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Alcohol Beneficial For Your Health

How Is Alcohol Beneficial For Your Health?

Let me be clear at the beginning that I don’t drink alcohol and find no good reason to start. And I am writing this article out of my curiosity to find the benefits of alcohol if any.

The first thing I found about alcohol is that it is the seventh leading risk factor for deaths globally (Lancet Study 2018).

Lancet Study 2018

I read the study completely and here I’m sharing a screenshot to support the claim.

Also, I heard Alana Kessler, RD, a functional and holistic nutrition and wellness expert, talking to The expert gave a piece of thoughtful advice to people who drink alcohol to avoid feelings, or out of their boredom. She cautioned them to be mindful of their motivations for drinking. She said that engaging in another healthier activity or calling a friend could be more beneficial.

Do you know how your body metabolizes alcohol?

The alcohol goes to your liver but it can metabolize only a small amount of it at a time. The excess alcohol is left to get a free run throughout your body and affects it in negative ways like impairing your vision, judgment, motor skills, and memory. But it can uplift your mood if taken in small amounts.

So, alcohol is good for health but only when taken in an appropriate amount. And how much alcohol should you take in a day, depends on your age and overall health

Alcohol can help improve health when taken in moderation or in small amounts. Here I’m listing the top health benefits of alcohol.

  1. Boosts Your Heart Health

Mayo Clinic

Here I want to quote the Mayo Clinic which found red wine good for the heart. Red wine contains polyphenols called resveratrol that … Read the rest

Xi Jinping Schools Joe Biden On Chinese Style Democracy

Xi Jinping Schools Joe Biden On Chinese Style Democracy

Chinese President Xi Jinping responded to US President Joe Biden’s comment on the present world order as an “inflection point” and call to choose between democratic systems of government and dictatorships or face the consequences.


• China had Chinese style democracy said Xi Jinping
• Xi Jinping recently consolidated his position to remain a ruler for life
• Joe Biden hailed the US midterm elections as a win for US democracy

What Did Joe Biden Mean By Infection Point?

Biden was referring to a point where the world had to choose between democratic systems of government and dictatorships, or found the world forever changed. The comment came after Chinese President Xi Jinping consolidated his power as head of the world’s second-largest economy. His plans for becoming a ruler for life had raised concerns.

Last year, Biden asked over 100 leaders at a virtual summit, would they allow the backward slide of rights and democracy to continue unchecked. Or would they have the vision and courage to once more lead the march of human progress and human freedom forever? China termed the event divisive as it wasn’t invited to the summit.

Also, Biden hailed the US midterm elections saying that it was a win for democracy and a defeat for “election deniers” who fought for office on the false pretension that the 2020 presidential elections were stolen from Donald Trump.

What Was Xi Jinping’s Response To Biden?

Xi Jinping Schools Joe Biden On Chinese Style Democracy

Xi said that the so-called ‘democracy versus authoritarianism’ narrative wasn’t the defining feature of the present world, still, less did it represent the trend of the times. He further maintained that freedom, democracy, and human rights were humanity’s common pursuits, and also the Chinese Communist Party’s constant pursuit. He said the United States … Read the rest

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election Bid In The Coming Days

Former President Donald Trump said that he was going to make a big announcement in the coming days. It is to be noted that Trump had never come to terms with his lost re-election bid in 2020. Also, he was giving hints of re-entering the fray in the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.


• Donald Trump hinted he could fight the 2024 presidential elections
• He lost the re-election bid in 2020
• The Republican was the closest to confirming his re-election bid in the 2024 elections

What Announcement Did Donald Trump Make On Monday?

Donald Trump Is Going To Announce His Re-Election

Donald Trump said that he would make a big announcement about his decision to re-enter the race for the White House in 2024 in the coming days. Trump lost his re-election bid in 2020 but it didn’t deter him from re-entering the fray in the next presidential elections.

Trump made the statement about his re-election during a meeting in Ohio on the eve of US polls in Ohio. These polls will determine the control of Congress. He told a cheering crowd that he wasn’t detracted from the very important election in 2024. He further said that he would make a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Republican was closest during the last elections and he is ready to re-enter the fray to the top post in the US administration. He never accepted his defeat in the 2020 presidential elections.


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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Said This On His Diwali Reception

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Said This On His Diwali Reception

The first Indian-origin prime minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak, vowed to build a Britain where their children and grandchildren could light their diyas on the Diwali reception at his official residence, 10 Downing Street.


• Rishi Sunak attends his first Diwali reception after becoming the prime minister
• He had an audience with King Charles III before taking charge as the prime minister
• He extended his Diwali greetings to all the British citizens

What Did Rishi Sunak Wish On Diwali Eve?

