Happy thanksgiving giving celebrated with thank fulness

Thanksgiving is said to be an annual national holiday in the United States. Whereas Canada celebrates this day as harvest and other blessings of the past year. It is believed by American, Thanksgiving is modelled on a 1621 harvest feast. According to them, it was shared by the English Colonists.

In1789, November 26, was declared thanksgiving day by George Washington. But this was not connected to the Pilgrim feast, it was then considered for the same year only.

How thanksgiving becomes official.

By 1789, thanksgiving was not officially set as a holiday. Thanksgiving was yet to get published officially. It then becomes a matter of interest for the common public.

It was advised by George Washington to consider the last Thursday of November as a thanking day. It was liked by the people and was considered a thoughtful idea. Lastly, It was the first president of the US, Abraham Lincoln who officially declared last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving day.

Why called as thanksgiving

It would be a common question, what could be the reason for calling last Thursday of every November as thanksgiving. The reason is people thanks for the last year of harvest, and also welcome for the coming year. Not only this, in the USA, it is often recognized as an event which took place when English Colonial held a fest to thanks native American for helping then to start their new lives in the US.

Thanksgiving Celebration

Celebrate thanksgiving as a legendary holiday. People organize the traditional fare for the celebration of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving particularly includes turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, cranberries and also pumpkin pie. It is believed to celebrate it with family gatherings. Relatives plan to meet at some common point and enjoy together.

Thanksgiving Quotes: “Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy “—Jacques Maritain

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