Mislav Orsic Of Dinamo Zagreb Beat Tottenham Hotspur With 3-0 Hat Trick

Mislav Orsic shattered all hopes of Tottenham Hotspur of reaching the quarterfinals by striking a hat-trick on the Thursday match. Dinamo Zagreb won the match by 3-0 leaving the Spurs surprised at their ouster.

Where was Tottenham Hotspur standing in the league?

Jose Mourinho’s team had a 2-0 advantage from the first leg when they entered the second leg of the Europa League and were hoping to reach the quarterfinals. But Dinamo Zagreb proved to be a tough nut to crack despite the controversy surrounding their coach Zoran Mamic.

The first half of the match was tepid

There was no progress in the first 45 minutes of the game as the Spurs looked listless. Both the teams retired to their respective dressing rooms at the end of the first half. But there was some action on the part of the host in the second half. The Spurs found it difficult to check Mislav Orsic who scored three goals to give Dinamo Zagreb a clear lead over Tottenham Hotspur.

Was Mislav Orsic the real hero of the match?

Mislav Orsic told reporters that he thought that everyone was a hero that night because they all breathed as one in an unforgettable match. He further said that they were gutted after a 2-0 defeat in London because they felt they had that in them to do better and they couldn’t put a foot wrong that night.

Who will Dinamo Zagreb play in the quarterfinals?

Zagreb will play with the team that will win Friday’s Europa League match. They had entered the quarterfinals with a lead of 3-2 wins.

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