Mother’s Day 2020: Create Your Mother’s Day Card On Interactive Google Doodle

On Mother’s Day, Google wants its users to create heartwarming cards for their mothers with the help of an interactive Doodle. May 10 is Mother’s Day and this year Google wants to make it very special for mothers.

Interactive Doodle for Mother’s Day 2020

Illustrated by lead artist Alyssa Winans, the new Doodle works like a design tool with which anyone can design creative custom card for his/her mother. Clicking on the Doodle takes the users on the design page where users are provided amazing and exciting options to create customized cards. There are hearts, stars and much more to decorate cards. Once the card is designed, it can be sent on social media. The users only need copying the link from the Doodle and sharing the link on social media.

Objective of the card

The interactive Google Doodle is quite interesting and Google has a convincing reason to introduce this tool. It took notice of the need of its users. It found that more and more people are looking for options for homemade cards for Mother’s Day and virtual gifts that they can gift to their mothers. Soon Google came up with the idea to provide a user-friendly tool to allow its users to design and send cards to their mothers.

Mother’s Day in lockdown

With major parts of the world under lockdown, this effort by Google could help people in celebrating the Mother’s Day without any lockdown fear. They can deign cards for their mothers and share those cards on their social media profiles.


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