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SSC GD Constable Results 2019 has been declared: see results on your phone

The Staff selection commission constable GD results have been out. You can check the results online from SSC official website. The candidates appeared for the SSC exam can check the direct results

The results came out on Thursday, refileman General Duty (GD). However, due to the heavy rush, the official website is not responding. The candidates can find the direct links to see their results on phone here.

Click on given links:

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The Rifman Examination 2018 in the GD constable, NIA, SSF and Assam Rifle Rifleman examination 2018 check result

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Donald Trump Suggests A Big Stupid Iranian Officer Behind Attack On US Drone

The US president Donald Trump has suggested the shooting of a US drone could have been supported out by Stupid and Loose Iranian officer, who has no authorization from Tehran. He emphasized that aircraft was unmanned.

On Wednesday, after the meeting with his top national security officials of Night Downing Global Hawk Spy, Donald declared it was the mistake by somebody in shooting that drone down.

He reinforced the admiration’s red line that it would respond by the military if this mistake happens again to harm Americans. We didn’t have any person in drone, and that is really a big, big difference in the situation.

On Thursday, the New York Times said Trump has given permission to attack Iranians targets including radar and missile batteries. Paper said, the operation was in early stages and planes were on the air before, but it was called off.

Current, Iran’s foreign minister and the US military offered competing graphics showing where the drone’s brought down.

The map revealed the drone was brought down in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz. And, Javed Zarif said Iran had recovered … Read the rest

Google Epitomizes Summer Season with An Endearing Earth Doodle

Do you realize today Google Doodle symbolizes Summer solstice while 21 June celebrated as international yoga day? Why?

Well, you know summer days are becoming hotter day by day in northern India. According to reports, there will be heat till 23rd September.

However, this period marks the longest days and shorter nights. The date varies between different states of the north due to culture, climate, and atmospheric conditions. The only reason it represents the longest day for northern India because this day the tilt of the earth axis is motivated towards the sun. This creates a huge elevation in the sun during the day of 20 June to 22 June.

These days encourage people to enjoy warm weather and go outside of the house. The summer solstice celebrates in the United Kingdom. The millions of people travel and enjoy the mysterious sunrise and sunset to connect with nature.

Google has shown ground to nature. In the doodle, you’ll see small earth which covered with two eyes, red face and on top tree and bed that mainly found on the beach.

Apart from this, today Google … Read the rest

21 June international yoga day: Learn its importance in our lives

To lead a healthy life stay tuned with physical workout is really important. Yoga is one the proved way to get happiness and relaxation in body and mind both.

When it comes to feeling cheerfulness, yoga is the coolest form to enjoy asanas and better your posture not just for good looking personality, but also for staying healthy and fit for life.

Olden times of yoga

Over the past few decades, yog kriya knowledge gave by famous Saptarishi. This knowledge spread worldwide today and people are enjoying it. The Saptarishi called August, who composed this yog culture around human beings in different continents of India. Between 800AD Sun is considered the best period, in the development of yoga.

Importance of yoga

To get rid of numerous diseases, stress and getting relaxation from your daily responsibilities performing yoga asanas becoming the part of an individual’s life. 21st June is an international yoga day declared by Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

People are involving in yoga day by day in the sake of getting relief from pains, liver problems, and mental peace. Keep in mind one thing, … Read the rest

Congress new game: Adhir Ranjan nominated as party’s leader of Congress in Lok Sabha

After elections of 2019, Narendra Modi won again with heavy votes and becomes second-time prime minister of India. This affected Rahul Gandhi self-esteem a lot. He decided to step back and not to be the party’s leader in the Lok Sabha more.

Rahul Gandhi is known as a part-time and unenthusiastic politician. This goes further to new leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary.

To define political party status, a leader plays an important role in matters of representing his all team members well and manage all key matters related to the government.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi’s jokes are taking social media up before Ranjan chowdary elected as a leader of the party. The rumors are Rahul Gandhi would not accept the leader position and unable to meet requirements of it as getting up early, handling members, government issues and more.

This clearly depicts Rahul Gandhi not to lead the Congress in Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi as a politician

On election days, Rahul Gandhi statements against Narendra Modi considered as totally aggressive. His image as a politician is totally damaged especially after quitting Congress, just after the announcement … Read the rest

NDA Announced RSS Worker OM Birla As The New Speaker Of 17th Lok Sabha

On Tuesday, The second time Prime Minister Narendra Modi elected RSS worker Om Birla as speaker of Lok Sabha.

Om Birla, Member of parliament form Rajasthan surprised everyone when he defeated the minister. He created another surprise when NDA announced him as a speaker for Lok Sabha.

In a flashback, Birla won three assembly polls and two Lok Sabha elections. It’s a pleasant surprise for all. Birla is a strong person who would take initiative to work in BJP to support India’s growth for 2025.

Om Birla is an Ideal candidate

In an interview with Birla, he said, I am thankful to BJP and NDA who chosen me for this post.

He is soft-spoken speaker candidate can vouch for organizational capabilities of the two-time MP from Kota. He is known for his loyalty with RSS. He was a handpicked by Amit Shah to lead BJP’s in Rajasthan.

He is closer to Amit Shah and quite involved in schemes of Shah’s that have been propounded by him. According to political reviews, his proximity to Shah leads to his selection as NDA’s speaker.

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