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Finland’s Sanna Marin Is The Youngest PM Of The World And She Heads A Young Coalition

Finland’s Sanna Marin Is The Youngest PM Of The World And She Heads A Young Coalition

Finland becomes the first nation to get the youngest prime minister of the world. 34-year old Sanna Marin is all set to swear in as Finland’s Prime Minster. And she will head a coalition government with four parties headed by women politicians and three of them are under 35.

Young women coalition partners of Finland

Sanna Marin (34)

A Master in Administrative Sciences from the University of Tampere, Sanna Marin boasts of rich experience in politics. She was the first Vice President of the Social Democratic Youth between 2010 and 2012. She was elected as the City Council of Tampere in 2012 and member of the Parliament of Finland in 2015. Today she is the youngest price minister in the world.

Li Andersson (32)

Born on 1987, Li Andersson has been leading the Left Alliance party since 2016. Earlier she was the head of The Left Youth of Finland from 2011 to 2015. She holds a bachelor degree in Social Services and has studied international law at Abo Akademi University. Presently she’s specializing in international human rights law and refugee law.

Maria Ohisalo (34)

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Congress Writes To Its State Presidents To Protest The Citizenship Bill Today

Congress will hold protest against the passage of the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in the Lok Sabha. It has urged its leaders and workers to hold protests across the country on Wednesday.

Congress General Secretary (Organisation) K.C. Venugopal said that the people were aware that the Congress was opposing the CAB that was likely to be taken up in Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The party needed to enlighten the public at large on the party’s stand and mobilized support in favour of party’s decision. He also wrote a letter to party state Presidents.

Letter of Mr Venugopal

He requested the party leaders and workers to undertake dharna pradarshan (protest) against the Bill in state headquarters by involving the senior leaders and frontal organisations.

The letter came out after former Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi criticised the CAB calling it an attack on the constitution of India. Mr Gandhi said that anyone supporting the bill was destroying the foundation of nation.

The CAB passed in the Lok Sabha sought to give nationality to non-Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan despite vehement opposition from major opposition … Read the rest


Highlights The Fiery Debate Of Citizenship Amendment Bill

Lok Sabha passed the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill in the midnight on Monday after spending 7 hours in heated debate and with 311 voting in favour and 80 against the bill. The bill will be tabled in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

During the debate, Union Home Minister Amit Shah assured the country that the CAB was no even 0.001% against the minorities residing in India. He even questioned the intention of Congress in opposing the bill and blamed Congress for dividing the country on religious lines in 1947. He stressed that the CAB would make it easy for non-Muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to become Indian citizens.

Highlights of the CAB debate

• PM Narendra Modi congratulated the Lok Sabha for passing the CAB and said that it was in centuries-old ethos of assimilation and belief in humanitarian values.

• Amit Shah said that CAB couldn’t be linked to National Register of Citizens (NRC) brought to identify illegal immigrants in India.

• Rejecting the claim that the centre was trying to make a Hindu Pakistan, Amit Shah said that Muslims had grown from … Read the rest


Congress And JDS Hopeful Of Making A Coalition In Karnataka After Bypoll Results

Fate of BS Yediyurappa led BJP government in Karnataka will be decided by the result of 15 assembly seats. Bypolls for these seats were held on December 5 and the result is expected by today evening.

Why were the bypolls held in Karnataka?

15 MLAs of Congress-JDS coalition resigned in support of BJP thus bringing the coalition government to an end and paving way for BJP government. Out of the 15 assembly seats, 12 belong to Congress and 3 to the JDS. The bypolls are crucial for ruling BJP as well as for the opposition.

What is the present political equation in Karnataka?

With the result, the strength of Karnataka assembly would be 224 but the BJP has only 105 MLAs. It would need 7 MLAs to get majority in the new house. Congress has 66 MLAs and JDS has 35 seats. If the BJP fails to win 7 seats, its government would come in minority. Also, the opposition parties could again form a coalition to keep the BJP out of power.

What is the future of Karnataka government?

The BJP claims to win 13 … Read the rest


New Alphabet Boss Is An Old Champ

Sundar Pichai was officially made CEO of Alphabet Inc. but in reality, he had been running the company for several years. The change in guard brought no change at the ground level because wasn’t a stranger to Google.

Meet Sundar Pichai

Curriculum Vitae of the 47-year old engineer from India reads like a typical Silicon Valley operator. He holds a Master’s degree from Stanford University, an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and a short stint in McKinsey & Co.

He joined Google in 2004 and soon was made responsible for Google’s most popular products including Gmail, the Chrome browser and Android. His colleagues call him collaborative and loyal. He once turned down offer of a big stock because he thought he had already been paid generously.

Pichai made head of Google

It was in 2015, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the Alphabet holding that Sundar Pichai was made Google’s boss. The founders handed total executive control of Google to Pichai to develop self-driven cars and technology that can improve quality of life.

Reputation of Sundar Pichai in Silicon Valley

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Thackeray Beckons Red Signal To Bullet Train Project After Stopping Work On Aarey Car Shed

After stopping work on the Aarey car shed a couple of days back, CM Udbhav Thackeray stalled the Rs. 1.1 lack crore Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project on the pretext of reviewing the project. Also, he promised brining out a White Paper on state’s finances. Cabinet expansion is also on his priority.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

The Rs. 1.1 lack crore project is facing hurdles in land acquisition especially in the Palghar area of north Mumbai. The government has already acquired 548 hectares of the total requirement of 1,380 hectares. It is a joint project of Gujarat, Mumbai and Center. Stopping this project will bring the Maharashtra government in collision mode with the center.

Farm distress

Udbhav Thackeray demanded a compensation of Rs. 25,000 per hectare for distressed farmers during election campaigns. When reminded by the opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis about the compensation he replied that he expected the opposition leader to talk to the center for release of funds for farm distress.

Maharashtra taxes

Thackeray said that Maharashtra contributes 40-45% of the total revenue from taxes to the center. If the center waves the taxes … Read the rest