British Study Predicts 22 Million Dying Of Coronavirus In US And 5 Million In Britain

A crucial projection study by Neil Ferguson, a professor of mathematical biology at Imperial College London prompted the British government to impose more stringent measures to contain COVID-19 outbreak.

Study on COVID-19

The study compares the coronavirus epidemic with the devastating flue of 1918 and draws strong parallels between the two outbreaks. The report paints a worse picture of COVID-19. Based on data collected from Italy that is the worst hit country after China, the report predicts about half a million deaths in Britain and 2.2 million in the US, if no mitigating measures are taken at all.

The report further says that even the government’s previous measures – home isolation of suspects – could result in 250,000 deaths and the health system crumbling under the pressure. But the new measures by the British government could flatten the peak.

Britain announces new measures to curb COVID-19

Prime Minister Boris Johnson closed down social life to save the world’s fifth largest economy from the outbreak. Also, people over 70-years with health issues are advised to go in isolation. People are advised to follow social distancing by avoiding clubs, pubs and theaters.

The study helped the British government changed its position on the outbreak. Those in the government said that it had acted on the advice of the experts.

British government criticized

Earlier the government was criticized for not taking swift actions to contain the spread of COVId-19. Some health experts said that Italy, Spain and France were taking better lock-down measures in comparison to Britain.


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