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America Killed Top Iran-Iraq Military Officers In Baghdad Airport Attack

In a dramatic escalation of tension between Washington and Tehran, top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani and seven others were killed in a US strike on international airport of Baghdad on Friday, said the powerful Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary force of Iraq.

US strike killed prominent figures

Deputy chief of Hashed, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, was also killed in the attack along with the head of Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani. On Friday, the Baghdad airport was hit with a volley of missiles just after midnight. The bombardment targeted a Hashed convoy in which eight people including important figures were seated. They all were said to have been killed in the attack.


The Hashed is an armed group of mostly Shiite armed units. Many of these units had close ties with Tehran and many of them officially incorporated into the armed forces of Iraq. The Shiite armed groups jointed Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State group in 2014 but many of them had prior experience of fighting with the US forces during the Iraq war.

Muhandis was the deputy chief of Hashed but in reality, he was the real shot-caller in Hashed. … Read the rest


No Fireworks On New Year’s Eve In Germany

Germany has decided to do away with private fireworks on the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Fireworks was a staple in Germany’s New Year celebrations but the government has decided to discourage private fireworks for reasons varying from safety to pollution.

New Year fireworks in Germany

The country celebrates New Year as “Silvester” and fireworks are considered a staple of this celebration but this year, Germans have decided to scale down the level of fireworks to their historic buildings and environment safe. But there will be official firework for Silvester.

Berlin and a dozen of other German cities and communities have put a partial ban on private fireworks. For successful implementation of the ban, three zones in the capital city have been designated fireworks free on New year’s Eve.

But official and private firework displays in most places will continue as normal and it includes the spectacular show at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate. The German sky would fill with light and sound of millions of tiny explosions. But the Germans have a taken a decision regarding New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Reasons for discontinuing fireworks

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Billionaires 2019: The Total Worth Of Billionaires Shrank By $400 billion

This is the second time in a decade that both the number of billionaires and total wealth shrank. According to latest figures, there are 2,153 billionaires but there were 55 more than a year ago. Also, the 46% (994) of them are poorer than they were in 2018.

Findings of the latest billionaire count

The findings cap the worth of ultra-rich at $8.7 trillion that was $400 billion up in the previous year. Altogether 247 (11%) of the billionaires are dropped out of the ranks since 2009 at the height of global financial crisis.

• Asia-Pacific has 60 fewer 10-figure billionaires

• China has 49 fewer billionaires than 2018

The only nations that witnessed a surge in the number of billionaires are the US and Brazil. In the US, there are 607 new billionaires including 14 of world’s 20 richest people. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is again the Number 1 in the world. He is closely followed by Bill Gates at Number 2.

Newcomers in the list of billionaires

A total of 195 people joined the list of billionaires in … Read the rest


China Sees Hong Kong Boiling In Support Of Uighurs

Pro-democracy protestors rallied in Hong Kong streets to show solidarity with Uighur minorities in China. They said that their condition was no different than that of Uighurs in mainland China.

But a protestor went ahead and pulled a Chinese flag hoisting over a government building during the rally. This short incident of violence was enough for the riot control police to swing into action to disperse the protestors.

Uighurs in China

China is facing flak from the world community for keeping over 10 lack Uighurs out of whom most are Muslims in captivity in north-west province Xinjiang. Earlier Beijing used to deny having any Uighur camps but it now says that these camps are vocational training centers for fighting against terrorism.

Hong Kong with Uighur

Hong Kong has kept a close watch over the Uighurs camps in Xinjiang and for this reason, people protesting against the illegal detention of Uighurs have become a common sight in Hong Kong. Sunday rally was also dedicated to support the cause of Uighur Muslims.

Sunday rally in Hong Kong

More than 1000 people gathered … Read the rest


Miss America 2020 Camille Schrier Is A Woman Of Science

24-year old Camille Schrier was crowned with the title of Miss America 2020. She’s the 99th Miss America but she’s more in news due to her on-stage science experiment.

Miss America Camille Schrier

When Schrier appeared on the stage, the audience were stunned to see a beauty pageant donning a lab coat and carrying out an experiment. She performed catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide for the world audience before receiving the prestigious title.

A Pennsylvania native, Schrier wanted to break stereotypes be continuing to be a woman of science instead of following the usual trend. She gave the audiences a new perspective to see Miss America 2020.

Graduated from VirginiaTech with dual bachelor of science degrees in biochemistry and systems biology, Schrier is studying to obtain a doctor of pharmacy degree.

Stage performance of Schrier

Schrier’s stage performance was of a person battling an eating disorder. She said that she decided to participate in the competition after ditching its former swimsuit competition portion. She said that she knew that she would never go in swimsuit because she didn’t have a performing talent.

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Imran Khan Speaks On Citizenship Amendment Bill And Receives A Fitting Reply Fitting Reply

India categorically rejects Imran Khan’s opinion on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and said that his thoughts were inspired by anti-India mindset. India also advised Imran Khan to work for his country.

Pakistan President Imran Khan in Geneva

Imran Khan said that India’s CAB was creating a major refugee problem in South Asia. But India replied that his thinking shows prejudice and hatred towards India. Also, that Imran Khan should be more worried about his country.

India’s Permanent Representative to UN, Rajiv K Chander further said that India strictly condemn the baseless comment of Imran Khan. Pakistan presented itself as a self-proclaimed champion of human right but little did it know that the minority population had shrunk from 23% in 1947 to 3% today maintained Rajiv K Chander. The draconian blasphemy laws and blatant use of forced conversions reduced the size of minorities in Pakistan.

Imran Khan should take care of his country

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