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St Valentine’s Day: Story Of Love From Platonic To Modern

Valentine’s Day is back and as usual, it is celebrated as festival of love, romance, friendship, fascination, admiration and passion. Today, it has become the trendiest youth event in the modern world but its origin and traditions date back to time immemorial.

India connection of Valentine’s Day

In India, the system of Ghotul is still been practiced in some parts of southern states. Also, Lord Krishna’s playful romance with Radhika and gopikas stands tells more about romantic life. It tells that romantic life was fairly welcome in the ancient time.

Critical significance

Human being needs nutrition and procreation for survival. Nutrition is needed for self-existence and procreation for continuity of species. And human being crossed physical boundaries in search of nutrition and procreation.

An anonymous scribble reads “A woman in love asked her boyfriend who do you love most and he replied you”. She again asked “Who am I to you and he replied you are my other half”.

Missing half

In the Puranas, Lord Shiva is presented as ‘Arthanareeswara’ that is a fusion of male and female. This figure represents power of creation, maintenance … Read the rest

Happy Kiss Day 2020: Express Your Love By Kissing And Messaging

February 13 is the seventh day of the Valentine’s Week but it is more popular as Kiss Day. And this day brings an opportunity for people that are unable to express their love in words. They can share their feelings by kissing each-other.

Celebrate Kiss Day

It is a day when you can express your love by kissing your partner. It is how couples celebrate this day. If you are in a relationship and looking for ways to express your love then you should take advantage of Kiss Day. Also, you can make this day very special by spending some time with your loved one. Also, you can surprise her with a gift like movie or dinner.

It is believed that kissing deepens love and Kiss Day is the day for kissing. It is a physical process that develops respect for each-other. Also, the Kiss Day provides people an opportunity to find time from their busy work schedule to kiss their partners.

Also, you can send love messages and quotes to your love interest. It is also a way of expressing your feelings and love towards your partner. You can … Read the rest

Happy Hug Day 2020: All You Need To Know About Hug Day And Hugging

Hug Day comes on February 12. It is the day on which couples give hug to each other. Hug is a physical action that includes wrapping the person who want to hug with your arms. This action removes all physical and psychological differences between the two persons.

It sounds romantic and romance is necessary for a long-lasting relationship. Hugging has many advantages like it promotes mental well-being and develops understanding.

Hug Day fun facts

  1. Hugging is good for well-being – eight hugs a day provide mental stability and twelve hugs boost psychological development of the person hugged.
  2. With a hugging session lasting at least 10 seconds, a couple spends one hour every month in hugging.
  3. A proper hug iron outs differences and breaking the wall created due to personal enmity and fighting. The movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is a good example of power of a hug. In film, it was called Jadoo Ki Jhappi.
  4. Hug is reciprocal in nature. It is beneficial for both – one who is hugging and other who is hugged. Also, hugging reduces the feeling of insecurity between the persons involved.
  5. Hug releases a kind of
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Xi Jinping Visits Hospitals After Coronavirus Killed Over 1,000 And Infected Over 40,000 Across China

With 103 new deaths reported from the hard-hit Hubei province, the total number of fatalities due the coronavirus in China crosses the one thousand mark. According to the latest figures it is 1,011. Also, Hubei health commission confirmed 2,097 new cases in its latest update.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits hospitals

The president called for “more decisive measures” to contain the outbreak. He made this statement after meeting the medical workers and patients admitted in hospitals.

WHO sent team to China

World Health Organization sent an international expert mission under the leadership of Bruce Aylward to check China’s response to the coronavirus. Bruce had supervised the organization’s 2014-2016 response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Meanwhile WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned that there had been some “concerning instances” of coronavirus infection with no travel history to China. Britain said that the coronavirus in UK had been doubled from 4 to 8. It also said that the outbreak of novel coronavirus was a “serious and imminent threat”.

The US President Donald Trump expressed his belief that the novel coronavirus would disappear with onset of … Read the rest

Teddy Bear Day: The Story Behind Making Of Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Day is a very special day of Valentine’s Week. It is the fourth day of Valentine’s Week and it is special because on this day people express their love with teddies. While you are free to buy any gift, teddy has a special place in Valentine’s Week.

Story of Teddy Bear day

Once upon a time, the 26th President of US Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi to mediate between Louisiana and Mississippi. In free time, Roosevelt used to go on hunting in Mississippi. One day he found a brutally injured bear tied to a tree. His assistants asked him to shoot the bear but he said that huntinginjured animals was against the rules. But he later order killing the animal to rid him of the pain and suffering.

This incident made Roosevelt popular in the local media. Washington Post published a cartoon where the president was shown with a bear. The cartoon was made by Clifford Berryman. People liked the bear cartoon so much that it became a topic of discussion.

Bear cartoon to teddy bear

Inspired by the bear cartoon, a candy and toy store owner, Morris, … Read the rest

Happy Chocolate Day 2020: The third day Of Valentine week

The sweetest day of the Valentine week is a chocolate day celebrated on the third day of this loveable week. 9 February is celebrated as chocolate day. On this day all the love ones give their favorite chocolates to each other with some beautiful flowers and this enlarges the more sweetness in their relationship. To express your love for someone special this day is the best.

This is the day coming after a propose day and before promise day to indulge in the sweet taste of personalized chocolates with your sweetheart and on this forget all the problems and tensions in the world.

How to Celebrate this Day:

This day doesn’t mean that you only give the chocolates to your love, you can also give this special treatment to your close friends, colleagues, siblings or another close person in your life to make them happy and bring a smile on their cute faces.

The main purpose of the chocolate day is to express your love one’s how sweet they are for you. Here, some quotes and message you can share it with your chocolate which impress more your Partner or … Read the rest