Kylie Jenner’s “Free The Nipple” Selfie In Naked Bikin

Kylie Jenner’s “Free The Nipple” Selfie In Naked Bikini

Kylie Jenner’s latest bikini selfie has garnered over 9 million views on Instagram. Kylie posted the snap of her Naked Bikini from Jean Paul Gaultier’s collaborative collection with Lotta Volkova with the caption “free the nipple” for her followers and everyone was screaming with joy.


• Kylie Jenner’s Instagram selfie in Naked Bikini has over 9 million views
• Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the bikini create an optical illusion
• The Naked Bikini is the latest in the fashionable swimwear by Kylie

Kylie Jenner In Naked Bikini

Kylie Jenner In Naked Bikini

The bikini features self-tie halter straps and comes with a matching bottom. Additional ties are also provided on either side of the bikini bottoms. She posted two selfies in different styles. She paired the trompe-l’oeil top with shield sunglasses and a few silver rings. The nylon bikini costs $325 in the retail market. The brand also has more bodysuits with the same optical illusion.

The naked bikini is the latest in the summer fashion by Kylie as she was recently photographed in a holographic silver one-piece in which she paired the silver swimsuit with denim. Kylie intends to use this post as a means of teasing new Kylie Cosmetics products.


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World Food Safety Day 2022

World Food Safety Day 2022: History, Theme, Significance

June 7 is observed as World Food Safety Day to educate and aware people especially marginalized communities about foodborne diseases and their health hazards. The day is marked to increase awareness about risks associated with unsafe food and the value of hygiene in daily life.


• UN declared June 7 as World Food Safety Day
• It is observed to raise awareness about foodborne diseases
• World Food Safety Day is jointly observed by the WHO and FAO

World Food Safety Day History

On 20 December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously agreed to observe June 7 as World Food Safety Day. The objective behind this resolution was to celebrate the health benefits of hygienic food. The WHO and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations jointly celebrate World Food Safety Day.

World Food Safety Day 2022 Theme

World Food Safety Day 2022

Safer Food, Better Health is the theme of World Food Safety Day 2022. Food safety and good hygiene are necessary for community health, economic prosperity, sustainable development, and growth in agriculture and tourism. Practicing good hygiene keeps infectious foodborne diseases at bay. The objective of celebrating World Food Safety Day is to highlight health issues related to unhygienic … Read the rest


Who is Angelo Moriondo’s Whose Birthday Google Is Celebrating Today?

Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to Angelo Moriondo, inventor of the first known espresso coffee machine. And Google recalls his contribution to make coffee popular throughout the world on his 171st birth anniversary.


Google celebrates birthday of maker of the first espresso coffee machine
Angelo Moriondo invented the first espresso machine in 1884
He belonged to a family of entrepreneurs
Olivia When created the Doodle with a GIF of the espresso machine

Google Doodle Of The First Espresso Machine

The Doodle features three pictures. The first picture from the left is the first known espresso machine. The GIF shows coffee dripping in a cup. The second picture is the advanced version of the first machine that can brew coffee faster. The third picture is of the latest machine that can pour coffee in multiple cups.

Who Was Angelo Moriondo?

Angelo Moriondo

Born on 6 June 1851 in Turin, Italy, Angelo Moriondo’s family was always brewing new ideas or projects. His grandfather founded a liquor production company that was managed by his father. Moriondo launched a popular chocolate company with his cousin brother Gariglio and named it “Moriondo and Gariglio”.

What Was The Idea Behind Developing Espresso Machine?

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Satyendra Nath Bose With Its Doodle

What Google Wants You To Know About Satyendra Nath Bose With Its Doodle?

Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to the great Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose who discovered quantum mechanics in the early 1920. Later on 4 June 1924, Bose sent his quantum formulations to the German scientist Albert Einstein who recognized quantum mechanics as a significant discovery in the field of physics and mathematics.


• Google Doodle celebrates the 98th anniversary of quantum mechanics
• It is a tribute to Satyendra Nath Bose who discovered quantum mechanics
• Bose made the discovery in 1920 and sent it to Einstein in 1924
• Einstein recognized the discovery of quantum mechanics as a big leap in science

Satyendra Nath Bose In The Pages Of History

Born In 1894 in Kolkata, Bose was a meritorious student throughout his academic career. He received his early education in Hindu School in Calcutta and went to Presidency College for higher studies. And he received the highest marks in each institution. As a student, Bose developed an interest in varied fields including physics, chemistry, biology, mineralogy, mathematics, philosophy, arts, literature, and music. After completing his studies, Bose even worked as a lecturer in the physics department of the University of Calcutta from 1916 to 1921.

Satyendra Nath Bose With Its Doodle

Research Work

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World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day 2022: Significance Of Cycling In the Modern World

The bicycle is one of the oldest means of transport and it continues to be in use despite the availability of motorcycles and electric bikes. The biggest reason behind the popularity of the bicycle is the simple design that allows it to use as a mode of transport and it exercises the whole body as well.


• June 3 is celebrated as World Bicycle Day since 2018
• UN adopted a resolution regarding World Bicycle Day at its 72nd Regular Session
• The objective of celebrating World Bicycle Day is to educate people about the advantages of cycling
• WHO also emphasizes the use of cycles to achieve recommended activity levels

Significance Of World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day highlights the presence of a simple machine that can be used both for exercising and transportation, especially for short distances. The biggest advantage of cycling is that it keeps people active while transporting them to places. Lack of physical activity among people is making them prone to chronic ailments including diabetes, hypertension, and cardio problems. The use of bicycles can save them from these problems and save the environment as well. Since bicycle needs no fuel, it produces no greenhouse … Read the rest

Sandberg Leaving Facebook

Know Why Sheryl Sandberg Left Facebook In A Hurry

Sheryl Sandberg will leave Facebook after 14-day tenure but she will remain a board member of the company. Sandberg joined Facebook in 2008 when it was just a startup and she played a formative role in the development of Facebook as a multi-billion dollar company. She’s leaving the company when it is facing an uncertain future and fierce competition.


• Sheryl Sandberg leaving Facebook after 14 years of service
• She drew fire over probing the billionaire investor, George Soros
• Mark Zuckerberg said Sandberg was there for many of the important moments in his life
• The next COO of Facebook would be different from the status Sandberg held

Who Is Sheryl Sandberg?

Sheryl Sandberg

A Harvard-educated, 52-year-old Sheryl Sandberg was the second most powerful executive on Facebook. She joined the company when it was just four years old and Zuckerberg acknowledged her help in running a company when he was just 23 and barely knew anything about running a firm.

Sandberg became a household name after writing the book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.” Published in 2013, the book encouraged women to “lean in” to their careers to overcome workforce obstacles.

In 2015, Sandberg was … Read the rest