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Amit Shah Gave Instruction For Joint CP Level Enquiry Of JNU Attack

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah asked Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik to investigate the JNU violence and take necessary action. The home ministry tweeted from that the minister had already ordered an inquiry by a Joint CP level officer.

JNU violence

Eye witnesses told that the violence started around 6:30 pm when around 50 masked goons forcibly entered the campus and started throwing bricks at buildings. They damaged furniture with hammers and beat up students and staff with sticks.

JNU students’ union president Aishe Ghosh was hit on her head. She was admitted to AIIMS for treatment. She said that she was singled out by the goons and one of them hit her hard on her head. A tweet from JNUSU read that the goons had the blessings of the police and the university administration.

The JNUSU blamed ABVP for the attack. ABVP is the student wing of the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party. The tweet read that those were unknown ABVP goons and they had covered their faces to avoid recognition. But not all were students of JNU.

ABVP blamed left-wing student unions for

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Pro-Iran Faction Hits US Embassy In Iraq With Rockets

US embassy in Iraq’s capital was attacked by a hardline pro-Iran faction on Sunday evening. The Sunday attack was the 14th time that the US installations in Iraq were attacked in the last two months.

US embassy attack

The Sunday attack was carried soon after the deadline for the local Iraqi troops to leave US installations. The 5:00 pm (1400 GMT) deadline was issued by the pro-Iran faction and the local troops guarding the US installations were advised to stay away from the US installations.

The vehemently anti-US group, Kataeb Hezbollah, issued the deadline for local Iraqi forces and fired two rockets towards the US embassy in Iraq’s capital. But the rockets were hit near the embassy and no casualty had been reported till the time of writing the report.

Iran had warned the US of revenge for killing its commander and the latter has warned of the use of beautiful military equipment to teach if Iran attacked the US installations.


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Trump Warns Iran Of More Attacks If Latter Takes Revenge

US President Donald Trump warned Iran of more attacks if it even tried to attack the US. He even disclosed the number of sites on the American target in his tweets.

Trump warns Iran

In reply to the revenge threat by Iran, Donald Trump said that Iran would be hit harder than ever before. He said that 52 sites of importance for Iran were under the target and that America would use the latest military equipment to carry out the attack. Trump reminded Iran of the Americans held hostage at the US embassy in Tehran for more than a year in late 1979 and tweeted that 52 represents those Americans.

No threat to homeland security

The US Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin to assure the citizens that there was no specific, credible threat against the homeland. But soon after the bulletin, a group claiming to be linked to Iran posted a message to revenge Soleimani’s death with the Iranian flag on the website of the Federal Depository Library Program.

Democrats stand against Trump

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Shiv Sena And BJP Slam Congress Seva Dal For Its Booklet “Veer Savarkar, Kitne Veer”

Congress Seva Dal in Madhya Pradesh released a booklet containing controversial statements about Veer Savarkar and Nathuram Godse. The book said that both the leaders were in a homosexual relationship. After this book, the Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha also released similar sentiments about Rahul Gandhi.

Congress Seva Dal booklet

The Hindi book titled “Veer Savarkar, Kitne Veer” cited an incident mentioned in Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins’s ‘Freedom at Midnight to claim that before adopting brahmacharya, Nathuram Godse was in a physical relationship with Veer Savarkar.

Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Maha Sabha replied to Congress

The Mahasabha president Swami Chakrapani said that he had heard similar things about former Congress president Rahul Gandhi. He discarded the claim about the physical relationship of Savarkar and Godes as ridiculous and said that Rahul Gandhi was also homosexual.

Shiv Sena replied to the book

Shiv Sena slammed the party over the controversial book that had left many Shiv saniks fuming over the physical relationship remark for Veer Savarkar and Nathuram Godse.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut went a step ahead to target Congress-affiliated Seva Dal for questioning Savarkar’s credentials … Read the rest

PM Modi Released 12 Thousand Crore Rupees For 6 Crore Farmers

PM Narendra Modi released the third installment of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi in Karnataka. He pressed the button from his tablet while addressing a gathering in Tumkur. PM is on a two-day visit to Karnataka. He said that the money has been deposited in the eighth crore farmer of the nation.

PM Modi in Tumkur

He transferred 12 thousand crore rupees in 6 crore farmer families from the rally of Tumkur. Also, he displayed his displeasure at many state governments not implementing PM-KSAN due to politics.

PM Modi said that efforts were made to identify specific products from every block and district and calculate their value. Separate identification of products would increase their export value. He hoped that the states would rise above domestic politics and implement the PM-KSAN scheme.

He said there was a time when a considerable amount of government funding was withdrawn by middlemen. Only 15 paise reached the poor out of every rupee sent by the government. Middlemen used to withdraw 85 paise from that money. But today the money is transferred directly to the bank accounts of needy people.

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Priyanka Gandhi Accuses UP Police Of Manhandling Her

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that she was manhandled by UP police personnel while she was on her way to meet retire IPS officer SR Darapuri. She took a scooter ride and then walked on foot to reach the residence of the retired IPS officer.

Priyanka Gandhi accused UP Police of manhandling

She was on her way to meet a retired IPS officer who was earlier arrested for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. But a police party stopper her cavalcade midway. According to Priyanka Gandhi, one of the policewomen held her by her neck while another pushed her to ground. She was then pulled up by her neck. And this incident happened before the party workers.

After her cavalcade was stopped from proceeding, Priyanka Gandhi decided to complete the rest of the journey on a scooter driven by a party worker. But she was stopped again. Finally, she decided to go on foot to meet the retired IPS officer who was also a cancer patient.

Police denying charges

Archana Singh was the policewoman in question. She said that she was doing her duty and … Read the rest