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The US Won’t Send Its Troops To Ukraine Said President Joe Biden

American citizens should leave Ukraine said the US President Joe Biden as the US won’t send its troops to the ex-Soviet state even to rescue its citizens.

Biden said the situation in Russia was different and that he feared things could go crazy anytime. He maintained that the US was dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. If Americans and Russians start shooting one another, the world would be very different, said the president.

Why Is US President So Worried About Americans In Ukraine?

US President So Worried About Americans In Ukraine

Russian tanks are preparing for live drills across Belarus. It has been three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the world is seeing the deployment of missiles, and heavy armory by Russia and NATO called it a “dangerous moment.” Also, six Russian warships are reaching the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov through Bosphorus for naval drills.

But Russia’s defense ministry said that the drills would center around suppressing and repelling any external aggression. Also, Russia has promised that the troops would be taken back after the drills are complete.

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Propose Day 2022: Say Something On Propose Day

Valentine’s Week has already started and entered into the second day that is Propose Day. It is the day when you can express your true feelings about someone you love from the depth of your heart. Since Propose Day has just begun, you should start getting ideas on how to send your love message.

Let Your Loved One Know About Your True Feelings

A day before Propose Day, you gifted a rose to your bae and now you know that your love is expecting a sweet message on Propose Day. While you still have time to think of a decent way to send your love message, you shouldn’t let your bae wait for a long time.

A Phone Call

How about making a phone call to your bae to sense the mood of your love and then plan accordingly? Since the weather is sunny and pleasant, you can plan a brunch at your favorite restaurant or visit a new eatery. But there is a problem with the phone call. In case your bae is busy, your call could go unanswered. And you would certainly not … Read the rest

Rose Day 2022: Which Color Of Rose Should You Gift To Your Loved One And Why?

Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day and the day has come. And you can start your Rose Day by sending best wishes, sharing quotes, and writing heartwarming messages to your loved ones. And there is little to worry about writing a message as we’re sharing messages and quotes for your convenience.

What Is Rose Day?

Rose Day

Every year the seventh day of Valentine’s month is celebrated as Rose Day, but there is a hidden message in roses. While most people gift red roses, those who understand the significance of color choose the colors that reflect their true feelings for their loved ones.

• Red is the color of love. It gives a clear message that your loved one lives in your heart.

• Yellow is the color of the sun that stands for bright light. In a relationship, it conveys the message of true friendship that can materialize into a healthy bond.

• Pink is a touchy color. It shows the subtle side of your relationship. It is like revealing something that you have kept as a secret from your friend. It also stands for … Read the rest

How Earth Is Losing Its Ice Cover To Global Warming?

• The Arctic is warming at an alarming rate three to four times the global average
• Ice lost in Greenland can submerge the US in half a meter of water
• Ice melt from Greenland is the prime factor in the rise of ocean water
• Arctic ice sheet has also shrunk considerably

Global warming data collected in two decades highlights that the Arctic ice sheet is depleting faster than anywhere else on the planet. It further highlights the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet that has lost enough water to submerge the US in half a meter of water.

Which Agency Is Monitoring Global Warming?

Which Agency Is Monitoring Global Warming

Polar Portal is the monitoring agency. This joint project involving leading Danish Arctic research institutes started work in 2002 and released the data of two decades of study last week.

The ice melt seen in the satellite images provided by the US-German GRACE programme (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) was most severe near the coasts of the Arctic territory.

Observations by independent researchers also highlight thinning of the ice. They also highlighted glacier fronts retreating in fjords and on … Read the rest

Karnataka’s Former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s Granddaughter Died By Suicide

Granddaughter of Bhartiya Janta Party leader and former Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa, Soundarya died by suicide at her Bengaluru home on Friday. The 30-year-old doctor was found hanging in her first-floor home in Legacy Apartment.

Who Was Soundarya?

Soundarya was the daughter of Yediyurappa’s elder daughter Padmavati. She was a postgraduate in general surgery from MS Ramaiah and was married to Dr. Neeraj, a radiologist with the same hospital in 2018. They had been living in the Legacy Apartment on Cunningham Road for two years.

What Does The Investigation Say?

According to a preliminary investigation, it was a case of suicide. Soundarya was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her bedroom. The couple has a nine-month-old baby that was found sleeping in another room. Also, the police said that they didn’t find any death note from her home.

How Did It happen?

It happened around 10:30 AM on Friday when the housemaid and the nanny hired for the baby found Soundarya locked in her bedroom. They called her many times but got no response to their knocks and calls. This sparked suspicion … Read the rest

The US Again Warns India of CAATSA Sanction Over S-400 Missile Deal

The US again raised its concern over India buying S-400 missile defense system to India and called Russia is playing a destabilizing role in the region. But it admitted that India’s decision to buy Russian missiles is based on the national interest of the country.

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said that the US had concerns with the S-400 system and he thought that the deal put the destabilizing role of Russia not only in the region but potentially beyond as well in the spotlight.

Price further maintained that while the US hadn’t decided about the missile deal, it was something the US continued to discuss with the government of India about the risk of CAATSA sanctions for the missile deal with Russia.

Price was speaking to the reporters about the implications of the Russian missile on the Indo-US bilateral ties. The US is analyzing the deal in the shadow of its heightened tensions with Moscow for Russia’s imminent Ukraine invasion.

India closed the S-400 missile deal despite strong objections from the Biden administration and the threat of US sanctions. Also, the US administration has … Read the rest