Jonty Rhodes Named His Daughter After India

Former South African cricketer, Jonty Rhodes, took to Twitter to post a picture of him taking a holy dip in the river Ganges. He was in Rishikesh on Wednesday.

Jonty Rhodes captioned his picture

The caption of the Jonty Rhodes picture in the river Ganges read that benefits of immersion in Ganges were both spiritual and physical. Jonty Rhodes has a special connection with India and it is evident from his naming his daughter, India Jeanne Rhodes.

Jonty Rhodes named his daughter India

Born in 2016, daughter of Jonty Rhodes is India Jeanne Rhodes. The cricketer had spent a lot of time in India and what he loved about India was the rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition. He said that India was a very spiritual country and a very forward-looking nation. He said that he liked the combination. He further said that with name like India Jeanne Rhodes, she would have the best of both the worlds and that sort of balance.

Jonty Rhodes in IPL

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Say Namaste To Avoid Handshake Says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested his countrymen to greet people without touching each other. And he recommended the Indian way of greeting people with folded hands instead of regular handshake.

Do Namaste instead of handshake

Benjamin Netanyahu asked his countrymen to avoid shaking hands just he did. Namaste is the customary way of greeting each other with folded hands in India. His familiarity with Indian customs and traditions isn’t surprising because of his closeness to Indian PM Narendra Modi. He had been in India in January 2018 and Mr. Modi visited Israel in 2017.

Mr. Netanyahu recommended strong measures

He was speaking to the press after a review meeting to fight the spread of coronavirus in Israel. He said that several measured would be announced to prevent the spread of infection. He further said that they had taken select isolation and flight policies and measures for flights.

Coronavirus in Israel

Israel has banned public gatherings of more than 5,000 people and people are advised to avoid from going abroad. Today, there are 7,000 people in home-quarantine. There are 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus but still no deaths reported. Coronavirus spreads through contact with droplets from infected persons. Tiny droplets … Read the rest


PM Narendra Modi Will Give Away His Social Media Accounts On Women’s Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will “give away” his social media accounts to mark the upcoming Women’s Day on March 8. He will celebrate the women whose life and work inspire us. He tweeted his desire to give up his social media accounts to women on Tuesday.

PM Modi urged people to share inspiring stories of women

The PM encouraged people to share inspiring stories of women under hashtag #SheInspiredUs. These stories would be part of Women’s Day campaign of the PM and the selected entries will be given an opportunity to take over Modi’s Twitter account.

Modi will give away his social media accounts

On Women’s Day, PM Modi will feature inspiring stories of women on Women’s Day. He said that these stories would ignite motivation in millions. He urged women to come forward and share their stories. With this tweet, he put a full stop to all speculations that were doing round since Monday when the PM Modi revealed his desire to give away all his social media accounts.

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WhatsApp Dark Mode Rolled Out For Android And iPhone Users

Finally, after one year of beta testing, WhatsApp Dark mode is available for users. The Facebook owned company has designed a unique colour scheme for Dark mode. Android and iOS users can find Dark mode on their WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Dark mode

It is a dark grey background in an off-white colour and its advantage is that it cuts down glare that improves contrast and readability. Aimed to minimize eye fatigue, the Dark mode uses colours that are closer to the system defaults on Android and iPhone.

According to a blogpost, the team WhatsApp worked on improving readability of content and information hierarchy. But the real objective of the Dark mode is to make WhatsApp more convenient to use in different screens. And the company used colour and other design elements in line with Dark mode to achieve the objective.

See WhatsApp Dark mode working

Team WhatsApp has created a video “Hello Darkness” to educate users about the Dark mode and its advantages. To make the video more interesting, the team has added a soundtrack by previously-unreleased version of The Sound of Silence by American musician Paul Simon.

Use Dark mode

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Coronavirus In India: Do’s And Don’ts To Remain Safe

In India, the biggest challenge with coronavirus is that people have little knowledge about the infection. They need to know how it spreads, how to check it and what are the preventive measures and treatment options.

Defeat coronavirus with awareness

There is much panic about this virus and infection. People are afraid of losing their lives due to infection. But the truth is that you can remain safe from coronavirus by taking the following measures.

  1. Wash hands frequently with soap
  2. Use hand sanitizer
  3. Don’t reuse tissue papers
  4. Always cover your mouth with tissue when coughing and sneezing
  5. Use hands to cover your mouth while coughing if you don’t have tissues
  6. Don’t sneak in front of the mouth nor cough
  7. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth without washing hands
  8. Avoid contact with the sick
  9. Maintain safe distance from people and avoid shaking hands
  10. See doctor immediately for high fever and cough

Coronavirus has spread to 70 countries and infected almost 1 million people. WHO has declared coronavirus a global health emergency after the death of 3,000 people. India also has got the infection but there is more panic than awareness.

Aware people about coronavirus

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Nirbhaya Case: Hanging Deferred For The Third Time

Hanging of the four convicts of Nirbhaya case was deferred for the third time today. A judge in Delhi High Court stopped their execution citing legal reasons.

Nirbhaya case execution

Akshay Thakur (31), Pawan Gupta (25), Vinay Sharma (26) and Mukesh Singh (32) are trying their best to escape the gallows in one pretext or another. The court said that the convicts must get all opportunities to get legal remedies.

The convicts had been filing petition after petition to buy time. Pawan Gupta filled a mercy petition before the President Ram Nath Kovind after the Supreme Court rejected his curative petition today morning. He waited till the last moment to file mercy petition and rushed to the court in the last hour to defer execution.

Seema Kushwaha, the prosecution lawyer said that couldn’t the court understand the manipulation of law. She further said that it took years to get justice. Central government also approached the apex court last month to request a change in laws that help criminals.

Deferred hanging

The execution of Nirbhaya convicts had been deferred twice before on January 22 and February 1. On February 5, the High Court allowed the four convicts a week to explore … Read the rest