Beating Retreat Excluding Vande Mataram

The military will continue with the tradition of playing “Abide with me” tune on grand Beating Retreat ceremony on 29 January to mark the conclusion of the Republic Day celebrations.

Beating Retreat ceremony

It is a musical ending of Republic Day celebrations by the three bands of the armed forces – army, navy and air force. Every year, the army bands play “Abide with me” at Vijay Chowk on 29 January since 1950 and it would follow the tradition this year too.

Earlier there were rumours of the army bands replacing “Abide with me” with VandeMatram but there is no official notification from the army. Also, it became clear on the rehearsal on Friday that the army bands would continue with the tradition of playing “Abide with me” tune.

Abide with me

Written in the early 19th century by Henry Francis Lyle and composed in 1861 by William Henry Monk, it was Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Christian hymn. Also, it was a favourite of King George V of England. Also, the hymn was played at the annual Anzac Day services in Australia and New Zealand and at the associated military remembrance … Read the rest

National Voters’ Day 2020: Five Important Things Voters Must Know

Every year, National Voters’ Day is celebrated on January 25 with the objective of educating the youth to vote. Strength of a democracy is its voters and the country where voters are aware about their rights, that country develops as much.

National Voters’ Day started on January 25, 2011

It was decided celebrate National Voters’ Day to educate the voters about their rights and to encourage the youth to come forward for voting. The first time the National Voter’s Day was celebrated in January 25.

Special camps are organized

Every year on the first January and before the National Voters’ Day, the Election Commission of India organizes special camps to settle issues related to voters.

Systematic VotersEducation

The Election Commission started Systematic Voters Education to inform the voters about their rights and increase their participation in elections. In 2009, the commission launched a special program to increase electoral participation.

Campaign to aware new voters

The Election Commission makes new voters aware through campaigns and programs for voters especially youth so that they increase their participation in elections.

New voter card

The EC gives voter cards … Read the rest

The President Of India Shri Ramnath Kovind Would Tweet With A Tricolor India Gate Emoji

Twitter launched a new emoji to mark the momentous occasion of the 71st Republic Day of India. The micro-blogging site has made a Tricolor India Gate as the nation gears up for Republic Day celebrations.

Tricolor India Gate emoji

The especially designed emoji shows the India Gate lit up in tricolor as if it is paying homage to the grand Republic Day parade on Rajpath. Twitter said that the emoji would be live until January 30, 2020 and it would be available in English and ten Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu and Gurmukhi.

Twitter’s Republic Day celebrations

This is fifth-time that Twitter is celebrating the Republic Day with an emoji. Earlier, it had supported other important days and festivals like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Diwali. Also, it came out in support of social issues and big events from time to time.

Twitter India’s Mahima Kaul, Director, Public Policy, India and South Asia, said that they believed that the 2020 Republic Day emoji would resonate with Indians across languages, cultures and time zones providing them yet another reason, and way to celebrate and … Read the rest

Indian Army Day 2020: History And Significance Of Commemorating The Brave Soldiers Of Indian Army

Every year January 15 is celebrated as Indian Army Day. On this day, the entire nation commemorates the soldiers that are standing tall in every condition to protect the country from foreign aggression and armed rebellion.

India Army Day

15th January is the Army Day because on this day in 1949 the then Lieutenant General KM Cariappa took over General Sir Francis Butcher as Commander-in-Chief of India. This year the nation will celebrate the 72nd Army Day.

Indian Army Day significance

All Command Headquarters come together to celebrate the Indian Army Day where the nation honors the soldiers that set examples of selfless service and brotherhood before the citizens. It is because of these brave soldiers that the Indian Army is considered one of the most powerful armies competing with superpowers like the United States, Russia, and China.

Indian Army Day 2020: Motto

Service before self is the motto of the Indian Army and the mission is to ensure national security and national unity. The mission statement further reads that the army would defend the nation from external aggression and armed rebellion. Also, it will maintain peace and security in … Read the rest

Makar Sankranti: History, Significance And Auspicious Time For Holy Bath And Puja

Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on Wednesday 15th January 2020. Fact that this festival is celebrated with much zeal in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Bengal and Orissa and almost of all north India underlines its significance.

Makar Sankranti celebrations

Usually celebrated on 14th or 15th January, Makar Sankranti brings joy and happiness. On this day, people wear new clothes and fly kites. This year, Kumbh 2020 will start in Prayagraj on Makar Sankranti. Millions of people are expected to congregate at the banks of Ganga to take a holy dip on this auspicious day. Also, this day brings relief from the cold season that starts changing with the festival. It is the onset of Basant Ritu or Spring.

Significance of Makar Sankranti

It is believed that Bhagirathi brought Ganga to the ashram of Kapil Muni on this day. It is for this reason that Kumbha begins on Makar Sankranti.

Makar Sankranti date, time and muhurat

Date: 15th January 2020

Time: 07:19 AM

Punyakal: 07:19 AM to 12.31 PM

Maha-Punyakal: 07:19 AM to 09:30 AM

Holy … Read the rest

Happy Lohri 2020: Send Special Messages To Loved Ones

Every year, 13 January is celebrated as Lohri but preparations for the celebrations start early. For example, people get their homes ready to invite guests and prepare delicious items for serving guests.Even markets are decorated for Lohri festival. Shopkeepers of Delhi NCR especially in Old Delhi markets are happy to see buyers in the market. Sikh community is more enthusiastic about Lohri than others.

Best wishes for Lohri

The best way to make Lohrimemorable for self and others is to enjoy it in the traditional manner. Also, you can send beautiful messages to family and friends on this occasion.


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