Impact Of Twitter India Layoffs

How Will Layoff Impact Twitter Business In India?

Elon Musk downsized the Twitter India team on Friday according to his plans for reducing the infrastructural cost of the social media platform. While a majority of officials were removed, a handful of employees in the sales operations are retained.


• 50-60% of the Twitter India staff have been let go
• There is no information about the severance pay
• India is the third-largest market for Twitter after US and Japan

What Is The Impact Of Twitter India Layoffs?

Impact Of Twitter India Layoffs

With a majority of the 250-member team being laid off, Twitter India’s strength has considerably impacted all verticals in the country. India constitutes the third-largest market for Twitter with 23.6 million users and it is increasing.

According to internal information, Twitter India has laid off at least 50-60% of its employees. And its impact can be seen in marketing, communication, partnerships, and all other verticals.

The majority of employees retained by Twitter India belong to sales operations. There is no communication regarding severance pay, if any, to be given to the employees laid off on Friday.

Twitter India closed its offices and denied the employees access to the internal systems. There were asked to wait for information about whether … Read the rest

Twitter’s Deep Cut Plan

What Is Elon Musk’s “Deep Cut Plan” For Twitter?

Elon Musk has asked Twitter Inc’s teams to explore options for annual infrastructure cost savings of up to $1 billion and has given Nov 7 deadline to present a plan. But the teams fear that this move could make Twitter unable to handle high-traffic events like the U.S. midterm elections.


• Elon Musk could save up to $3 million a day from servers and cloud services
• But the steep infrastructure cut will compromise the services during critical events
• Musk has asked Twitter teams to work hard to meet Nov 7 deadline to present a cost-cutting plan

What Is The Present Infrastructural Cost Of Twitter?

According to an internal document, Twitter’s daily expense is about $3 million a day “with all spending and revenue considered”. But the company wants to go for a “Deep Cut Plan” to save as much as it can. It is estimated that the social media company can save between $1.5 million and $3 million by cutting down on its servers and cloud services.

What Is Twitter’s Deep Cut Plan?

Twitter’s Deep Cut Plan

The social media platform has extra server space to ensure that it can easily accommodate high traffic which is when people rush to Twitter … Read the rest

Twitter Sees An Exodus Of Officials For This Reason

The exodus of top management employees from Twitter continues after Elon Musk took the reins of the company. The latest to resign from Twitter is the chief customer officer and ad boss, Sarah Personette. She tweeted on Tuesday that she resigned last week.


• Sarah Personette and other officials resigned from Twitter
• The resignation of top advertising and marketing chiefs has added to the advertisers’ uncertainty
• Advertisers are stopping their ads on Twitter

Which Officials Left Twitter?

Chief Customer Officer and Ad Boss Sarah Personette, Chief People and Diversity Officer Dalana Brand, General Manager for Core Technologies Nick Caldwell, Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland, Head of Product Jay Sullivan, and Vice President of Global Sales Jean-Philippe Maheu have left the social media company.

Twitter Exodus Of Officials For This Reason

How Are Advertisers Responding To Twitter?

A group of over 40 advocacy organizations including the NAACP and Free Press asked the top 20 advertisers to pull their ads in an open letter fearing Elon Musk could get content moderation on Twitter. Mediabrands, a unit of ad holding company IPG, has also advised its clients to pause advertising on Twitter until Twitter takes trust-building measures and ensures safety on the platform.

It is to be … Read the rest

Jamshed J Irani

Padma Bhushan Jamshed J Irani Breathed His Last At 86

Jamshed J Irani, The Steel Man of India and winner of the Padma Bhushan award, breathed his last on October 31, 2022, at 10 PM at TMH (Tata Hospital) in Jamshedpur. Dr. Irani (86) served Tata Steel in various positions till his retirement in 2011. He is survived by his wife Daisy Irani and his three children, Zubin, Niloufer, and Tanaaz.


• Tata Steel mourns the death of Jamshed J Irani
• Dr. Irani started his career with Tata Iron and Steel Company in 1968
• He was the winner of many awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Government of India

Who Was Jamshed J Irani?

Jamshed J Irani

Born on June 2, 1936, in Nagpur, Jamshed J Irani was a born scholar. He completed his education in MSc in Geology from Nagpur University in 1958 and went to the University of Sheffield in the UK as a J N Tata scholar where he studied Metallurgy and became a Ph.D. in Metallurgy in 1963.

He first joined the British Iron and Steel Research Association in Sheffield in 1963 but soon returned to India to contribute to nation-building. Here he joined The Tata Iron and Steel Company (now Tata Steel) in … Read the rest