6 Resolutions Of The World Environment Day 2020

June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment Day. It started with a UN resolution to mark a day to educate people about importance of environment for sustenance of life on earth by observing and celebrating the World Environment Day.

History of the World Environment Day

The decision to observe the World Environment Day was taken at the World Environment Day Conference organized by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 and the first World Environment Day was observed on June 5, 1974. Since then, June 5 is marked for celebrating the environment.

World Environment Day 2020 theme

Celebrate Biodiversity is the theme for the World Environment Day 2020. The message this theme gives is biodiversity conservation and natural balance. The biodiversity can be divided into biological and diversity. And it stands for different species of flora and fauna. The message is to convey the idea of unity in diversity.

In nature, every living organism is connected to others in such a way that removing one type of species from nature could disturb the entire balance and disruption of life in the long run. The world community is asked to take six resolutions on the World Environment Day 2020.

• Plant at least one tree every year

• Avoid polluting water bodies

• Save electricity

• Use dustbins for garbage disposal

• Say no to plastic products

• Be kind to animals

Human population can’t survive without nature and these resolutions are necessary to preserve nature and the flora and fauna found in the nature.

Source: https://bit.ly/37fbnfX

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