of its fans in the last 12 IPL seasons. For … Read the rest