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Who is Angelo Moriondo’s Whose Birthday Google Is Celebrating Today?

Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to Angelo Moriondo, inventor of the first known espresso coffee machine. And Google recalls his contribution to make coffee popular throughout the world on his 171st birth anniversary.


Google celebrates birthday of maker of the first espresso coffee machine
Angelo Moriondo invented the first espresso machine in 1884
He belonged to a family of entrepreneurs
Olivia When created the Doodle with a GIF of the espresso machine

Google Doodle Of The First Espresso Machine

The Doodle features three pictures. The first picture from the left is the first known espresso machine. The GIF shows coffee dripping in a cup. The second picture is the advanced version of the first machine that can brew coffee faster. The third picture is of the latest machine that can pour coffee in multiple cups.

Who Was Angelo Moriondo?

Angelo Moriondo

Born on 6 June 1851 in Turin, Italy, Angelo Moriondo’s family was always brewing new ideas or projects. His grandfather founded a liquor production company that was managed by his father. Moriondo launched a popular chocolate company with his cousin brother Gariglio and named it “Moriondo and Gariglio”.

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What Google Wants You To Know About Satyendra Nath Bose With Its Doodle?

Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to the great Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose who discovered quantum mechanics in the early 1920. Later on 4 June 1924, Bose sent his quantum formulations to the German scientist Albert Einstein who recognized quantum mechanics as a significant discovery in the field of physics and mathematics.


• Google Doodle celebrates the 98th anniversary of quantum mechanics
• It is a tribute to Satyendra Nath Bose who discovered quantum mechanics
• Bose made the discovery in 1920 and sent it to Einstein in 1924
• Einstein recognized the discovery of quantum mechanics as a big leap in science

Satyendra Nath Bose In The Pages Of History

Born In 1894 in Kolkata, Bose was a meritorious student throughout his academic career. He received his early education in Hindu School in Calcutta and went to Presidency College for higher studies. And he received the highest marks in each institution. As a student, Bose developed an interest in varied fields including physics, chemistry, biology, mineralogy, mathematics, philosophy, arts, literature, and music. After completing his studies, Bose even worked as a lecturer in the physics department of … Read the rest

World Bicycle Day 2022: Significance Of Cycling In the Modern World

The bicycle is one of the oldest means of transport and it continues to be in use despite the availability of motorcycles and electric bikes. The biggest reason behind the popularity of the bicycle is the simple design that allows it to use as a mode of transport and it exercises the whole body as well.


• June 3 is celebrated as World Bicycle Day since 2018
• UN adopted a resolution regarding World Bicycle Day at its 72nd Regular Session
• The objective of celebrating World Bicycle Day is to educate people about the advantages of cycling
• WHO also emphasizes the use of cycles to achieve recommended activity levels

Significance Of World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day highlights the presence of a simple machine that can be used both for exercising and transportation, especially for short distances. The biggest advantage of cycling is that it keeps people active while transporting them to places. Lack of physical activity among people is making them prone to chronic ailments including diabetes, hypertension, and cardio problems. The use of bicycles can save them from these problems and save the environment as … Read the rest

Which Industries Would Get National Awards For Indigenous Technologies On National Technology Day 2022?

National Technology Day 2022 will be celebrated on 11 May with the theme of “Integrated Approach in Science & Technology for Sustainable Future”. Union Minister Jitendra Singh launched the theme to begin the celebrations.


• National Technology Day is celebrated on 11 May every year
• It is observed to honor India’s scientists and their achievements
• Celebrations include the announcement of National Awards for the commercialization of technologies

History Of National Technology Day

History Of National Technology Day

The National Technology Day was started in 1998 at the behest of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 11 May 1998 is a special day in the history of India. It was on that day that the country conducted a series of successful nuclear tests at Pokhran and then PM Vajpayee announced celebrations of all the hard work and efforts put the scientific community of India in the development of new technologies.

Also, the day coincides with the flight of India’s first indigenous aircraft, Hansa-3, in Bengaluru. The aircraft took its first flight when the nuclear tests were conducted in Pokhran.

Significance of National Technology Day

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Google Doodle: What Google Wants To Tell About Naziha Salim?

Today’s Google Doodle is to Naziha Salim fondly called “the first Iraqi woman who anchored the pillars of Iraqi contemporary art” by the sixth Iraqi president Jalal Talabani.


• Born in 1927 in Istanbul, Naziha Salim belongs to a family of Iraqi artists
• She was awarded a scholarship to study abroad
• Her paintings mainly represent rural Iraqi women
• She authored a book on the history of modern Iraqi art, Iraq: Contemporary Art

A Look At The Life Of Naziha Salim

Born in 1927 into a family of Iraqi artists living in Turkey, Naziha Salim took her first lessons in painting from her father Hajji Mohammed Salim, who himself was a painter. Her mother was a skilled embroider. Her older brothers Rashid, Su’ad Salim, Nizarre, and Jawad were also talented artists. Out of the four, it was Jawad who became Iraq’s most beloved sculptor.

Naziha Salim started painting at an early age and she loved to paint pictures using her creativity. Her family sent her to the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute from where she graduated with distinction. Her hard work got her … Read the rest

World Heritage Day 2022: What You Need To Know About This Day?

The International Day for Monuments and Sites also known as World Heritage Day is observed every year on 18 April. The objective of celebrating the monuments of the world is to aware people of the rich heritage the world has. It is an integral part of the culture and traditions of the world.

How Is The World Heritage Day Celebrated?

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which works for the conservation and protection of heritage places around the world, hosts heritage tours to educate people on the heritage sites of the world. It also hosts seminars and discussions on issues related to the preservation of the cultural and heritage sites.

What is The History Of The World Heritage Day?

What is The History Of The World Heritage Day

The proposal of celebrating World Heritage Day to preserve the cultural and heritage sites came from ICOMOS. It sent the proposal on 18 April 1982 to the General Assembly of UNESCO and the assembly approved the proposal in 1983. Since then, 18 April is celebrated as World Heritage Day across the globe.

What Is The Theme Of World Heritage Day 2022?

World Heritage Day 2022

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