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Christmas Photoshoot Gives Magic Moments To Families Of Hospital Kids

Christmas has arrived and people are getting ready for the celebrations but there are thousands of kids that are missing their families, holidays and festivities. Hospitalized for various medical ailments, these kids will celebrate Christmas with a group of photographers.

Photographers for kids

Seasoned photographers have teamed up to give hospitalized children a magical experience with Santa. They have named it Christmas Wish Project and it involves meet-and-greet photoshoots with Santa at hospitals. The pictures are edited and improved to look like kids are enjoying Christmas with Santa. The images are then sent to families of the kids.

An experience editorial team does the behind the scenes job. Green screen shots are transformed into magical wintery scenes said Erin Michalski who is in-charge of the Canadian photoshoots.

The edited images are made to look like Santa playing video games with a child on a snowy rooftop. In another image, Santa is seen holding a baby in stable and two boys riding a polar bear in the North Pole.

Photos are sent to parents

Michalski said that the pictures were for parents and are sent through … Read the rest

Sundar Pichai Promised $242 Million Over Three Years By Google

Sundar Pichai would take a salary of $2 million annually starting 2020. This is the first salary hike for Sundar Pichai after assuming the role of CEO in Alphabet Inc. He will also receive a whopping $240 million in performance-based stock awards over a time of three years.

Sundar Pichai grants

He’s behind Tim Cook in terms of grants related to CEO. Tim took $376 million as Apple’s CEO according to Equilar, a firm that tracks executive compensations.But Larry Page was taking a salary of $1 as the CEO of Alphabet Inc before stepping down.

Sunder Pichai’s journey to Google

Sundar Pichai became CEO of Google after serving the organization for 15 years. In 2015, his annual salary was $652.500 but his increased the following year due to a massive $199 million in stock awards. He was highest paid Alphabet executive at that time.

Credited for making the Google Chrome browser a success, Sundar Pichai was once considered the potential successor to Microsoft Corp CEO Steve Ballmer before Satya Nadella was instated in February 2014.

Google recently revealed in a statement that Pichai earned nearly … Read the rest

July 1, 1987 Is The New Cut Off For Citizenship In India

The centre went on an overdrive to dispel fears regarding CAA and the proposed nationwide implementation of National Register of Citizens (NRC). Muslims fear that NRC will strip them of their citizenship and leave stateless.

Ministry of Home Affairs dispelled the fear of NRC

The MHA announced that no individual who was born or whose parents were born in India on or before July 1, 1987 would be considered an illegal immigrant. A senior office from MHA said that people born on or before the prescribed date would be considered Indians under naturalization as per the law.

There was no comment on nationwide implementation of NRC but the official said that there was no similarity between CAA and NRC in Assam because the cut-off date in NRC was 1971. The official said that there was no discussion on nationwide implementation of NRC.

2004 Citizenship Act Amendments

The amendments laid certain conditions for awarding citizenship. People that fulfil the following conditions are considered natural citizens of India.

• Born in the country on or after January 1, 1950 but before July 1, 1987

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Forbes India Celebrity 100 For 2019: Virat Kohli Is The Highest Paid Celebrity Followed By Akshay And Salman

Captain of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli is the number one celebrity in the Forbes India’s list of Celebrity 100 for the year 2019. His earning is capped at Rs. 252.72 crore.

Celebrities in the Forbes India Celebrity 2019 list

Akshay Kumar is highest earning star in Bollywood. His earning grew 58.51% from the previous year. He earns Rs. 293.25 crore. Salman Khan, the dabang of Bollywood follows Akshay Kumar in earning. Salman earns Rs. 229.25 crore.

More from the list

The megastar Amitabh Bachchan earns only Rs. 239.25 crore hence on the 4th spot in the list. Following Amitabh is former Indian captain MS Dhoni. His earning is Rs. 135.93 crore.

Shah Rukh Khan aka King Khan has made a comeback to the list but he’s on 5th spot. His earning is Rs. 124.38 crore. Ranveer Singh, who has been doing well in Bollywood, is after Shah Rukh Khan in the list. He earns Rs. 118.2 crore.

Female stars in the list

There are only two female stars in the top-10 position but their earnings are much lower than … Read the rest

Delhi: Seelampur Tense But Under Control; Former Congress MLA Accused In JMI Violence

Peaceful procession against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill turned violent in Seelampur area in Delhi on Tuesday. According to reports, there were around 1,000 protestors in the procession when it took a violent turn by burning a school bus and a police station. Two police booths are also damaged.

Seelampur incident

Joint Commissioner of Delhi Alok Kumar said that people protesting peacefully at the Seelampur t-point suddenly started stoning. Also, they clashed with the police party present to manage the procession. And police had to use mild lathicharge and fire tear gas shells to disperse the violent crowd.

The incident resulted in injury to 21 people out of which 12 belong to Delhi Police and 3 to Rapid Action Force. The police have detained 5 people for the incident. The Joint Commission said that the situation was brought under control by appealing to the violent crowd from masjids and madarsas. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has also appealed to maintain peace in the city.

FIR against former Congress MLA

Delhi police have registered a FIR against the former Congress MLA, Asif Khan in connection with the Jamia Millia … Read the rest

Punjab, Haryana, Delhi to experience heavy Rainfall

The WD (Western Disturbance) is situated over while North India on Morning of Friday. This whole cyclonic and Disturbance will affect central and northern India.

On Friday the Western Disturbance gives rise to heavy Rainfall or snowfall and a Hailstorm or thunderstorm over the Central North India and thunderstorms and heavy rain over central and Northern India.

Heavy Rainfall or snowfall and Hailstorms and thunderstorms on Friday are over the whole of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, and Uttrakhand. In Jammu& Kashmir, Uttrakhand, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh having 24 hours total drizzling of 30mm to 50mm is possible and 24 hours snowfall of 30mm to 80 mm is possible over there. On Friday Heavy thunderstorms and Rainfall likely over Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, and West Uttar Pradesh.

On Friday dense fog is likely there over Northern Rajasthan and Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and North Rajasthan on Saturday and the same on Sunday in North Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.

For the next five days, this Northeast monsoon is sifted to southern India. On Friday Heavy thunderstorm and Rainfall are over Tamil Nadu.

Across … Read the rest