Brilliant to drop into tonight’s Diwali reception in No10 tweeted Mr. Sunak with a picture of himself at the reception. He further said that he would do everything he could to build a Britain where their children and grandchildren could light their diyas and look at the future with hope.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Said This On His Diwali Reception

Before the reception, Mr. Sunak had an audience with King Charles III a day after he was elected the new leader of the Conservative Party. It was a historic election of an Indian-origin Conservative leader to the top post of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak appeared as the most favorable leader after Liz Truss failed to win the trust of the parliament.

How Was The Rise Of Mr. Sunak To The Top Post?

The 42-year-old devout Hindu started his career as an investment banker before joining politics. Rishi Sunak is the first Indian-origin and the youngest prime minister, Britain has elected in its history of 210 years.


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Suella Braverman

The First Controversy Of The First British-Indian Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak’s inclusion of Suella Braverman in his team didn’t go well with his party leaders. She was made the Secretary of State for the Home Department despite knowing that she had to step down from her earlier post in the Lizz Truss government due to a technical breach of government rules.


• Suella Braverman is an outspoken critic of Liz Truss’s economic policies
• She supported deporting of illegal migrants to Rwanda
• She came out in open support of Rish Sunak during the run-up to his election

Who Is Suella Braverman?

Suella Braverman’s father is a businessman from Goa and her mother is a Tamil woman. She held the portfolio of the Attorney General in the cabinet of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and became the Home Secretary in the Liz Truss cabinet. But she had to resign from her post due to a technical glitch.

She had to step down from her post last week after she was alleged to have broken the ministerial code. In her resignation letter, she criticized Liz Truss by saying that Truss had broken key pledges promised to voters.

Suella Braverman

Why Is Rishi Sunak Criticized For Including Suella Braverman In His Cabinet?

The official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister drew negative comments after the news of her appointment was broken. People questioned the Conservative Party’s move to reappoint a leader who had admitted to a security breach. Others questioned her support for policies, especially on migration control.

This PM’s no better than the last two tweeted Labour MP, Chris Bryant. Appointing Suella Braverman as the Home secretary just days after she was sacked for a security breach didn’t smack integrity, competence, professionalism, or sensible politics. It’s just cynical maneuvering, said the … Read the rest

Joe Biden Cautioned About During His Diwali Speech

What Was The Darkness Joe Biden Cautioned About During His Diwali Speech?

US President Joe Biden mentioned Rishi Sunak’s election as the prime minister of the United Kingdom during his Diwali speech at the White House. He said that Rishi Sunak’s elevation as the prime minister was “pretty astounding” and a “ground-breaking milestone”.


• Joe Biden has the most diverse administration with Indian origin Kamala Harris as his deputy
• The president thanked the Indian community for making Diwali a part of the American culture
• He also cautioned the Americans about the darkness that was “always lurking”

Official White House Diwali Reception

During the reception, Joe Biden said that Americans were honored to light the diya surrounded by members of the most diverse administration in the history of America. It is to be noted that Joe Biden created history in 2020 by making Indian-origin Kamala Harris Vice president. She is the first Black American and South Asian American to reach this post.

Joe Biden Cautioned About During His Diwali Speech

Diwali In American Culture

Joe Biden thanked Indian Americans for making Diwali a part of the American culture. He said that the Indian community across the country contributed to every part of American life by opening homes and hearts and exchanging gifts and sweets and organizing cultural programs that bring people together.

In a White House statement earlier, Biden wished a happy Diwali to all Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists celebrating the festival of light in the US, India, and around the world.

Asians In American Administration

Joe Biden said that he had more Asian Americans in his dispensation than ever. He also thanked the community for their contribution. “It’s a simple message. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” said the president.

Rishi Sunak’s Election As Prime Minister Of The UK

Biden said to the select … Read the rest

UK High Commissioner

UK Visa For Indians In 15-Day Period Announce The UK High Commissioner

The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, made an important announcement regarding Indian visa applications today. Mr. Ellis said that the United Kingdom was on track to get back to processing Indian visas within its standard 15-day period.


• Indian visa applications will be processed within a 15-day working period
• Applicants can apply three months in advance for quick processing
• The demand for a student visa was 89% up on last year

What Did Mr. Ellis Say About Indian Visa Applications?

UK High Commissioner

Mr. Ellis started a video message with Namaste and gave quick updates on visas. He said that the surge in demand for travel from India to the UK combined with the effects of COVID-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine threw their 15-day working standard off the track.

The High Commissioner further underscored that they were then “getting back on track” and dealt with a great surge in demand for student visas, which was 89% up on the last year.

