ICC Annual Conference In Birmingham

Big Decisions Await At The ICC Annual Conference In Birmingham

The ICC could decide on the future of Afghanistan cricket during the annual conference starting in Birmingham, England this weekend. The board will also confirm hosts for four women’s global events for 2023-27. Also, the T20 leagues v/s international cricket could be raised at the conference.


• Hosts of women’s 2023-27 events will be confirmed on 26 July
• The rights of men and women are unbundled and will be sold separately
• PCB’s letter to ICC on T20 cricket could come into discussion
• The board will also finalize the process for the ICC chairman election

Who Will Get Rights To Women’s Cricket Events For 2023-27?

Women’s Cricket Events For 2023-27

The ICC has finalized half a dozen events including two T20 World Cups, one 50-over World Cup, and one T20 Champions Trophy for women’s cricket during 2023-27. Also, for the first time, the board will sell women’s rights separately from men’s rights. The rights for TV, digital, and TV and digital combined will be sold for four years and the board plans to maximize the profit.

What Is The Question Of T20 Leagues Threatening International Cricket?

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shot a letter to the ICC sharing their concern about the proliferation … Read the rest

Droupadi Murmu Poll 64.03% Votes In Presidential Elections

How Did Droupadi Murmu Poll 64.03% Votes In Presidential Elections?

Droupadi Murmu, former Governor of Jharkhand, is the President-elect of India. She’s the first tribal woman to reach the highest constitutional post in the country. She received over 60% of the total votes. Droupadi Murmu will take oath on July 25.

Ten Highlights Of The Big Story

Droupadi Murmu Poll 64.03% Votes In Presidential Elections
  1. Droupadi Murmu received 2,824 votes with a value of 6,76,803 or 64.03%. Her closest rival Yashwant Sinha received 1,877 votes with a value of 3,80,177 or 35.97%. The minimum value of votes needed for a victory is 5,43,000.
  2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with BJP chief JP Nadda congratulated Ms Murmu for her victory. Droupadi Murmu (64) is the youngest and India’s first president to be born after independence.
  3. PM Modi praised Droupadi Murmu as an outstanding MLA and minister. She had an excellent tenure as Jharkhand Governor. He further said that he was certain she would be an outstanding President who would lead from the front and strengthen India’s development journey.
  4. Yashwant Sinha also congratulated Droupadi Murmu on her victory. He said he hoped that as the 15th President of India she would function as the custodian of the constitution without any fear or favor.
  5. Congratulatory messages from governors, cabinet ministers, chief
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Microsoft React To The Outage Reporting

This Site Has 4,800 Incidents Of People Reporting Issues With MS Teams

Thousands of Microsoft users had a difficult time with MS Teams as the popular messaging app went down for unknown reasons reported an outage tracking website. MS Teams helps businesses in internal communication, messaging, telecommunication, and organizing their workflow.


• MS Teams went down affecting thousands of users including big businesses
• An outage tracking website reported a broken connection to an internal storage service
• The website also reported issues with Microsoft Office 365
• Microsoft said it had identified the downstream impact and taken action

Who Reported The Outage?

The Redmond, Washington-based company reported that it found a broken connection to an internal storage service on a deployment. But the company did specify the number of users affected by the disruption. Microsoft said that it was investigating the matter.

Downdetector.com which tracks disruptions with the help of status reports from reliable sources including user-submitted errors has over 4,800 incidents of people reporting issues with MS Teams on Thursday. It further said that more than 1,457 users were still affected by the outage. The website also showed more than 150 incidents of people reporting problems with Microsoft Office 365.

How Did Microsoft React To The Outage Reporting?

Microsoft React To The Outage Reporting

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New WFH Rules

What Is 43A In Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006?

The government announced new work-from-home (WFH) rules for special economic zone (SEZ) units on Tuesday. The Department of Commerce has allowed WFH in SEZ units for one year and up to 50% of total employees.


• SEZ units can now extend WFH for one year for up to 50% of employees
• The new rules were notified under section 43A in Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006
• SEZ units already working under WFH are provided a transition period of 90 days to get approval
• WFH can be extended one year at a time by the DC at the request of units

What Are The New WFH Rules?

New WFH Rules

The commerce ministry added section 43A in Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006 on industry demand. The SEZ units have been demanding a countrywide uniform WFH policy for a long time. The new rules will apply to specific categories of employees in SEZ units. According to the new rules, WFH is extended for one year period only and a maximum of 50% of total employees including contractual employees. But flexibility is allowed at the request of SEZ units.

The new rules apply to the following categories of employees:

• Employees of IT/ITeS … Read the rest

Presidential Poll 2022

Only These States Recorded 100% Votes In Presidential Poll 2022

The presidential poll 2022 concluded peacefully on 18 July in Parliament House and state legislative assemblies. The voting for the 15th President of India began at 10 am and concluded on 5 pm. A total of 4,796 electors out of nearly 4,800 elected MPs and MLAs cast their votes. The voting percentage was over 99%. The results will be declared on 21 July.


• Over 99% of votes cast in the 15th Presidential Election in India
• 10 states recorded 100% votes in the presidential poll
• NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu has a clear edge over others

Which States Recorded 100% Voting?

The overall voting percentage for the presidential poll was over 90% but some states recorded 100% voting. According to the Election Commission of India, legislative assemblies of Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, MP, Manipur, Mizoram, Puducherry, Sikkim, and Tamil Nadu recorded 100% voting.

The results for the presidential poll 2022 will be announced on 21 July and the next President will take oath on 24 July as President Ram Nath Kovind will retire on 25 July.

Who Is The Most Likely Candidate In Presidential Poll 2022?

Presidential Poll 2022

NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu is leading with over 6.67 … Read the rest

Musical Instrument of Oskar Sala

Google Doodle: See Oskar Sala Playing His Mixture-Trautonium

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Oskar Sala, the German innovative electronic music composer and physicist who electrified the world of music with his musical instrument called a mixture-trautonium. Today is his 112th birthday and Google has dedicated an artistic Doodle to Oskar Sala.


• Oskar Sala developed mixture-trautonium with which he can produce different sounds or voices simultaneously
• He began creating music at the age of 14
• He created electronic music for many movies and television and radio programs
• He was called a one-man orchestra due to his exceptional music composing skills

Who Was Oskar Sala?

Born in Greiz, Germany in 1910 to a singer mother and ophthalmologist father with musical interest, Oskar Sala inherited music from his parents. At 14, he started playing instruments like the violin and piano. But it was a trautonium that caught his attention and he made developing the instrument the objective of his life.

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