Suspense Over Kamal Nath Government Deepens

There is doubt whether the Madhya Pradesh assembly will hold “motion of confidence” as per the directions of Governor Lalji Tandon. The cabinet on Sunday contended that the Governor can’t direct the state assembly because he doesn’t have the power. Also, the cabinet asked the Chief Minister Kamal Nath to take call on the issue.

In case, the government delays the issue, the opposition can introduce the “no confidence” motion against the government that has come into minority after 22 JyotiradityaScindia loyalists left the 15-month old government. Mr. Scindia was sidelined in the party since the assembly polls.

Highlights of the story

• CM Kamal Nath said that the Governor told him that the proceedings of the state assembly should be carried out smoothly. CM told the Governor that he would talk to the speaker regarding this on Monday.

• The Congress had asserted that it was the prerogative of the Speaker to decide about the proceedings of the house. But BJP said that the Speaker was bound by the decision of the Governor.

• After a cabinet meeting, CM Kamal Nath claimed that he had the numbers to win the trust vote.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Minster and BJP leader Narendra Singh Tomar met Solicitor General to discuss the future of the 22 rebel MLAs.

• The Congress had moved its MLAs to Bhopal for the floor test. They were lodged in a resort in Jaipur.

• Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that the rebel MLAs were kidnapped and kept in Bengaluru. Also, that they weren’t allowed to meet their families.


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