Finland’s Sanna Marin Is The Youngest PM Of The World And She Heads A Young Coalition

Finland becomes the first nation to get the youngest prime minister of the world. 34-year old Sanna Marin is all set to swear in as Finland’s Prime Minster. And she will head a coalition government with four parties headed by women politicians and three of them are under 35.

Young women coalition partners of Finland

Sanna Marin (34)

A Master in Administrative Sciences from the University of Tampere, Sanna Marin boasts of rich experience in politics. She was the first Vice President of the Social Democratic Youth between 2010 and 2012. She was elected as the City Council of Tampere in 2012 and member of the Parliament of Finland in 2015. Today she is the youngest price minister in the world.

Li Andersson (32)

Born on 1987, Li Andersson has been leading the Left Alliance party since 2016. Earlier she was the head of The Left Youth of Finland from 2011 to 2015. She holds a bachelor degree in Social Services and has studied international law at Abo Akademi University. Presently she’s specializing in international human rights law and refugee law.

Maria Ohisalo (34)

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Why Pakistan Charges Rs. 200 From Each Muslim Devotee Of Kartarpur Sahib?

Gurudwaras are open to all but in Pakistan, Muslims are discouraged from visiting the Gurudwara Darbar Sahib, Kartarpur Sahib. While the government has levied a charge of Rs. 200 for paying obeisance to Bana Nanak, the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC) doesn’t allow Muslims to visit the sanctum Sanctorum.

PSGPC on Muslims visiting the gurudwara

According to PSGPS president Satwant Singh, Muslims are kept out of the sanctum Sanctorum for fear of violations of Sikh code of religious conduct that makes it mandatory for visitors to remove socks, wash hands and cover head before entering the gurudwaras.

The president further said that since the staircase leading to the sanctum at first floor is narrow, the PSGPC had to prevent locals from entering the gurudwara to make way for visitors. He said that up to 5000 to 6000 visitors visit the gurudwara daily.

On the Rs. 200 charge levied on Muslims for paying obeisance to Bana Nanak, the president reasoned that had written to the government to waive the charge from Muslim devotees. But he said that Muslims should also follow the Sikh code of … Read the rest

Police Shots Dead The Suspect In London Bridge Killings

The suspect of the London Bridge incident has been identified as 28-year-old Usman Khan. He stabbed two people to deathnear the bridge on Friday. The incident happened in Fishmonger’s Hall at 2 p.m.

Who was Usman Khan?

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said that Usman Khan was earlier convicted for terrorist offences in 2012 but later released with an ankle monitor. He had been living in Staffordshire area after his release in 2018. Basu further said that the police weren’t looking for anyone else for the deadly London Bridge attack.

Usman Khan stabbed two people and injured at least three people in the incident. But he was soon caught but it was found that he had a fake bomb strapped to him. The police had to shot him dead in order to prevent further casualties.

What was the reaction of British PM Boris Johnson on the incident?

Boris Johnson advocated appropriate prison sentences for criminals while speaking at meeting of the government’s emergency response committee Cobra. He further said that it was a mistake to release serious and violent criminals from prison early. The … Read the rest

German Court Upholds Right To Be Forgotten Of A Murder Convict

A German court asserts people’s “right to be forgotten”in online searches while deciding a case related to a 1982 murder case. The man convicted for the murders was given life imprisonment but later released in 2002. But his name is still linked to that case.

What was the 1982 murder case?

The incident happened in Germany where a crew member of yacht Apollonia shot two people and injured third on board the yacht. Convicted for murder, he was sent to life imprisonment but released in 2002. But his name still appears in the search results of that 1982 incident and he has been fighting to distance his name and his family from that charge.

Where did his name appear?

A German news magazine Der Spiegel published three reports about the incident in 1999. These reports carry full name of the person convicted for the murders. But he came to know about the search results carrying his name in 2009. Surprised, he requested the court to remove his name from the Internet because it was prohibiting his personality development. But a federal court turned down his … Read the rest

Imran Khan Believes That Trees Produce Oxygen At Night

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said something that is very serious but ended up making a joke of himself. Whether it was a tongue-slip or lack of knowledge, he made people laugh throughout the night.

Why did Imran Khan say?

“Trees produce oxygen at night,” said Pakistan PM Imran Khan while highlighting the drawbacks of removing earth’s green cover. He said that trees clean air but soon after he made a blunder that went viral. Going with the flow, he said trees produced oxygen at night.

How was Imran Khan caught red-handed?

Pakistan journalist Naila Inayat shared a 15-seconds video of Imran Khan with the caption “Trees produce oxygen at night: Einstein Khan shows the minister addressing an audience.”

Twitterati were first to react and some of them even demanded Nobel Prize for Imran Khan. People made mockery of the knowledge of Imran Khan. One Twitterati uploaded a page from school book of 7th standard showing that trees don’t produce oxygen at night.

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India Gets Billion Dollar Sophisticated Naval Guns From The US

US President Trump notified the Congress about sale of latest version (Mod 4) of naval guns to India. But the proposed sale of armaments won’t disturb the delicate military balance in the region. If the Congress permits, India would become one of the few countries to have these guns.

What is the size of proposed arms deal?

Total cost of the deal is $1.0210 billion and it includes 13 MK-45 5-inch/62 caliber (MOD 4) naval guns and related equipment. Manufactured by the BAE Systems and Land and Armaments, these guns are used against warships, anti-aircraft and shore bombardment.

What is the advantage of these guns for India?

According to the Defence Security Cooperation Agency the MK-45 Gun System will boost India’s power to conduct anti-surface warfare and anti-air defence missions. Also, it will provide interoperability with the US and other allied forces. But India would use the newly achieved power to handle the present and future threats from enemy weapon systems.

What is MK-45 Gun System?

It is the latest gun system developed by the US and there are only a few countries that possess … Read the rest