Another reprehensible entity for Pakistan: Imran Khan is seen as Beggar on Google!

As we everyone knows, Pakistan lost all his hopes after the revoke of 370 article related to J&K. nowadays, Pakistan it getting troll everywhere by Indians. Hundreds of memes you have already seen on the internet, but today in Google search when you search for the Bikhari or beggar, you will see Imran khan’s image.

Isn’t funny? Well, it is true!!

After the UNSAC council, Pakistan getting failure in a very way even from his dear friend’s country China. This reprehensible thing actually gets to know when a person searches for Bikhari in search engine Google, and the picture of Imran Khan is on the top, in which he is seen as holding the bowl in his hands.

Pakistan’s one foolish decision spoil all its country!

Pakistan lost all his business with India after making the foolish decision for his country on stopping the bilateral trade between India and Pakistan. This made Pakistan condition worse, resultant, they have no vegetables, onions, garlic, tomatoes and many other items in his country. If they are present they are too costly as everyone can’t afford it right now.… Read the rest

US President Donald Trump Asks Imran to resolve their issues with Pakistan

After the end of 370 Article related to Kashmir, the tensions between Pakistan and India is serious. Pakistan prime minister, Imran Khan ask for help to USA president Donald Trump. On Friday, the phone conversation between Trump and Khan took place, the white house said.

The conversation held before the 15 members of the UNSC in New York. The White House figures all calls and dispensed it after the meeting and concluded in the headquarters of New York.

The Deputy Secretary Hogan Gidley said the president carried the prominence of India and Pakistan reducing tensions through Bilateral talk associated with J&K issues.

White House said, Donald trump talked to MR Khan and discuss regional developments and follow up to far ahead visit Washington, last month.

“The two leaders conversed on how they will develop good relationships between the United States and Pakistan” Gidley, Said.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mehboob Qureshi said, Pakistan prime minster Mr. Khan took US president confidence in UNSC at the headquarters in New York after the Indian government rescinded the status of J&K.

They also discussed Afghanistan and Khan said, … Read the rest

Gareth Bale Proved Bernabeu Boss Zinedine Zidane And President Florentino Perez Wrong

Gareth Bale made a striking comeback to Real Madrid when his dismissal from the team was almost certain. The stunned his team especially Bernabeu chief Zinedine Zidane with his 2-2 pre-season draw with Roma. But the Italians won the Mabel Green Cup in a penalty shootout.

Gareth Bale controversy

Zinedine Zidane left Gareth Bale out of Audi Cup in Germany las month saying that the player isn’t in the right mental condition to perform. He further made sure that the 30-year old never plays for Real again.

But it was Bernabeu president Florentino Perez that created more complications for Gereth Bale. The player was on the final stage of joining Chinese Super League side Jiangsu Suning on £1million-a-week wages when Perez pulled the plug on Bale. The incident was reported two-weeks ago.

Gareth Bale game

The ex-Spurs frontman Bale gave a stunning performance in 30-minute run-out in the final of the friendly match between Real Madrid and Roma. In the run-out game, he slotted home an equalizer to give Real some hope in shootout spot-kick.

Zinedine Zidane on Gareth Bale

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David Covari made a World Record: Travelling 7 countries by Bicycle in 24 hours!!

David Covari made a world record traveling 7 countries via bicycle in 24 hours. Isn’t crazy? Well, it’s true!

In the entire world, you may find thousands of people who have registered their names in Guinness book of world records. Some are really dangerous and while some are quite amazing that surprise you for the whole day, how it was possible??

David Covari is also the craziest boy who made his name via traveling 7 countries in 24 hours. He set the new records. David made his trip of 24 hours to 7 European countries. After completing his journey and achieving his target his name registered in the Guinness Book of world records. On the talk with media, he said he made great efforts to achieve this. He prepared himself a lot physically and mentally for this trip.

David’s trip journey

David started his journey from Poland and visited Croatia through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Austia. He said I did not want to go for a 9-5 sitting job. I wanted to try something new and made his name and I enjoyed. … Read the rest

Pakistan faced all-around shock on Article 370: America, Russia, China, and United nations made the distance

PM Modi masterstroke against Pakistan and including Kashmir in India, Pakistan got shocked from international countries as well. In the last statement of Pakistan, Imran Khan said they will take help of the US and other countries on article 370, but all major countries UN, US, Russia, and china decline his proposal and revealed there will be made no change in 370 articles.

Pakistan had to face blow everywhere. On Thursday, the United Nations takes apart from this case whereas Taliban whom he brought up, turned their hopes. China who is known as a dear friend of Pakistan also ruined khan’s hopes.

Russia Foreign Ministry on Saturday

Russia said, whatever the decision made by India on 370 articles on J&K is based on the Indian Constitution. India divided it into two Union territories and changed the face of J&K. The Russian ministry said this decision is based on facts and after the investigation.1

They also said we hope Pakistan and India maintain the peace between their regions and don’t let it worsen. We hope both countries will resolve their differences in mutual trade.

Pakistan’s efforts Read the rest

Trump Threatens Fed Leaders With Removal or Demotion For Not Following His Line

The US President Donald Trump made it clear that he wished the dollar could be weaker in comparison to other countries especially China with which America is at a trade war.

Trump on Dollar

High interest rate of dollar is a cause of concern for Trump because it is making the US companies especially manufacturers to compete with other economies including China. Trump highlighted the gravity of the situation in a series of tweets on Thursday. On one such tweet, he wrote that he wasn’t happy with the dollar strengthening but wished it to be weaker.

Dollar rate cut

The Fed took a strong measure by cutting its key policy rate by a quarter point last week but this step failed to please president Trump who is asking for more. Further rate cut would lower the value of dollar against other currencies but there are other factors at play that can help in lowering the value.

US-China trade war

In the latest exchange of words, the US accused China of devaluing its yuan and called Beijing a currency manipulator. With these accusations, the trade war … Read the rest