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Christopher Plummer

Theater World Saddened By The Demise Of Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer, the veteran Canadian actor and two-times Academy award winner, passed away at 91 on Friday. His longtime friend and manager Lou Pitt broke the news of his death. The actor was born on 13th December 1929 in Toronto.

Chris’ decades long career started in 1950s

He first featured in an Ottawa theater in “The Rivals” in 1950 and then moved to Broadway with “Starcross Story” in 1954. But the first film, “Stage Struck”, came his way in 1958. Two years later in 1960s, he shifted to London to work in theaters where he earned wide recognition as the Shakespearean actors of the 20th century from North America.

Awards and recognitions

Chris has two Oscars to his name. The first Academy Award came in 2010 and he received it two years later as the oldest actor to have got the Oscar award. He was 82 at that time. The second Academy Award came in 2018.

But his first award was an Emmy in 1977 and he got another Emmy award in 1994. Also, he won two Tony Awards during his work in Broadway.

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