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Why Did Twitter Want Tesla CEO Elon Musk On Its Board?

Elon Musk isn’t joining the Twitter Board. The Tesla CEO was slated to join the micro-blogging site on 9 April Saturday but he informed Twitter the same morning that he won’t join, said Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.


• Tesla CEO Elon Musk had many discussions with Twitter over joining its board
• Elon Musk informed the company about his decision not to join the Twitter board on the day of joining
• The micro-blogging site was excited about his entry after his recent tweets
• Elon Musk toyed with radical ideas like converting Twitter headquarters into a shelter home

Why Was Twitter Bringing Elon Musk To Its Board?

Twitter Want Tesla CEO Elon Musk On Its Board

According to the company it considered Elon Musk as a fiduciary of the company and expected him to add value to it with his ideas of radical change. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal formally informed its shareholders about Elon Musk joining the board on April 5 but the Tesla CEO decided not to join the board and remain a shareholder. It is to be noted that Elon Musk is the biggest shareholder in Twitter.

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Police And Army Clash At Protest In Sri Lanka

As anti-government demonstrations intensified in the country, Sri Lankan Army Chief called for an inquiry as police stopped soldiers of special forces at protests in Colombo.

10 Developments In Sri Lanka

Police And Army Clash At Protest In Sri Lanka
  1. Army Chief Shavendra Silva called for an inquiry after police stopped a group of masked soldiers with assault rifles at protests near parliament, where children, women, and the elderly were protesting.
  2. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa revoked the state of emergency he declared on 1 April with immediate effect amid protests against the nation’s worst economic crisis.
  3. 41 lawmakers walked out of the ruling alliance bringing the government to a minority and former allies demanding Rajapaksa’s resignation.
  4. Opposition parties have rebuffed Preside Rajapaksa’s call to join the government. But there are no signs of the opposition toppling the minority government.
  5. Finance Minister Ali Sabry stepped down ahead of a crucial meeting with International Monetary Fund for a loan program.
  6. The UN Human Right Council is closely watching the developments in Sri Lanka which is already under international censure for its deteriorating human rights record.
  7. Sri Lanka temporarily shut its embassies in Norway and Iraq and the Consulate General in Sydney.
  8. The
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Hashtags #Bucha And #Buchamassacare No Longer Trending On Facebook And Instagram

Hashtags related to civilian deaths in northern Ukraine will no longer feature on Facebook and Instagram according to Meta Platforms, the owner of two social media platforms. While Meta Platforms has justified reasons for the action, humanitarian organizations are criticizing the deletion of data.


• Meta Platforms removes violent Ukraine war content from Facebook and Instagram
• Automated systems are activated to block hashtags related to civilian killings
• Facebook and Instagram allow the publication of violent content only to raise awareness but explicit images are deleted
• Meta Platforms stores data only for 90 days but it is looking for ways to preserve the important data

Why Are Hashtags Related To Northern Ukraine Civilian Killings Blocked?

Bodies of civilians shot at close range were discovered in a town seized back from Russian forces. The city is Bucha and the images are titled killings in Bucha. The images are so disturbing that the people have started demanding further sanctions against Moscow. But Russia has clearly denied any accusations of killing the civilian population in Ukraine.

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Imran Khan Loses Key Ally MQM-P To Joint Opposition

Imran Khan-led Tehreek-e-Insaf government of Pakistan lost the majority after its key ally Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM) struck a deal with the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) last night.


• Imran Khan lost the majority before the no-trust vote on April 3
• MQM-P left the government to join hands with the opposition PPP
• PTI government is reduced to only 164 MNAs (Members of National Assembly)
• Imran Khan alleged that his government was topped with foreign funds

Why Did MQM-P Left The Government?

The united opposition and MQM-P reached an agreement last night bringing the Imran Khan government to minority status. The PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari tweeted “congratulations Pakistan” after the agreement. He further tweeted that Rabta committee MQM and PPP CEC would ratify the said agreement.

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What Volodymyr Zelenskiy Wants Moscow To Hear?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy released a video address in the early hours of Saturday to send his peace message to Russia. He called for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow to end the war. Also, he warned Russia of consequences that Moscow would need generations to cover.

What Was The Video Message Of Volodymyr Zelenskiy?

Zelenskiy said that he wanted everyone, especially in Moscow, to hear him. He further maintained that the time had come for a meeting and start negotiations to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine. Also, there was a hidden warning for the Russians in the message.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned Russia of unprecedented consequences. The losses suffered in the war would be so high that Russia would need generations to cover those losses.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy accused Russia of deliberately blocking humanitarian supplies to cities under attack. He called it a deliberate tactic and a war crime for which Russia would be answerable. He said that he was 100% certain that Moscow would be made to answer for the war crimes.

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The US Fears Use Bioweapons In Ukraine

The US warned that Russia could use bioweapons against Ukraine in the ongoing war while rejecting the assumptions that the US was supporting a bioweapons program in Ukraine.

Russia has alleged that Ukraine was working on a bioweapons program with the support of the US. But America has rejected the allegation saying that Moscow could use the bioweapons themselves.


• The US denied that it was supporting any bioweapons program in Ukraine
• America called the allegation a conspiracy theory for using bioweapons by Russia
• White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the disinformation by Russia was a sign that Russians could use the biological weapons
• Psaki hinted that Russia had a track record of accusing the west

Did Russia Find Bioweapons In Ukraine?

US Fears Use Bioweapons In Ukraine

Russian foreign ministry claimed to find evidence of the presence of biological weapons in Ukraine in its 6th March tweet. It said that Russian forces caught Ukrainians erasing traces of a military-biological program allegedly funded by the US.

The US Rejected The Allegation

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