Smriti Irani Called Rahul Gandhi “BeganiShaadi Mein Abdullah Deewane”

Union Minister Smriti Irani responded to the Tweet of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi connected the landmark ruling of the Supreme Court. The SC ruled that that women officers could get permanent commission in the armed forces.

Supreme Court ruling over women army officers


It was a landmark judgement by the SC where the apex court delivered its judgement in favor of women officers in army. It said that women should be given permanent commission. It even ruled that women were eligible for command posts in the army.

The apex court dismissed government’s arguments for denying women permanent commission and command posts. The court said that it was against the concept of equality and smacked of gender bias.

Rahul Gandhi Tweet for SC ruling

Mr. Gandhi said that the government disrespected every Indian woman by arguing that women army officers were inferior to men hence can’t be given command posts or permanent commission. He tweeted that he congratulated Indian women for standing up and proving the BJP govt wrong.

Smriti Irani responded to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet

Addressing Mr. Gandhi as “Beganishaadimein Abdullah deewane” Smriti Irani accused Congress of “twiddling its thumbs” on the SC ruling and asked Rahul Gandhi to make his team check details before tweeting instead.

Twitter war between Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani

Both the leaders are sparring on Twitter since Ms. Irani defeated Mr. Gandhi in the Congress bastion Amethi. Recently, Mr. Gandhi tweeted a photo of Ms. Irani protesting against increase in LPG prices to take a swipe at the BJP govt.


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