PM Narendra Modi Exchanged Warm Tweets With Arvind Kejriwal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the AamAadmi Party (AAP) chief on Twitter but he couldn’t attend the ceremony. Arvind Kejriwal invited PM for the oath-taking ceremony and Modi responded positively to this warm invitation.

Tweets of Modi and Kejriwal

PM Modi tweeted to congratulate Kejriwal on becoming CM of Delhi for the third-time and Kejriwal re-tweeted to thank the PM. He addressed Modi as Sir and said the he wished PM could come on the ceremony. He further tweeted that he understood that the PM was busy. He also said that he and PM should work together to make Delhi a world class city.

Swearing-in of Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal took oath with six ministers on Sunday at a mega ceremony at Ramlila Maidan. He sent invites to the PM, Delhi MPs and elected BJP MLAs but none attended the ceremony. PM Modi was in his constituency for inauguration of various projects.

Kejriwal attacked Modi

Arvind Kejriwal attacked Narendra Modi on a host of issues before the national elections last year. But he avoided criticizing Modi after Narendra Modi became PM for the second-time. Even he avoided targeting Modi in the run-up to the assembly elections.

Kejriwal reprimanded Pakistan

On the comment on Modi from a Pak minister, Kejriwal said that Narendra Modi was Prime Minister of India and also his Prime Minister. Also, that Delhi election is an internal matter and Indians won’t tolerate interference from the supporters of terrorism.


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