Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Second Foldable Phone By Samsung

On Tuesday, Samsung made a second attempt of selling phones with bendable screens and clamshell designs by unveiling Galaxy Z Flip, the latest design foldable phone. It would go on sale from Friday and the price could be $1,380.

Galaxy Z Flip Design

The new Galaxy Z Flip can unfold upward into a traditional Smartphone from a small square device. Advantage of Z Flip is that it can stay open for different angles to allow taking pictures and watching videos. When closed, it will have only a small window for taking selfies and displaying notifications. The full screen of Z Flip is 6.7-inch diagonally.

Galaxy Z Flip different from others

The first foldable phone from Samsung was Galaxy Fold that went on sale last September with a price tag of nearly $2000 but got a weak response from the market. Galaxy Fold had vertical crease but the Z Flip comes with horizontal fold.

The all new Galaxy Z Flip has fibers that fill the gap between the hinge and the phone. But the Fold had nothing sort of this. Advantage of fiber is that it prevents the dust from accumulating in the hinges and interrupting their function. But it was a shortcoming of the Fold design.

Similarly, Motorola has also offered a foldable phone, Razr that would come with a cost of $1,500. The foldable phone design is an attempt by handset manufacturers to energize the market that is giving slow response to the new designs.


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