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US Independence Day Parade Shooting: Prime Suspect Arrested After A Brief Car Chase

Highland Park Police arrested Robert Crimo (22) on the suspicion of the mass shooting at a US Independence Day parade in a wealthy Chicago suburb. Earlier the police identified him as a “person of interest” and launched a manhunt to arrest Robert Crimo.


• Robert Crimo was arrested for the US Independence Day parade shooting incident
• The mass shooting left six dead and scores of others injured
• It was the third incident after the Black supermarket and elementary school incidents
• US Gun Violence Archive has 309 mass shootings in 2022

Who Is Robert Crimo?

Robert Crimo calls himself a musician. In the music world, he goes by the online moniker “Awake the Rapper”. He emerged as a key suspect in the mass shooting incident and the police combed the entire town of Highland Park in Illinois to nab Crimo. On Monday, Crimo was nabbed after a brief car chase but without any incident.

What Is The History Of Gun Violence In The US?

History Of Gun Violence In The US

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Google Doodle: The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank Completes 75 Years

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the publication of The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. It has been 75 years since the diary was first published. The diary contains moments from her life and it has been an inspiration for many plays and films.


• Anne Frank was a Jewish Holocaust victim and wartime diarist
• She wrote a diary while hiding behind a bookcase
• The diary is full of her routine little battles that every adolescent has to go through
• Her father Otto got the diary published in 1947

Who Was Anne Frank?

google doodle Anne Frank Diary

Born on 12 June 1929 to Edith (mother) and Otto Heinrich Frank (father) in Frankfurt, Germany, Anne Frank was a victim of the Jewish Holocaust in 1942. After Adolf Hitler-led Nazi Party gained power in Germany, her family moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1934. But they have to take shelter in concealed rooms behind a bookcase in a building where Otto worked as persecution increased in 1942. They remain in the concealed rooms until their arrest by the Gestapo (Nazi secret police) in 1944. The Franks were then sent … Read the rest

Lionel Messi Is Called ‘La Pulga’ For This Reason

Argentinian footballer Lionel Andrés Messi is called different names and each name has a history. For some, he is Leo Messi and for others he is Messiah. But his family and childhood friends call him ‘La Pulga’ which translates into ‘the flea’ in Spanish.


• Lionel Messi is called ‘La Pulga’ since he was a kid
• Messi had a growth hormone disorder that led to this moniker
• Some would call him ‘La Pulga Atomica’ or the atomic flea for his explosive talent

Why Is Lionel Messi Called ‘La Pulga’?

Lionel Messi Called ‘La Pulga

The Rosario native got this moniker while he was just a kid. Youngest of three brothers, Lionel Messi got this name due to his short stature. His two elder brothers called him ‘the flea’ and so did his childhood friends. But some Spanish media called him ‘La Pulga Atomica’ because of his explosive talent on the ground.

Did Lionel Messi Experience Problem With Growth?

It is learned that the footballer was suffering from growth hormone disorder (GHD) during childhood. It is due to GHD that he appeared short in stature and got the nickname ‘La Pulga’. But he … Read the rest

Look Who Is Guarding The NDA’s Presidential Candidate Ms. Droupadi Murmu

CRPF commandos will provide Z+ security cover to Ms. Droupadi Murmu (64) as soon as her name was announced as NDA’s presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential elections on July 18.


• Ms. Droupadi Murmu is made NDA’s presidential candidate
• Her security is also beefed up to Z+
• Ms. Murmu has served as Jharkhand governor
• The presidential election will be held on 18 July

Who Is Ms Droupadi Murmu?

Ms Droupadi Murmu

Msr Murmu is a senior party functionary from Odisha and has served as Jharkhand governor. She will get Z+ security cover that consists of a squad of 14-16 personnel of CRPF detachment based in Odisha from the date of announcement of her candidature. The security personnel will also take over the security of her home in Rairangpur in Odisha.

How Is Ms. Murmu Made Presidential Candidate?

BJP President JP Nadda announced that Ms. Murmu has been made NDA’s presidential candidate after a meeting of the party’s parliamentary board Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior leaders on Tuesday.

Ms. Murmu will travel extensively over the next month to meet various leaders to … Read the rest

Tata Group Buying 300 Narrowbody Aircraft From This Company

Tata group-owned Air India Ltd. is in the talks with Boeing for 300 narrowbody jets. If the deal is finalized, it will be one of the largest aircraft deals in history and a coup for Boeing as well.


• Air India Ltd. considering buying 300 737 Max aircraft from Boeing in the largest aircraft deal ever
• Tata group is also talking with Airbus for Airbus SE’s A320neo
• The company could buy a mix of both aircraft or choose one

Which Aircraft Is Air India Ltd. Considering?

Ever since Tata group bought Air India Ltd. in the most high-profile privatization under PM Narendra Modi, it has been trying to increase its share in the Indian aviation industry. It is a premium group with lucrative landing slots at most major airports but it is facing tough competition from foreign airlines including Middle East carriers that provide non-stop services to India.

Earlier Bloomberg reported that the Tata group is close to finalizing a deal of Airbus A350 long-range jets capable of flying as far as the US West coast from New Delhi. But an official revealed on condition of anonymity … Read the rest

World Music Day 2022: What Are Your Preparations?

The world is gearing up to celebrate World Music Day on Summer Solstice on June 21. And this year is going to be great for music lovers in many ways. For the last two years, music was the only companion and mode of communication between people who are stuck in their homes due to the pandemic.


• The world is gearing up to celebrate the World Music Day on June 21
• Countries are opening public places for musical performance by both professionals and amateurs
• Pianos are provided for people to play their music
• People are urged to listen to a piece of music every day

History Of The World Music Day?

The tradition to celebrate World Music Day began in France in 1982 when the government supports artists through the Fete De La Musique portal. The portal invites music lovers to choose their preferred locations and order posters to take their music to the masses. The longest day of the year has to be celebrated with music every hour.

How Are Other Countries Supporting Music Lovers?

Brazil and the Philippines have allowed musical performances by both … Read the rest