Delhi Police has arrested two folks for the panic calls over Delhi Violence

The violence and protests by Jamia students are still under pressure. After the horrendous war and heavy damage, the other incident took place yesterday. Due to the violence, Delhi police decided to close the Metro station on Sunday, however, it was open after the interval.

Delhi police said this was panic news that spread by people who do want peace in the society. The police requested people to do not to react and maintain peace. On the other side, the police have arrested two people for interrogation.

Delhi Police said maintain peace

As per the panic news, Delhi Police came forward and said everything is under control and there is no need to worry. Our experts and senior officers have undertaken the situation carefully.

The Delhi head officer Randhawa said, we have undertaken the places like west Delhi, South Delhi, hari garden, and rosary garden more. Please do not take random calls from an unknown number, said Delhi Police. The police will take care of everything and keep an eye on all monsters who are making such panic calls.

Live news- Two people are arrested

Randhawa said we have arrested few peoples on making such fake news of violence. The case has filed for those and we will take serious actions.

The one more news also coming from Rohini, there was heavy violence. But Rohini police have cleared that this was completely fake news, said on Twitter.


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