Celebrating International Nurses Day 2020 In Lockdown

Today is International Nurses Day. Every year, on this day, the world community commemorate the contributions of these paramedics in saving lives of others and these unsung heroes even risk their family and personal life to help others. Someone has rightly compared the nurses as angles in white coats and caps.

International Nurses Day

These are unsung heroes but their contribution is no less remarkable than others. They ensure health and wellness of community and they serve people without any personal benefit or interest. They are with the needy and those that are suffering due to diseases all the time. Also, they were always at the forefront of the fight against pandemics.

Theme for International Nurses Day

“Nursing The World To Health” is the theme for the International Nurses Day 2020. According tothe International Council of Nurses (ICN), the focus of the theme is to highlight the true value of nurses to the world. The people are invited to come forward and give a big salute to these unsung heroes that are playing a crucial role in battling the deadly virus.

Celebration of International Nurses Day

The world is under lockdown for a long time and the lockdown is expected to continue for a long time. And the nurses are among the frontline warriors in the fight against COVID-19. It is time that the world recognizes their contribution in tiding the increase of coronavirus. Today people are sending messages, quotes, WhatsApp messages and social media posts to boost the confidence of the nurses.

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