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Send Best Wishes For Hazrat Ali’s Birthday On 15th February 2022

15 February is the birthday of the first man to embrace Islam and accept Muhammad as the Prophet of God. He is Ali ibn Abu Talib. Born in 599 AC on the 13th day of the Islamic month of Rajab in Mecca, he also made Mecca the holiest place in Islam.

Birth Of Hazrat Ali

Born to Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asda, Hazrat Ali was first person to embrace Islam as a religion and convert to it. A cousin of Muhammad, he married Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah and became his first son-in-law. And being a prominent figure in Islam, he fought numerous battles as an aid of Prophet Muhammad. Hazrat Ali’s birthday is determined according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

Hazrat Ali’s Rule

Hazrat Ali is respected by both Shias and Sunnis in different manners. Both the Muslim communities honor him as the greatest figure in Islam. As a religious Muslim leader, he ruled till the year 661 and was known as an honest ruler till his last breath.

Martyr Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali was killed with a poisonous sword when he was offering his … Read the rest

Propose Day 2022: Say Something On Propose Day

Valentine’s Week has already started and entered into the second day that is Propose Day. It is the day when you can express your true feelings about someone you love from the depth of your heart. Since Propose Day has just begun, you should start getting ideas on how to send your love message.

Let Your Loved One Know About Your True Feelings

A day before Propose Day, you gifted a rose to your bae and now you know that your love is expecting a sweet message on Propose Day. While you still have time to think of a decent way to send your love message, you shouldn’t let your bae wait for a long time.

A Phone Call

How about making a phone call to your bae to sense the mood of your love and then plan accordingly? Since the weather is sunny and pleasant, you can plan a brunch at your favorite restaurant or visit a new eatery. But there is a problem with the phone call. In case your bae is busy, your call could go unanswered. And you would certainly not … Read the rest

Rose Day 2022: Which Color Of Rose Should You Gift To Your Loved One And Why?

Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day and the day has come. And you can start your Rose Day by sending best wishes, sharing quotes, and writing heartwarming messages to your loved ones. And there is little to worry about writing a message as we’re sharing messages and quotes for your convenience.

What Is Rose Day?

Rose Day

Every year the seventh day of Valentine’s month is celebrated as Rose Day, but there is a hidden message in roses. While most people gift red roses, those who understand the significance of color choose the colors that reflect their true feelings for their loved ones.

• Red is the color of love. It gives a clear message that your loved one lives in your heart.

• Yellow is the color of the sun that stands for bright light. In a relationship, it conveys the message of true friendship that can materialize into a healthy bond.

• Pink is a touchy color. It shows the subtle side of your relationship. It is like revealing something that you have kept as a secret from your friend. It also stands for … Read the rest

Karnataka’s Former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s Granddaughter Died By Suicide

Granddaughter of Bhartiya Janta Party leader and former Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa, Soundarya died by suicide at her Bengaluru home on Friday. The 30-year-old doctor was found hanging in her first-floor home in Legacy Apartment.

Who Was Soundarya?

Soundarya was the daughter of Yediyurappa’s elder daughter Padmavati. She was a postgraduate in general surgery from MS Ramaiah and was married to Dr. Neeraj, a radiologist with the same hospital in 2018. They had been living in the Legacy Apartment on Cunningham Road for two years.

What Does The Investigation Say?

According to a preliminary investigation, it was a case of suicide. Soundarya was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her bedroom. The couple has a nine-month-old baby that was found sleeping in another room. Also, the police said that they didn’t find any death note from her home.

How Did It happen?

It happened around 10:30 AM on Friday when the housemaid and the nanny hired for the baby found Soundarya locked in her bedroom. They called her many times but got no response to their knocks and calls. This sparked suspicion … Read the rest

Antivirus Software Owner John McAfee, 75, Died As A Prisoner In Spain

John McAfee, the owner of the leading McAfee antivirus software firm, died as a fugitive in a Spanish prison. A Spanish court deemed it a suicide after the court turned his application for resisting extradition to the US was turned down.

Why was the US seeking the extradition of John McAfee?

He was accused of not filing tax returns for several years despite making a good profit by promoting cryptocurrencies, consulting work, and selling the rights to his story for a documentary. If proved, he could face conviction and McAfee feared he could be imprisoned for life. He was 75 at the time of his death.

Why was his application contesting extradition was turned down?

McAfee alleged that he was facing persecution for raising his voice against the rampant corruption in the federal departments. He also opposed the flat money system that allows banks greater control over regulating the money supply. But the court found no material in the allegations and released the order to extradite McAfee.

But it wasn’t the only trouble of John McAfee….

In 2012, McAfee had to flee his home in … Read the rest

5 Morning Asanas To Learn On International Yoga Day 2021

Start the International Yoga Day 2021 with Surya Namaskar that is a combination of 12 asanas. Also, develop the good habit of doing yoga daily. Yoga is good for life. It helps in maintaining physical and mental well-being. Also, some asanas are simple to perform and that can give amazing benefits like mental peace and improved digestion.

Start your morning with these 5 yoga asanas and stay fit and healthy all-day

  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is also referred to as salutations to the Sun as it is a combination of 12 asanas. It strengthens the spine and back muscles. Also, it boosts metabolism and blood circulation.

• Stand up with folded hands, raise your hands over your head, and bring the hands down towards your feet. You can bend your knees for convenience.

• Bring your right knee towards the chest and stretch the left knee towards the back. Repeat it with the left knee.

• Lie on your abdomen, place your palms on the floor, and stretch your head backward with the help of your hands.

• Lift your hips to make an inverted … Read the rest