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Tamil Nadu Farmer Builds Temple For PM Modi

Impressed with the PM Narendra Modi, a Tamil Nadu farmer built a temple for Modi on his farmland. He said that he had benefited by welfare schemes like the Pradhan Mantri KisanSamman Nidhi.

Modi’s temple

The 50-year old farmer, P Sankar, said that he received Rs 2,000 (Pradhan Mantri KisanSamman Nidhi) scheme for farmers, gas (Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana) and toilet (Individual Household Latrine Scheme) facilities. It was the centre’s welfare schemes that prompted him to construct a temple for Narendra Modi.

Temple design

Situated in a sleepy Erakudi village about 63 km from Tiruchirappalli, the temple measures 8×8 in size. Built at a cost of Rs. 1.2 lack, the temple has a tiled roof and a traditional “kolam” (rangoli) to welcome the visitors. At the centre of the temple, stands a bust of Narendra Modi. P Sankar performs aarti daily in this temple.

Modi’s bust in the temple

The bespectacled bust of PM Modi features white beard and hairstyle matching with the real personality of the PM. It sports a pink kurta and blue shawl and tilak on forehead. Also, it is adorned with … Read the rest


Chandrayaan-3 Would Cost ISRO Rs. 75 Crores

Chandrayaan-3 is now official and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has started working on the ambitious project. It has sought Rs. 75 crores for this mission but the fund would be in addition to the existing budget of ISRO.

ISRO needs Rs. 60 crores for the expenditure for buying machinery, equipment and other capital expenditure for Chandrayaan-3 mission. Also, it needs Rs. 15 crores for meeting the revenue expenditure head. ISRO needs this money quick because it is preparing for the Moon landing mission next November.

ISRO’s budget for 2019-20

ISRO has demanded Rs. 666 crores over and above the funds granted in the original 2019-20 budget.The Rs. 75 crores are 11% of the Rs. 666 crores. Rest of the funds would be utilized for the following programmes.

Rs. 8.6 crores for the proposed human spaceflight programme expected to be implemented in 2022.
Rs. 12 crores for development of small satellite launch vehicle.
Rs. 120 crores for development of launchpad for small satellite launch vehicle.

But the largest demand for funds has been raised by UR Rao Satellite Centre and Satish Dhawan Space … Read the rest


Larry Page And Sergey Brin Make Way For Sundar Pichai Take Over The Reins Of Business

Sundar Pichai is promoted as CEO of Alphabet. Presently he is CEO of Google but ready to take the new responsibility as the founding fathers of the tech giant Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to step down from the active management.

Why Page and Brin opted out of management?

The founding fathers of Alphabet had already started reducing their roles in the day-to-day operations of the company since 2015. And they thought that the it was the right time to share the responsibility.

Alphabet is well-established and Google and the “Other Bets” working properly. Also, there is little need to different CEOs for Alphabet and Google. Sundar Pichai was considered the right man for becoming CEO of Alphabet and Google. He will the executive responsible for managing the parent company and the “Other Bets”.

What was the role of Page and Brin in the present setup?

It is made clear that Larry Page and Sergey Brin are only limiting their responsibilities and that they will continue to be in the board of the company. As board of directors, they will remain in touch with … Read the rest


Vodafone Idea Announces Change In Tariffs From 3rd December For Prepaid Users

Vodafone Idea has posted new tariffs for prepaid users. The new plans will go into effect on December 3 and will be available everywhere. Vodafone Idea limited has been reeling under financial losses amounting to Rs. 50,922 crores in third quarter of this year and this loss is considered the biggest in Indian corporate history.

New Vodafone Idea prepaid plans

VIL hopes to stem the declining average revenue per user (ARPU) with the increased plan. It is expected that the revised plans would end the telco’s struggle of survival and pave way for expansion, growth and development.

The VIL said that it was committed to offer simple, convenient and affordable products. It has curated an optimum range of feature rich plans for both voice and data users.

Unlimited packs

The new charges for popular unlimited packs would be Rs. 149, Rs. 249, Rs. 299 and Rs. 399. All the plans carry similar benefits except the data allowance and SMS quota.

Unlimited pack with 84 days validity now comes in three recharge options – Rs. 379, Rs. 599 and Rs. 699. Basic services are similar but … Read the rest


Happy thanksgiving giving celebrated with thank fulness

Thanksgiving is said to be an annual national holiday in the United States. Whereas Canada celebrates this day as harvest and other blessings of the past year. It is believed by American, Thanksgiving is modelled on a 1621 harvest feast. According to them, it was shared by the English Colonists.

In1789, November 26, was declared thanksgiving day by George Washington. But this was not connected to the Pilgrim feast, it was then considered for the same year only.

How thanksgiving becomes official.

By 1789, thanksgiving was not officially set as a holiday. Thanksgiving was yet to get published officially. It then becomes a matter of interest for the common public.

It was advised by George Washington to consider the last Thursday of November as a thanking day. It was liked by the people and was considered a thoughtful idea. Lastly, It was the first president of the US, Abraham Lincoln who officially declared last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving day.

Why called as thanksgiving

It would be a common question, what could be the reason for calling last Thursday of every November as thanksgiving. The … Read the rest


How Sarafina Nance Impressed Google SEO Sunder Pichai With Her Zero In Quantum Physics?

Google CEO Sunder Pichai was all praise for Sarafina Nance despite knowing that couldn’t do well in a quantum physics exam. The woman scored zero in the said exam a few years back. But it didn’t stop Sunder Pichai and other tech leaders of the world from showering their blessings on the woman.

Who is Sarafina Nance?

The 26-year old Sarafina Nance is an astrophysicist in the University of California, Berkeley. She’s doing PhD in supernovae and had already published 2 research papers. But she was a below-average student 4-years ago. It was at that time when she received a zero in science. But she got the blessings and motivation from top tech leaders of the world.

Sunder Pichai praised Sarafina Nance for pursuing science despite getting the lowest score. Also, she’s a breast cancer survivor. All these factors make her special. She has a liking for science and she should get the support she needs to more forward.

What did Sarafina Nance say about her achievement?

She was anxious about her career in science as low score in quantum physics could be the reason … Read the rest