Mr. Pathole Meet Elon Musk

See Who Is Tesla Chief Is Talking To In India

Tesla Chief Elon Musk is a prolific user of Twitter with 103 million followers and he tweets over 30 times a day to all those following him. But there is one person, who can boast of having a candid conversation about plenary conquest with Musk.

Meet Pranay Pathole….

Mr. Pathole Meet Elon Musk

The 23-year-old Indian software engineer from Pune is a friend of the world’s richest man. And their friendship isn’t a recent one. It has blossomed over the years. Mr. Pathole was just a teenager when Elon Musk started replying to his tweets. Mr. Pathole lives with his parents in an upper-middle-class home in Pune. Like Elon Musk, Mr. Pathole is also an ardent user of Twitter. He works in Tata Consultancy Services.

How Did They Become Friends?

It started in 2018 when Mr. Pathole then 19 pointed out a flaw in Tesla’s automatic windshield wipers. And to his surprise, Elon Musk replied “fixed in next release”. It was a software update that the world’s richest man with a net worth of $266 billion was updating for.

Mr. Pathole said that he was blown away by seeing Musk replying to his tweets. Afterward, Elon Musk started replying to Mr. Pathole’s tweets and also … Read the rest

Anna mani birthday

Happy 104th Birthday To The “Weather Woman Of India” Anna Mani

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani whose birthday is today. She was one of India’s first female scientists who enabled the country to make accurate weather forecasts.


• Anna Mani was called the “Weather Woman of India”
• She was a disciple of Nobel Laureate Sir CV Raman
• She pioneered the research of indigenous weather instruments in India

Who Was Anna Mani?

Born on 23 August 1918 at Peermade, Kerala to a Syrian Christian family, Anna Modayil Mani was a bright student since her childhood. After high school, she did an Intermediate Science course at Women’s Christian College (WCC). She continued her learning at the Presidency College, Madras from where she completed her Bachelor of Science with honours in physics and chemistry.

How Did She Start Her Career?

After completing her graduation, she taught at WCC for a year but left after winning a … Read the rest

Toyota Urban Cruise Hyryder

Will Toyota Urban Cruise Hyryder Go The Prius Way?

Japanese carmaker Toyota failed to impress Indian buyers with its pioneering Prius but learned a tough lesson that the buyers will love its hybrids as long as the price is right.


• Toyota is gearing to launch its affordable hybrid Urban Cruiser Hyryder
• Toyota will make its hybrids in India to cut the manufacturing cost
• It will partner with Suzuki Motor to develop low-cost mild hybrid technology

Why Was Prius Failed?

Prius, the hybrid version of the Camry sedan, was launched in India in 2013, but the car failed to attract the attention of buyers partly due to its price tag. Its price was more than eight times the annual income of a middle-class family. Toyota discontinued Prius after struggling hard to increase its sales.

Which Is The Upcoming Hybrid Of Toyota?

Toyota Urban Cruise Hyryder

The Urban Cruiser Hyryder, a compact sports-utility vehicle (SUV), will be its first new hybrid to hit Indian roads. It will put Toyota in a comfortable position against popular midsize combustion-engine SUVs made by Hyundai Motor and Kia Motor which dominate the Indian auto market with 18% of car sales. The Indian auto market is the fourth-biggest auto market.

The full hybrid Hyryder will be … Read the rest

Bhutan Constitution Say About Foreign Reserves

How Vehicle Import Plunged Bhutan Into Economic Crisis?

Bhutan government imposes a moratorium on the import of all vehicles to save its dwindling foreign reserve. But utility vehicles, heavy earthmoving machines, and agriculture machinery are kept out of the moratorium. Bhutan is facing a Sri Lanka-like economic crisis.


• Bhutan bans vehicle imports for six months to strengthen its foreign reserves
• It is facing an economic crisis because of the Ukraine war, pandemic, and vehicle import
• It is mandated by its constitution to maintain foreign reserves

What Is The Crisis Situation In Bhutan?

Crisis Situation In Bhutan

The foreign reserves of Bhutan dwindled from $1.46 billion in April 2021 to $970 million at the end of December 2021. The data has been released by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Also, the country is following a zero-COVID policy that has barred foreign tourists for the past two years. But the soaring oil and grain prices due to the Ukraine war aggravated the economic crisis in the country.

How Is Vehicle Import Responsible For The Crisis?

According to the daily Kuensel newspaper, vehicle import is the biggest factor in the economic crisis. The newspaper further said that the country imported more than 8000 vehicles till June and that depleted its … Read the rest

World Photography Day 2022

World Photography Day 2022: See The Pandemic Lockdown Through The Lens

Every year 19th August is celebrated as World Photography Day to commemorate the invention of Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce. They developed a photographic process named “Daguerreotype” that changed the world of photography forever.


• World Photography Day celebrates the invention of the Daguerreotype
• It is a process that paved way for the modern-day digital photography
• Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce developed the process in 1837

History Of The World Photography Day

People used to create pictures with their hands. They used to produce images on canvas with colors. But everything changed in 1837 when Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce developed a photographic process called “Daguerreotype”. They created an image with rich details on a sheet of copper and coated it with a thin sheet of silver. And no negative was used in the process. It became the first permanent image with a camera. The image produced was accurate and the process was inexpensive.

In 1839, the French Academy of Sciences announced the process of the Daguerreotype. Soon the French government patented the invention and gifted it free to the world. In 1861, the first durable colored photograph was taken following … Read the rest

bipasha basu pregnancy news

The First Child Of Bipasha Basu And Karan Singh Grover Will Be….

Achieving motherhood is the priciest moment for a woman and the newest mom-to-be on the block is the Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu. Ever since she married Karan Singh Grover, her fans were waiting for the good news that she broke on Tuesday through a heartfelt note and a picture.

Read Bipasha Basu’s Post Here….

The Jism actress wrote, that a new time, a new phase, and a new light added another unique shade to their prism of life. Making them a little more whole than they used to be. They began their life individually and then they met each other and from then they were two. Too much love for only two, seemed a little unfair for them to see…so soon, they who once were two would become three. A creation manifested by their love, their baby would join them soon and add to their glee. She thanked everyone for the unconditional love, prayers, and good wishes as they were and would always be a part of them. She again thanked people for being a part of their lives and manifesting with them another beautiful life, their baby. Durga Durga.

Bipasha Basu Shows Her Baby Bump….

bipasha basu pregnancy news

The parents-to-be are happy … Read the rest