Salah And Mane Took Liverpool To The UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals

Liverpool’s 2-0 victory during the round of 16 second leg over RB Leipzig on Wednesday paved its way UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. But it wasn’t a smooth advance as RB Leipzig looked more dominant till the 70th minute of the game.

Goalless first half

RB Leipzig was successful in warding off the relentless press of The Reds but it couldn’t break Liverpool’s high defensive line. It failed in making any meaningful attack on The Reds despite keeping the possession of the ball for maximum time in the first half. Liverpool made a comeback into the third-quarter of the first half but the opportunities were missed due to lack of finishing. So, both the teams failed to get any breakthrough in the first half.

RB Leipzig changed its strategy in the second half

RB Leipzig brough attacker Alexander Sortloth into the game in the second half. He was replaced midfielder Kevin Kampl. It also made minor changes but the results achieved with the changes had little impact on the game. At one moment, Hwang Hee-Chan and Justin Kluivert came too close to scoring a goal but Alexander Sortloth shot the ball off the post.

Liverpool turned the game in last minutes

Seeing the pressure building, The Reds made a final attempt and succeeded in scoring a goal on the 70th minute. It was Salah who turned the table on RB Leipzig. The Reds kept charging and scored the second goal four minutes later the first one. This time Sane sent the ball in the goalpost.


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