The UK was turning right off skilled worker visas very fast. They were focusing on visitor visas to get them back within 15 days. They were doing that through a collective effort of their teams in Delhi, in the UK, and all over the world, said Mr. Ellis.

In the conclusion, he reminded the visa applicants about good availability in their visa application centres as well. … Read the rest

Liz Truss Said Economic Reforms

Liz Truss Said She Went Too Far Too Fast On Economic Reforms

Liz Truss choose to apologize for going “too far too fast” on reforms that triggered economic turmoil for Britain and led to over 100 Tory MPs expressing no confidence in the Truss government. But her apologies failed to calm the dissatisfaction.


• Liz Truss withdrew the tax cuts unveiled last month
• Jeremy Hunt is made the new finance chief replacing Kwasi Kwarteng
• The opposition Labor Party held the ruling Tory Party for the chaos

What Did Liz Truss Say In Her Defense?

An embattled Truss appeared defensive while offering her apologies for the quick economic decisions her government took to contain the economic situation of the country.

She told the BBC that she wanted to accept responsibility and say sorry for the mistakes that had been made. She accepted that her government went too far and too fast on the economic reforms. She further maintained that she was committed to delivering for the country.

What Were Those Economic Reforms?

Liz Truss Said Economic Reforms

Jeremy Hunt was brought in to undo the economic reforms started by sacked finance chief Kwasi Kwarteng. And Hunt scrapped the plans to reduce the lowest income tax. He even curbed the government’s flagship energy price freeze till April after which the government will review the energy support package. Hunt also met the governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, and the head of the Debt Management Office for talks over tax reforms.

What Do Experts Call The New Economic Reforms?

The tax-slashing platform on which Liz Truss was elected Tory leader on Monday is called Trussonomics by analysts. Laura Suter, head of personal finance at stockbroker AJ Bell, said that Monday’s election was the death knell for Trussonomics as most of her tax-cutting plans were trashed … Read the rest

No Confidence Motion Against Liz Truss

Liz Truss Is Facing A No Confidence Motion For This Reason

Conservative Party is facing discontent from hundreds of its members of parliament (MPs) who want to oust Liz Truss due to her failure on several fronts, especially economic. They have submitted letters of no confidence in Truss to Graham Brady, the head of the Conservative Party’s committee which organizes the leadership contest.


• Liz Truss is facing no-confidence motion from her party’s MPs
• Conservative Party wants to allow Truss to present the budget on October 31
• Removing Truss could trigger general elections

What Is The No Confidence Motion Against Liz Truss?

No Confidence Motion Against Liz Truss

According to Daily Mail, Liz Truss has lost the confidence of Conservative Party lawmakers that have approached Graham Brady with their letters of no confidence in Truss. They want Brady to tell Truss that “her time is up” or to allow an immediate vote of no confidence in her leadership. And they aren’t averse to changing the political party rules to achieve the objective.

How Is Conservative Party Dealing With The Situation?

The situation is getting more problematic despite warnings that a change of guard at this moment could trigger a general election. Graham Brady is resisting the move by putting the argument that the Liz Truss government including the newly appointed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should be given an opportunity to set out economic strategy in a budget on 31 October.

Britain is engulfed in a political crisis since it voted out of the European Union in 2016. The country has lost three prime ministers since then. Liz Truss who won the Conservative Party leadership on the promise of slashing taxes last month is alleged to have ditched key parts of the programme.

Rumors about lawmakers secretly discussing replacing Truss with a new leader are also … Read the rest

Voting On A UNGA Resolution On Russia

India Remained Absent During Voting On A UNGA Resolution On Russia?

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Moscow. The resolution was passed with 143 members voting in favor while five voted against it.


• UNGA passed a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia
• 143 members voted for the resolution by India remained absent from voting
• Earlier India rejected a similar resolution on Monday

What Was The Latest Resolution?

The UNGA members with zero veto power adopted a resolution condemning the annexation of Ukrainian regions by Russia on Wednesday. The resolution had 143 votes in its favor while five voted against it and 35 members including India remained absent from voting.

Voting On A UNGA Resolution On Russia

Why Was The Resolution Moved?

On Monday, Russia called for a secret ballot on a similar draft condemning its “attempted illegal annexation” of Ukrainian territories but was rejected after a fierce clash between Ukraine and Russia in the assembly. India also voted out of the resolution.

After this rejection, Albania moved another proposal for an open vote that received 170 votes in favor, 13 voted against it, and 39 abstentions. But 24 members including China, Iran, and Russia didn’t vote. India supported the proposal.

What Are The Regions Annexed By Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the documents announcing the formal annexation of four regions – Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia – by Moscow in the last week of September.

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