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Earthquake In PoK Sends Shockwaves To Delhi & Islamabad

Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 5.8 on Ritcher scale on Tuesday but the tremors were felt as far as Islamabad in Pakistan and Delhi in India.

Important facts about the earthquake

  • Epicenter was near New Mirpur city in PoK just 140km from Srinagar
  • Twenty-six people are reported to die and 300 injured due to earthquake
  • Pakistan sent alerts about aftershocks of similar intensity

Impact of the earthquake

The tremors cracked roads but at many places the roads were cut into two halves. Concrete buildings suffered maximum damage due to the earthquake. People uploaded videos of buildings collapsing and pictures of the debris accumulated on fractured ground. The devastation includes vehicles that got buried in cracked grounds and buildings.

Jhelum water spilled into homes

A part of road running parallel to the upper Jhelum river fell into the river resulting in spilling of the river water into nearby homes. The authorities have to stop spillway from the Mangla Dam to reduce flow in the upper Jhelum river.

Pakistan in the range of earthquake

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Why Did Trump Took Jibe At Imran Khan?

The US President Donald Trump took a jibe at Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan during a discussion on neighbors of Pakistan. Trump said that Pakistan lived with very friendly neighbors.

Imran Khan in the US

Pakistani Premier is on a state visit to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly session on September 27. He met Trump on September 23 on the sidelines of UNGA. Both the leaders were discussing world situation when Imran Khan diverted the focus to India. Trump diluted the discussion by including Afghanistan.

When Trump said Pakistan lives with friendly neighbors

A laugh broke out with Trump’s friendly neighbor remark. But it was a little bit sarcastic towards Pakistan. The political analysts see it as a sarcastic intervention to highlight the real situation of south-east Asia and especially with India and Pakistan. Imran Khan is there to attend UNGA meeting and address the world leaders on September 27.


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FIFA Best Player Award 2019 For Lionel Messi And Megan Rapinoe

Lionel Messi was selected for the FIFA Best Player Award 2019 by beating rival Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil Van Dijk, who was the winner of UEFA player’s award last month.

Contestants for FIFA Best Award and other titles

Started in 2016, the first two awards went to Cristiano Ronaldo (2016-17). In 2018, Croatian Luka Modric won the prestigious award. But in 2019, Lionel Messi pipped both the champions to become the best.

Both Lionel Messi and Van Dijk are also competing for the coveted Ballon d’Or that would be announced on 2nd December.

Last season, Lionel Messi emerged top scorer in the Champions League with 12 goals and won the European Golden Shoe with 36 goals in the La Liga title.

Van Dijk was in the race to FIFA player of the year after winning World Player of the Year and the Ballon d’Or in 2006.

Why was FIFA Best Award a surprise for Lionel Messi?

Messi called it a surprise because Van Dijk was very close to the award after winning UEFA Player’s award. It is for the first … Read the rest


Howdy, Modi: The World Rallied Behind India At The Houston Show

Young volunteers were seen shouting “Pakistaniyonkilaylee” while exchanging smiles and high-fives. PM Modi had just busted Pakistan without naming Imran Khan or even the country. But it was understood that Modi was talking about Pakistan.

Magic moments of the “Howdy, Modi”

  • Modi took a jibe at Pakistan’s concern over Kashmir issue instead of looking its own house and salvaging its reputation from becoming a hub for global terrorism.
  • Trump allowed Modi to bash Pakistan but asking for a standing ovation from the crowd for rallying against “radical Islamic terrorism” that goes beyond Pakistan.
  • Modi took the turn and called for a decisive war on terrorism and received another standing ovation from the audiences. He’s quick to seize the moment by linking 9/11 with 26/11. He asked that world knows where the perpetrators of the terrorist acts were hiding.
  • Neither of the two world leaders named Pakistan in their speeches but it was pretty clear to who they were referring too. While Modi gave clear hints that he’s talking about Imran Khan, Trump echoed his thoughts by saying that US knows India’s concerns with its borders.

Pakistan’s failed attempt to portray Read the rest

Real Madrid Vs UD Levante in Madrid, Spain

Watch Sevilla V/S Real Madrid Live On Facebook App

In the latest match in La Liga, Sevilla would take on Real Madrid after Barcelona’s humiliating 2-0 defeat to Granada on Saturday. The defeat came shocking considering the past record of Barcelona. But its ripples have been felt across the tournament.

What is the position of Sevilla?

Sevilla accumulated 10 points in four games. It did fairly well with excellent performance by some of its players under the new coach JulenLopetegui. Ex-Eibar midfielder Joan Jordan and on loan from Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilonare seen in great form.

What is the position of Real Madrid?

Zinedine Zidane’sboys are only two points behind the Sevilla team and its Karim Benzema playing in his top form. Also, he’s current ‘Pichichi’ topscorer of La Liga. But what makes things more interesting is Los Blancos losing each of their last four visits to the Estadio Sanchez Pizjuan.

How to watch the La Liga 2019 Sevilla vs Real Madrid live in India?

The La Liga match will be played at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium in Seville. Facebook would give the live telecast of the match from 12:30AM.

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Why September 22 Is Celebrated As Daughter’s Day?

Following the theme of celebrating every relation, world celebrates Daughter’s Day every year on fourth Sunday of September. But some countries have different days for celebrating Daughter’s Day. In India, it is on 22nd September.

Why world needs Daughter’s Day?

Parents especially fathers don’t need a reason to celebrate daughters because it is daughters that spread love and happiness in families and society at large. Watching daughters growing up and becoming independent is a pride moment for parents.

History of Daughter’s Day

It isn’t known what led to the start of Daughter’s Day but it is believed that the social issues related to the birth of girl child would have led the world to celebrate daughters by dedicating a day to them. Issues like female infanticide and dowry continue to plague the society and they are available in every society.

Daughter’s Day marks the beginning of a new era where girl child gets equal rights in family and society. It reminds the society that daughters are here to celebrate life and festivals. They are they joy of life, family and society. But the society still … Read the rest