Nothing Launcher Is Available Only For Flagship Phones

Nothing Launcher Is Available Only For Flagship Phones

As promised in its March event, Nothing finally released its Nothing Launcher on the Google Play Store. Currently available in beta, it is a stock Android launcher available for other Android devices in the market. It carries a set of standard circular app icons and features a single custom wallpaper. For widget users, it offers a clock and a weather widget.


Nothing Launcher released on Google Play Store
It is available with no-nonsense stock Android features
It features useful widgets including clock and weather widgets

Key Features Of Nothing Launcher

Nothing Launcher Is Available Only For Flagship Phones

Max Icons and Max Folders: Enlarge app folders and individual apps by hold and press command. It will allow you to view the app you want to use more clearly. Similarly, it is made easier to launch any app directly from folders. You will see the most used apps in the folders and enlarge them by holding and pressing the apps.

Bespoke Clock & Weather Widgets: It is raw technology balanced by human warmth to provide a unique experience to the users.

Nothing Wallpaper & Style: Now customize your home screen with an … Read the rest


WhatsApp: Send Messages Without Saving Contacts

WhatsApp allows sending messages to phone numbers saved in the Contact Book of your phone. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t message to the numbers outside of your contact list. There are many third-party apps that make WhatsApp to send messages to any phone number in the world.

Send WhatsApp messages without adding phone numbers

There are two ways to send WhatsApp messages to phone numbers without adding them in your contact list. But the first one much easier and it works for both the Android and iOS.

  1. Take a Smartphone and open its browser and enter, or this link — in the address bar.
  2. Type phone number with country code in xxxxxxxxxx. For example, take +919911111111. Here the first two digits (91) is the country code and the rest of the digits are of the mobile number.
  3. Open the link to access the WhatsApp page with the phone number in the link and a green Message Button.
  4. Tap on the Message Button to access the WhatsApp of the phone number.
  5. Type your message and send without adding that number on your contact list.

Siri Shortcuts

iPhone users can use Siri Shortcuts … Read the rest


WhatsApp Achieves 5 Billion Download Mark On Android; TikTok Becomes Number 2 In Download

WhatsApp for Android has clocked 5 billion downloads. This Facebook-owned instant messaging app has become the second non-Google app to achieve this high mark.

WhatsApp popularity

With 1.6 billion active users, WhatsApp outperformed Facebook Messenger that had only 1.3 billion users and WeChat that had only 1.1 billion users in 2019. Also, it is the third-most-popular social networking site after Facebook and YouTube.

Android Police reported that like most Android apps that reach high download milestones, WhatsApp downloads also include downloads from Play Store and pre-installed app in branded Smartphones like Samsung and Huawei. These Smartphone manufacturers provide WhatsApp in the pre-installed app’s packages.

WhatsApp market

South Korea was the fastest-growing WhatsApp market for Google Play Store. In 2019, the download of instant messaging applications increased by almost 56%. Also, Google became the top publisher of mobile apps beating Facebook and it happened for the first time in five years.

Analytics firm Sensor Tower reported that Google recorded 850 million downloads from its Play Store but Facebook could amass only 800 million. But Google is still far behind in the overall number of downloads from Facebook.


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