Kamala Harris Draws Flak For Her Memorial Day Tweet

US Vice President Kamala Harris came earned the ire of both supporters and critics after asking the fellow countrymen to enjoy a long weekend on Saturday. But she soon changed her tweet to salute the military on America’s military Sunday.

Kamala Harris tweeted on Saturday….

“enjoy the long weekend” tweeted the Vice President and it came as a surprise for the countrymen to who the tweet was addressed but it didn’t go down well with America as Americans were preparing for the military Sunday.

Since the tweet was from her official account, Kamala Harris had little room to look for an excuse but to correct the things. And she was quick in responding to the rebuke she received from her fans, followers, and critics.

Kamala Harris tweeted on Sunday….

The Vice President saluted the military for safeguarding the freedom of the country. She said that they risked their lives just for the sake of the fellow countrymen. She further tweeted that as the country prepared to honor them on Memorial Day, the country remembered their services and their sacrifice.

It was a much-balanced tweet that the earlier one sent on Saturday. But it produced mixed feelings. And it can be … Read the rest


Lada Gaga Adds Star Power To Friends: The Reunion

Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max features Lady Gaga where the pop star is seen joining Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) in completing the rendition of Smelly Cat. But the ditty has been updated for the reunion episode and a whole new generation of audience.

A reunion on Smelly Cat….

Phoebe Buffay sang Smelly Cat in the episode “The One With the Baby on the Bus” released almost 26 years back. In reunion, Lisa Kudrow recreates the scene. She sits down with a guitar and starts playing the most popular song of Friends. It was exactly when the pop star Lady Gaga enters the scene.

Lisa Kudrow becomes Phoebe….

She knew that she had to get into the shoes of Phoebe to sing Smelly Cat in the voice of the character. In Friends, it was Phoebe Buffay that sang the song for her friends. And in reunion, Lisa Kudrow was asked to recreate the scene.

Lisa Kudrow becomes Phoebe Buffay to sing the song when she was joined by the pop star. Lady Gaga joins Kudrow with her guitar and gives the song an update the audience were expecting from the pop star. Soon they were joined by others and the … Read the rest


Ariana Grande Shares Pictures Of Her Strapless Lily-White Silk Wedding Gown On Instagram

The pop goddess Ariana Grande tied the knot with realtor Dalton Gomez, who she’s been dating for a year. They got engaged in December last year. Today, she shared pictures of the wedding to celebrate the joy of being married with her fans.

It was a private function….

Ariana Grande decorated her home in Montecito, which she bought from Ellen DeGeneres, with suspended flowers and filled it with a candlelit glow. But the gathering was limited to 20 guests including family and friends.

Everyone’s talking about Ariana Grande’s lily-white gown….

Ariana Grande walked the aisle dressed in a beautiful lily-white gown designed by Vera Wang, the celebrity wedding-dress designer of Hollywood couples. And she designed a customized piece for Ariana Grande.


It was a strapless lily-white silk gown with corseted top and Ariana Grande paired it with towering heels to underline the gown. For hairstyle, she chose a classic half-up, half-down hair under a veil. Also, she adored her hairdo with a decent satin bow.

Mimi Cuttrell paired her gown with pearl and diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. She also gave a perfect shoulder-length veil to the satin bow. Mimi Cuttrell is a preferred stylist by Hollywood celebrities like Hadid … Read the rest


Kelly Osbourne’s Slimmer Face And Neck Triggers Rumors About Plastic Surgery

Kelly Osbourne’s latest video where the television personality is seen slamming the “stupid” plastic surgery remark by an online chatter has amassed over 320,000 views. Also, celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and “Dancing with the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke praised the remark.

Let’s go through the chronology of the events leading to the latest video….

Kelly Osbourne posted a new selfie with a slimmer face and neck. While the 36-year-old looks gorgeous, her new looks stirred a buzz around her latest look. One said that it was a surgical cosmetic treatment, while others asked whether she had done her lips.

Miffed with these remarks, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne decided to give a fitting reply to all those odd remarks over her new looks.

Kelly Osbourne made a new video to silence all the speculations about the secret of her new looks. In the video, she made it clear to all that she hadn’t done plastic surgery.

She replied that she just wanted to bring up the topic that those guys were talking about because. She further said that she was always honest and upfront about what she had done to her body, who she was, and she had … Read the rest


Chayce Beckham Won American Idol But Audiences Enjoyed Duets By Katy Perry & Mickey Guyton More

American Idol season 19 had its magic moments when the country star Mickey Guyton and Idol judge Katy Perry song duets for the audience. While California native Chayce Beckham was declared the winner, the viewers enjoy the duets more.

Idol has the tradition of judges performing in the finale….

Following the tradition, Perry sang “Thinking Of You” from her 2008 album “One of the Boys.” She was joined by Hunter Metts who was among the top 7 contestants before his elimination. And both the singers gave a stunning performance with acoustic guitars on a dimly lit stage. Post-performance, Metts shared a picture with Perry and tweeted it with the caption “It’s been an honor.”

Mickey Guyton performed “Black Like Me”….

Black Like Me is a powerful track that made history by highlighting the plight of colored citizens of America. And Guyton has also received Best Country Solo Performance award for this song. She’s also the first woman of color to receive this award. For this performance, Guyton joined hands with Alyssa Wray from the top 10 contestants.

The most beautiful moment of Guyton’s performance was when she suddenly changed the lyrics from “Black like me” to “Black like us”. Initially, … Read the rest


With P.G.A. Championship, Phil Mickelson Becomes The Oldest Golfer At 50

Phil Mickelson set the record of being the oldest golfer with a P.G.A. Championship after winning the championship on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island on Sunday. It was the sixth major championship of Mickelson who’ll turn 51 next month.

Phil Mickelson becomes the oldest golf champion….

Julius Boros held the record of being the oldest golfer after winning the P.G.A. Championship at the age of 48 in 1986. But Mickelson proved that a golfer can become a champion even at an advanced age. Three months ago, Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title at the age of 43. Two years ago, Tiger Woods also won his fifth Masters tournament at 43.

Phil Mickelson’s golfing career at a glance….

His career spans over three decades and it has been very tumultuous for Mickelson. He was a four-time college all-American before winning his first title as an amateur. At that time, he even couldn’t cash his award.

The first breakthrough for Mickelson came in 2004 when he won the 2004 Masters during the 13th year on the tour. Phil Mickelson was 33 then. After that, he went on winning championships. First, he won the P.G.A. Championship title in 2005 and … Read the rest