Pathaan Releasing

SRK Asks His Fans To See His Pathaan On 25th January 2023 In Theaters

Shah Rukh Khan dropped the teaser of his upcoming movie Pathaan and announced the release date of the movie through an emotional tweet. He said he knew it was late in the caption and reminded his fans about his upcoming movie for which he has donned a different look.

When Is Pathaan Releasing?

See you in cinemas on 25th January 2023 tweeted Shah Rukh Khan while announcing the release date of Pathaan. It is still a year to see the movie but King Khan wants to keep his fans motivated that finally, he’s making a comeback.

How Is The Teaser?

It is a one-minute teaser featuring co-stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. John introduces SRK in his traditional style while standing next to a superbike and Tricolor. He says that SRK is anonymous. Then comes Deepika Padukone and she also says a few words for SRK. She … Read the rest

Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine Asks For Help As Russia Shells Government And Residential Targets

As Russia mounted its attack on Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky asks the US to help. Zelensky said that it was important to stop the aggressor at the earliest.

10 Latest Developments Of Russia-Ukraine War:

Russia-Ukraine War
  1. Following Canada and other European countries, the US also closes its airspace for Russian airplanes.
  2. The World Bank announced a $3 billion aid package including $350 million in immediate funds for Ukraine.
  3. Russian defense minister urged Ukrainian residents to flee as their forces have started targeting administrative units and residential areas of major Ukrainian cities.
  4. A total of 18 people including a 21-year-old Indian student, Naveen Shekharappa, are killed in Russian shelling on Kharkiv, the second major city of Ukraine. Indian PM Modi offered his condolences to the deceased student.
  5. India will operate 26 flights from the neighboring countries of Romania, Hungary, Poland, and the Slovak Republic to bring back the stranded Indian students in Ukraine.
  6. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called US President Biden for help and asked the European Union to prove that it was accepting Ukraine as its member. Ukraine has just joined the European Union.
  7. The European Union removed certain Russian banks from the SWIFT bank messaging system. It also banned Russian media
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Mahashivratri 2022

Mahashivratri 2022: Significance, Observance, And Quotes For Blessings

Mahashivratri is the biggest celebration of Lord Shiva in the Hindu calendar. Devotees of Lord Shiva observe visit Shiva temples to offer fruits and milk to the Shiva Lingum. Mahashivratri is celebrated as a festival with educational institutions and offices remaining close to allow people to celebrate the festival with enthusiasm.

When Is Mahashivratri Celebrated?

The festival falls on the 13th night and 14th day of the New Moon. According to the Hindu calendar, Mahashivratri 2022 will be celebrated on the 1st of March. Shiva temples are decorated to celebrate the “Great Night of Shiva” as devotees would start visiting temples early in the morning to offer their prayers.

How Is Mahashivratri Celebrated?

The celebration starts with taking a ritual bath followed by a visit to a temple and offering seasonal fruits and milk to Lord Shiva. Milk mixed with water, Ganga Jal, honey, and sugar is poured over Shiva Lingum. It is the ritual bath offered to Lord Shiva. Also, devotees offer Bel Patri, Bel Patthar, and Dhatoora fruits to Shiva Lingum.

Mahashivratri 2022

Devotees observe fast on Mahashivratri. They eat only fruits and drink milk. The fast is broken at dawn after offering prayers to Lord Shiva. In this fast, … Read the rest